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Part 6: Pirate Dario

When Lazlo drags himself out of bed, Snowe is waiting for him outside.

Feeling better? If you're up for it, how about a little walk into town? I have a few things I need to pick up.

Lazlo nods. What follows is a whole five exciting seconds of gameplay before the next cutscene! (Included in the above video, by the way.)

Knight of Gaien (2): You know, you did quite well back there.

Knight of Gaien (1): Yeah, it was amazing. I was really worried for a while, but the Commander escaped with only a small injury, too.

I can't believe you two! Didn't you see what happened back there? The Commander's wounds were hardly small!

Snowe has no idea how to respond to that, so...

...he doesn't.

Knight of Gaien (1): Come on, we should get going, too.

Knight of Gaien (2): Yeah, all right

The two of them wander off.

...Oh, don't worry about me. I'll be more careful next time. You'll see.

He turns to Lazlo.

Anyway, I need to get some Mega Medicine. You'll come with me, right?

"You got gameplay in my plot!"

"You got plot in my gameplay!"

But if they attack the town, please launch a counterattack from here!

Around town, people seem to be worried about pirates.

I heard they sell "Mega Medicine" here. I was thinking of getting some for the Commander. If they have enough, I'll give some to you, too. It may come in handy, you know?

Snowe is a screwup, but he's not necessarily a bad person. Unlike the intro where he got yelled at for losing to a vastly superior force, this time he has indeed Fucked Up, and he's not feeling too great over it.

It's all right. By the way, Shopkeeper, do you have any "Mega Medicine"?

Equipment Shop keeper: Yes, of course we do! I'll wrap some up for you right away.


I believe Mega Medicine is actually a rare find here, so it's a good thing we have the power of Plot on our side.

Equipment Shop keeper: Here you are...

Thank you. Let's go, Lazlo.

Equipment Shop keeper: Thank you very much.

Woman: Oh, you mean that boy? He's a Knight, too? I see him around here sometimes, running errands and such.

...Lazlo, let's get going.

Everyone is only all too happy to remind Snowe of his mistakes. let's rub it in some more, shall we?

(These are all faceless NPCs, so instead of screencapping each and every one, just assume each line here is me talking to a new NPC.)

Woman: Hey, hey! I heard the Knights are in big trouble right now...

The game doesn't really do a good job setting this up. It seems the town is preparing for an invasion, but unless you go around talking to the NPCs, you wouldn't know anything about it.

Woman: Hey... I heard the pirates these days are even after our lives?! Hurry and get rid of them already! That's what the Knights are here for, isn't it?!

This being a game and all, it's hardly a spoiler to say that if people are dreading a pirate attack, a pirate attack is indeed impending.

And the pirates around here supposedly got a hold of it recently... Do you think it's true?

I don't think you need to worry about that.

(I know someone who does, though.)

Man: What are the pirates doing? If it looks bad, let me know right away, okay? I-I'll run away!

Most sensible thing a faceless NPC can do, to be honest.

He gives us a cough drop! Thanks, Mr. NPC.

(Cough drops cure silence status, which prevents you from using magic. It's pretty much useless, but it's the thought that counts.)

Woman: You know, my husband... He no longer goes out to sea anymore. He says he's afraid of the pirates.

Knight of Gaien: We must increase security around town until this trouble with the pirates is over. Those are Ms. Katarina's orders.

It's one of those things that make the game seem rushed and unfinished. If they had set this up by having Katarina warn us about this first, it would have made more sense than getting it all second-hand from NPCs. If you don't bother talking to them as you run your little errand, you wouldn't even know we're beefing up our defences.

Man: To think we'd get attacked by pirates the moment you all became Knights... Poor guys.

We haven't been attacked by pirates! Damn it, Suikoden IV!

Man: The fact that ships have stopped coming poses a huge problem for us!

...though if it had been set up properly, this could have been pretty interesting. It's easy to forget that we're on an island and presumably depend on certain resources from the outside - we probably can't grow enough grain or raise enough animals to keep the entire population fed. In fact, tactics like this would make it more interesting than an outright attack, since it'd mean we would need to go on the offensive.

Technically you can murder people with most runes. (Though in some cases you'd have to be pretty high level. The wind rune doesn't get its first damaging spell until level 3, and even Paula doesn't know any of those yet. Hell, she hasn't learned second level magic yet.)

A lot of the things NPCs say still aren't very interesting, so let's get back and deliver that medicine. Here's a face we haven't seen before - he's hanging around the kitchen and has nothing of interest to say, so I haven't bothered to show him off before.

Can you do me a favor and give the medicine to the Commander? Sorry, but I have some errands to run.

I think it's more that he doesn't want to see Glen knowing he's at least partially to blame for what happened - though honestly, even if Snowe had kept his shit together, I imagine the result would have been much the same. Brandeau wasn't just any pirate.

Oh, Lazlo. That time...
I really couldn't move my arm.
...I hope you believe that.

Hey, we're buddies, right? Lazlo has your back... even if no one else does.

Anyway, he gives us the medicine and leaves the party.

Here's Funghi. Given he's a cook, I think it's safe to say his portrait means he's a recruitable character, not an important enemy general or something.

Lazlo heads up to Glen's quarters to make his delivery.

What's this?

We are given an opportunity to be a dick and take all the credit.

I bought some medicine earlier.

You are so thoughtful. Thank you.

I would assume Snowe put you up to this, didn't he? He tends to show concern where none is necessary.

It's actually the first time I've seen this dialogue.

But Lazlo is a good guy, so he tells the truth:

It's medicine, from Snowe.

From Snowe? My... I suppose he is trying to redeem his honor in some way.

The rest of the scene plays out the same either way.

Commander... Please.

Never mind. We can discuss that later. For now, I just need to eat.

Oh, y-yes, sir.

Glen turns to Lazlo.

You were there, so I am sure you saw, but that pirate was...

The rune doesn't seem to like to be reminded of its former master.


...I'm sorry... Let me... be alone for a while...

B-But Commander...

Now! That's an order.

Okay, let's go.
Commander, if there is anything you need, please send for me right away: The medicine is on the table.


Katarina runs after Lazlo after one last look behind her...

...and Glen imports some punctuation from Suikoden II in order to really make a point.

exclamation point

Outside, Katarina decides to stand guard (and bar Lazlo from going back inside). With nothing left to do, he heads on out...

...wait, who's that?

So apparently we're now under attack! Except we haven't seen anything indicating that. Again, this feels rushed. If they had shown those ships firing at us, that would make it obvious what's going on - but all they show is a quick scene with the ships sailing across the screen, which really doesn't feel very threatening at all.

What should we do...?

Talking to Keneth doesn't exactly clarify matters, either.

I cannot decide what to do here.

So anyway, we talk to our companions, and they're all kind of freaking out. Lazlo has a couple of different dialogue options...


What should we do...?

I am afraid... of which...

H-Hey, did you look outside?! What are we supposed to do? Damn it!

What should we do...?

Oh, this is bad -- really bad. I'm shaking! to act like we have no idea what to do.

Lazlo!! Wh-What should we do? Those guys are...

What should we do...?

What should we do, Lazlo?

I just asked you that!

Of course, the top one is the correct answer.

You're right. For now, that's the only thing we can do. All right, I'll go on ahead then.

Y-Yeah, you're right... Sorry, I panicked. I'll head to the harbor right away.

You are right... I will head to the harbor then...

It appears that is our only choice. I'll head for our ship.

Lazlo Protagonist: only competent man on Earth whatever they call it.

Can't fight on an empty stomach... he gives us this. Good man!

Now this is what I wanted to see. Cannons everywhere!

Wait, that's a bad thing. Let's go shoot back.

One ship fire and wind; other ship fire. Sadly we have no one capable of using fire, so we'll settle for putting Jewel, who specializes in water, on cannon duty.

We actually have two ships in this battle, but the other is fully staffed by generics and we can't do much with it. It has a lightning rune cannon, which is neutral to both enemy ships, and is beefy enough to survive exchanging attacks with them, but we'll still be doing most of the work.

This is what happens when you attack someone who can't fire back.

Although I'm not sure why other than "gameplay reasons", cannons can only be fired sideways. Sure, broadsides and all, but it never seems like we're firing more than one cannon and I can't see any reason they couldn't be aimed forwards.

Unfortunately for the enemy, they are really really bad at this, so it doesn't do much.

This is me showing off the boarding mechanic.

This is me remembering too late that two out of my three fighters are still level 1.

Boarding battles are just about the same as normal ones, except you can't run or bribe enemies, and you can't use runes. There is basically no reason to use this option, ever.

Victory is ours.

This is me reloading and just shooting everything to death. Expect this to be every naval battle from now on.

This doesn't have much voicing, but it does have Pirate Dario, so you get a video anyway.

Nalleo: Daddy, by that, you mean that they were tough, right?

I know some people get confused on these things, but Nalleo is a man's name, and he's a man! ...or at least he's hoping to grow into one at some point in the future.

Arrrggghhh!! Damnit! You can't keep quiet, can you? You're just like your mother.
Besides, our objective this time wasn't to beat them. We've done what we were supposed to.

Get your asses beaten by a mute teenage boy?

You know what, knowing Dario, that may very well have been his plan.

Okay, gents! Let's get out of here before we get hurt!

Meanwhile, on another ship...

Knight of Gaien: B-But Captain, everyone else is standing by. We can't go solo!

What?! If we hesitate now, the name of the Knight of Gaien will be put to shame! Now, just go!

Knight of Gaien: Y-Yes, sir!

"Charge! "

Damn it, Snowe.

Still, it gives us an opportunity to listen to some pretty kickin' tunes.

How will we get through this one?

Time for the fun to start! We'll wink that ship with everything we've got! Now, let's hit 'em where it hurts!

Pirates: Aye, Captain!! Here we go!!

Dario's ship leads Snowe on a merry chase...

...and it seems our side is beginning to notice something's up.

...Perhaps we should go help him...

It's not like it matters, but we're taking the nice option.

You got it!


Pirates: Aye, Captain!!


How dare you talk back to me! Prepare to fire the cannons! You remember how to do that, right?!

Knight of Gaien (2): Hey, look! Reinforcements! It's reinforcements!




...It seems we made it in time...




I only fight battles I can win. That's the secret to surviving.
I'm Dario, disciple of the great pirate Kika! I won't forget this! I'll be back!!

Ah, Dario.


For once, Lazlo's expression is entirely appropriate for the situation.


Katarina is waiting for us when we get back.


Seriously, Paula, go easy on the punctuation. We have to make it last all game.

Snowe has also been summoned. Come, Lazlo, quickly.

So Lazlo employs his patented turbo-dash to get up the stairs, but Snowe beat him to it.

Lazlo tries to look happy, but it's not easy with those cold, dead anime eyes of his.

Now, Snowe...


You disappoint me... Think about teamwork for once... Don't you realize, only a fool chooses to fight alone.
...That's all... You may both go.

...Yes, sir...

I'm not sure what to make of Glen. He's clearly frustrated at having to give Snowe special treatment despite his ineptitude, and I suppose the mysterious rune he's been saddled with adds to the pressure, but no matter how well deserved it was, punching Snowe in front of his supposed subordinates isn't going to do a whole lot for his morale.

We can talk to the commanders before going outside:

Lazlo, you look weary. You should get some rest while you can.

That Snowe... He needs more discipline.

...but it's nothing we don't already know.

Snowe is waiting outside.

It's not fair. He still treats me like I was a trainee!

Maybe you should demonstrate that you're no longer in need of training, then.

But while Snowe is a fuckup and occasional dumbass, he's not entirely unaware of it. This time it's entirely his own fault for acting without thinking, and at some level he seems to realize that.

After apologizing, he slinks away with his tail between his legs, and Lazlo...

...goes to activate the next plot trigger like a good boy.

All things considered, I don't think he slept very well.