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Part 7: Inheritance

It's another day, another mission for Lazlo, the Deliverator. He hauls ass over to the kitchen where Funghi is waiting.

Okay, can you deliver that for me? The Commander always eats everything, so I included a little extra this time.

No time for breakfast? Oh well, Lazlo still has some leftovers from that takeout lunch he got yesterday.

It's all right. Come in. Lazlo can hear about this, too.

I'm important!

...and Snowe heard that and now he is feeling left out. Maybe you should devote some of the time you're spending listening in on other people's conversations to becoming less terrible at everything instead.

Lazlo arrives just in time to hear Katarina brief Glen on the situation.

Moreover, they weren't the usual bunch who pillage the neighbouring seas...
...So, Commander, how are you feeling?

Don't worry... It seems I'm needed in battle after all... I'll recover quickly to that end.

"Not because you're worried or anything. Just because I'm not getting enough violence in my blood just punching Snowe whenever he fucks up."

There is no question that someone is trying to provoke our Knights.

Since this morning's report shows no pirate movements, may I suggest you use this time to rest, Commander? It'll do you good.

Who's in charge here, anyway?

It looks like he's feeling a bit better.

Please, Commander... You realize that I'm only concerned for your health...

"Beep boop. What is [humour]. I do not comprehend your human emotions."

Before we can get another episode of Glen and Katarina: The Married Years, there's a noise in the distance.


...this time, it wasn't quite as distant. As soon as the shaking stops, Lazlo and Katarina rush over to the windows.

What's going on?!

You didn't think the legendary pirate Dario was going to give up that easily, did you?

Glen shuffles over to a window.


...doesn't this ugly fucker look familiar somehow?

So, they came after the nasel birds... Bug this may actually be our chance to finally discover our enemy's true identity!

Katarina has drawn the same conclusion I think most of us already did:

It was because of what I said that time...!

(Normally, that wouldn't be any evidence, but, you know, video game.)

C-Commander... What am I to do?

Hurry, prepare our forces! They must not be allowed to land! Go!!

Glen is probably the second most competent person on the island right now.

Y-Yes, sir...!
Come on...!
Prepare to attack!

We're given control of Lazlo again. After he leaves...

...Glen has a few words for Katarina's ears alone.

I have a favor to ask. Do not allow anyone to enter the Hall for the time being. Do you understand?

What? But why?

It's an order.

Good... Now, go.

But Commander... I only...

You have your orders! Now, go!!

Katarina goes, leaving Glen to his brooding.

Once again, Snowe meets us outside.

Snowe, perfect timing. I want you two to proceed downstairs and gather everyone together!

Y-Yes, ma'am!

We mustn't allow these dastardly pirates to come ashore!! Use whatever means available!

Any time you hear the word "dastardly", you know you're talking to one classy motherfucker.

Knights of Gaien: Yes, ma'am!

One last thing: I have an order from the Commander. Until further notice, you are not to come near the Hall for any reason! This is his strict order! Now, hurry!!

All the nameless goons run off, leaving the people who matter behind.

...Let us go.

Okay, I'm ready! Let's go, Lazlo!

They all join the party.

Outside, we see Tal and Keneth charging on ahead. I like how they still gave the named characters who aren't part of the party some attention.

Let's go!

Pirates attack!

The party fights a succession of battles against fairly pointless enemies. Katarina stands out by having one whole second level spell at her disposal! One she never gets to use, but she has it.

Between battles,

...we're shown close-ups of our party beating down the enemies.

Still, there's quite a lot of them.

Glen is left with the choice of whether to simply watch from his window...

...or try something drastic. Watch this!

No whining. Come on!

Knight of Gaien: They're going to fire at us!

More keep coming...

...but Glen has had enough of their shit, and superior numbers won't help them.

The rune howls...

...and knights and pirates alike turn to the tower.

Dark clouds gather in the sky...

Unable to cope with the magical WMD, the remaining pirates have no choice...

...and the knights watch in awe as the surviving ships make their retreat.

It begins to rain.

Most rational people probably would want to stay away from that place right now.

Lazlo makes his way around the area to check on the survivors. The gate into town is closed.

Knight of Gaien (2): *pant*... *pant*...

That was rather exhausting...

Knight of Gaien (1): Lazlo, please help tend to the wounded, too!

Knight of Gaien (2): ...

Please do not enter the hall, okay?

However, the story will not continue unless we disobey a direct order.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the rain effects are really nice. Not only does it splash on the character models, but the ground has become covered with water as well and Lazlo kicks up drops when he runs.

It's not worth a video, but here's a gif.

Lazlo runs up the stairs, without noticing there's someone following.

Watch this, too.

Glen has not made it very far.

It's unclear how much he truly knows about the rune on his hand, but the danger it poses is quite obvious.

And the rune...

...prepares to once more abandon its host, just as Snowe arrives on the scene.

You... idiot... You... will suffer... the same... fate...

You... idiot... I... I am... sorry...


What is it?

Knight of Gaien: W-Well... we just received a report that a Knight has entered the Hall.

Recall him at once!! The Commander must not be disturbed!!

Knight of Gaien: Yes, ma'am!



Snowe tries to shake some life back into Glen...

...but it is futile.

Lazlo is busy collapsing and wouldn't be able to answer even if he could speak.


C-Commander Glen... is dead. He collapsed right in front of me... a-and then... he vanished!!

...oh, for fuck's sake.