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Part 28: Cats VS Cthulhu

All right! Time to revisit Middleport with our bloody big boat! ...unfortunately, that means sailing a lot, because we still can't teleport back.

Meanwhile, Lazlo throws up a couple of more paintings on his walls. A worldly man, he likes both the realistic...

...and the abstract.

He also likes letters.

Most of them don't say anything interesting this time, though.

Hell no! Nalleo is awful. He has potential, though! Maybe in the future he'll stop sucking.

Go away Rene.

Then, let's fill up our party.

Heh, leave it to me.

Oh boy! Let's go!

All cats, all the time. By the way, while I was waiting for the votes to come in, I put X and R1 on auto and put a rubber band around the analogue sticks on my controller. Cue a couple of hours of sailing in circles, killing things and taking their stuff. There's some pretty decent money to be made that way!

Too bad it's still nowhere fucking near enough, huh?

(Actually, I just sharpened them to level 12 or so which is doable but doesn't break the bank. By the way, Nalkul's weapon is called One, Two and Three, while Champo's are Claws, Strong Claws and Wonder Claws, in that order.)

Then, it's down to the training hall to get the kitties up to scratch. Since the opposition scales to your level, this is a quick way to get lower level characters up to the appropriate level. Somehow I managed to beat all five rounds... sure, I cheat a lot, but still, I didn't expect to survive the fifth round.

Also, we should have read this last time, but hey.

Accepting it, Sir Lazlo has now become our leader, in both name and practice. The masses is born. The number one reason for this is that Sir Lazlo has the trust of numerous comrades. But behind that seems to be Lady Tactician Elenor's thought that the king's presence here is better hidden.

I have to hand it to him, that is some good reporting! Elenor didn't exactly announce that, so he must have sniffed it out somehow. Good job!

"I think it's worthy of being the base of the masses' operations. It definitely suits Sir Lazlo."
It seems the new name is being generally well-received aboard the ship.

Can't complain about this either! Wow. But you know as well as I do...

Madam Depression's son decided to go on a journey in search of something that would make uer happy.
"Oh, even my beloved son has left my side!" Madam Depression remarked as she wept bitterly.

...even this seems better than usual. Did he hire someone else to write this for him or something?

All right, that's enough dawdling. Middleport, here we come!

As we approach town, Chiepoo spots something weird from the deck...

Good job, Chiepoo, you yawned so loud you woke up Cthulhu. I can't bring you anywhere.

And now you're telling me I have to take care of this mess?

I don't think so. You do it.

The Moving Island (that's the name of the thing) is the sole remnant of the earlier Suikodens' range and formation system. Most characters can not reach this thing with their regular attacks - only magic and ranged attacks will do.

Chiepoo and the cats have no ranged attacks. WHOOPS.

Though they're not particularly great casters, each nay-kobold has a 3 in one element. Nalkul's 3 is in fire magic, Champo's lightning and Chiepoo's is earth, listed in more or less the order of usefulness in this fight. Lightning is a great element, but this critter is resistant to it, so I had Champo bring some backup in form of the Cyclone Rune I dug up earlier.

It's not too terribly effective, but it does the trick.

As a side note, as this spell illustrates, the fight is a bit iffy in the graphical sense - most spells that normally affect the ground will just hit the air here, which looks rather silly.

The Moving Island has several attacks, the most amusing of which is the one where it backs up...

...and rams the fuck out of the ship! I'm not sure I want to know what the inside looks like after an impact like that.

But it kind of hurts so let's try out that unite attack we picked up: the hilariously inappropriately named Meow Attack.

The reason it's inappropriate is that it's not an attack at all.

Instead, the naykobolds just flop down on the ground and roll around for a bit.

Somehow, this restores a bunch of HP.

The thing also has an attack where it spits ink, which has a chance to... make you sleep? I don't know how this works either.

Eventually, the kitty onslaught is too much for the creature, and it sinks beneath the waves, never to be seen again.

God damn cat people.

We cut to the war room. This scene is almost entirely pointless, but...

It would be best if I accompanied you. In the past, I have made deals with the high-ranking officials here.

...that's the one important thing we're looking at here.

Pardon me, Sir Lazlo, but I don't really...

What? You got an ex here or something?

Dad, what does that mean?

Fuck's sake, Nalleo, you're seventeen not seven. How do you not know these things with all those pirate chicks around?

Dario, you are such a... Anyway, that kind of talk isn't appropriate for your son.

I suppose they're just all terribly overprotective of the poor guy.

I have long forsaken Middleport. My presence may not help the situation, but my absence will be harmful.

Sigurd makes a feeble effort to drag this back on track with some bullshit. He's actually not important for this part at all, and we lose nothing by leaving him behind.

Well, it's up to Lazlo to decide what to do.

Elenor knows what's up.



It's kind of nice to see Middleport again, but there's also some kind of freak waiting for us when we finally reach port.

Little Daisy?

She's the lord's precious pet! Oooohh... This is terrible... This is terrible... I-If the Master hears of this...

...yes, they went there.

This is Schtolteheim Reinbach III. In the flesh.

I know opinions may differ on whether this was a good idea. Personally, I liked Schtoleteheim Reinbach III when he was just a silly injoke, but having him appear not only ruins the joke but also retcons the joke into a reference to this guy.

Allow me to thank you for ridding us of that foul monstrosity. It belonged to my father, but it was just so hideous...

To add insult to injury, he's one of those people.

Surely you are not travelling through here as mere tourists, I take it? Have you some business matters to discuss with my father?

You know, the ones that make you listen to the most annoying theme in the entire series whenever they show up.

Telling him you want to start a business just causes him to say you don't look like merchants and then it continues the same as with the other option. I want this conversation over as soon as possible so I don't have to listen to that fucking music any more, so I pick the lower option.

Well, you went through the trouble of defeating that creature just to come here, so it must be important...
In appreciation for cleansing the ocean, I shall spewak to my father on your behalf. Now, Micky, you will accompany us. Don't worry, I will smooth things over with my father.

Stop talking.

R-Really? You will?


Have you forgotten? I do not lie.


Now we can get back to the Middleport town theme, which is a whole damn lot easier on the ears.

Also, that's a pretty embarrassing case of ship envy.

Bitch, please. I'm here now. No one's invading shit with Lazlo in the vicinity.

No, wait. That might've been a trainee...

They remember me!

And Gunter is still here. Sadly, the money is nowhere near as impressive as it was before, but it doesn't matter because he won't join us yet anyway.

This old lady also remains.


Oh, my dear Deborah, are you not satisfied with having me as your chatting partner?

Can't help it. All the ladies want Lazlo. All of them. It's kind of terrifying sometimes. At least Deborah doesn't look like she'll be able to chase him very fast.

It's not that I don't like you anymore, my dear Oskar. It's just that he has a very interesting fortune to tell.

Hmm... That again... It's something I just can't understand.

You might be unable to see it, but it just so happens that I can see it clearly... You... There is an incredible power tangled around your soul. Interesting... I've never seen anything like this. You seek the aid of many people right now, don't you? I see your struggles... Take me with you. It seems like there will never be a dull moment!

My dear Oskar, if you want, you can just stay here and keep having tea.

Huh? What?

I think you just got dumped, boyo!

Don't blame me. Blame yourself or god.

All right, let's hurry up and go. Your name is Lazlo, right? I'm Deborah...

I can see that, lady. Your name tag is showing.

If there's anything you'd like to know, I'll tell you whatever it is I can see. Well, I'll be going on ahead.

And that's number 65.

Appraise - Identifies dropped antiques automatically.

Pretty much worthless - it saves us 200 bucks if we find an antique. Most battles these days give out far more money than that, and if for whatever reason we cared to try and grind specifically for antiques, we'd be better off with someone who can increase the drop rate.

We can talk to Oskar, but all he'll do is sit here and lament his fate so that's a waste of time.

There's not much else of interest, so let's head for the lord's mansion.

God damn he's ugly.

...fine, one last time, for old times' sake.

Well, well, Sir Lazlo. Of course, I have heard of your name.

The magic is lost.

I often hear rumors of you these days. They say that you are quite bold...

Lazlo is rather more italic than bold. Oblique, really.

If that is indeed the case, I would be pleased to do business with you. Ahh... I see a familiar face...

I am honored that you remember me. I am currently working for Sir Lazlo. I apologize for the recent troubles concerning the Rune Cannon shells.

"Hey, I'm sorry about that EMBARRASSING DEAL you made with PEOPLE YOU SHOULD NOT BE DEALING WITH. I hope it didn't cause you too much TROUBLE."

*cough* *cough* W-Well, that was... Anyway, are you here to discuss some kind of deal?

I'm on to you.

*cough* *cough* Well... er... So, what business brings you here?

We seek your help in fighting Kooluk.

Sadly, nothing comes of it.

That is not what I was expecting you to say... Yes... Well... This is a difficult matter...

Kooluk may have left this land once, but their army could return to Middleport at any time. Everyone knows this.

So, you were listening... As you know, Middleport thrives on commerce. Our survival depends on trade with all.

I see... Are you implying, then, that Kooluk is one of our trading partners?

Implying? Nah, he's saying it straight out.

Deals with Kooluk go through Orark Maritime Trade. You might also know them as Cray Trading Company.

What's that?! Cray trading company? Father! Is this true?! That infamous...

As much as I hate him being Schtolteheim Reinbach III, I can't be too harsh on Reinbach. He's annoying, like most of his ilk, but he does have good intentions.

Listen to me. I have my reasons for the decisions I've made. My son, you have no right to condemn me for this. You are able to live this free and easy life all thanks to my influence. And you dare say my hands are dirty?

If he can't say it, I'd be happy to do it for him...

Oh... Oh... How could this be?!

Excuse me, but... Is this the time and place for this argument?

Hell yes! Spill more of your dirty secrets, why don'tcha?

Oh... Young Master...

Sir Lazlo, I have a proposal... I will not limit your activities on this island. You will also have unrestricted access to the harbor. However, you will tell no one about my involvment with Cray Trading Company. Nor will you interfere. I cannot aid you openly, but you may conduct your business here as needed. What do you say to that?

I say fuck you, old man, how about you step aside quietly and I'll replace you with your son who seems to know what's up? Because I have four witnesses here to your little confession just now... what I'd say if I could.

Then we'll call it a deal... Now, if we're done here, please leave.

He's got some nerve, talking to us like that...

I won't object if you want to drag him out into an alley and beat him seneseless.

Anyway, Lazlo and his cohorts as requested, leaving Reinbach III and Micky alone with Reinbach II.

What? You're still here? Well, Micky, is Little Daisy doing well? Today has been quite tiring. I'd like to see her.


F-Father, the thing is...

Fade to black.

And of course, our other companions also have things to say...

What a creep...

...if they're in the right slot in the party. None of this is voiced, but I still appreciate the effort, even if there's slightly less of it now.

As we try to leave,

...Reinbach catches up.

The young Master would like to go on a journey. He wishes to expand his knowledge and see the world...

I've realized that I must surpass my father and strive to be noble. After all, it is I who will eventually succeed him.

How about now. Now sounds like a good time. I can arrange it for you. Like. At any time. Just say the word.

As for me, well... I have lost my job. So, if possible, I would very much like to join.

I have done a disservice to Micky. From now on, I intend to protect him. Please allow him to come as well. I would be most grateful.


Oh, thank you so much. You are truly a gracious friend.
Now, it's your turn. Please feel free to show us your sentiments. My friend, one of my acquaintances is an engraver. Will you bring the Rose Cres the made... as proof of our undying and everlasting friendship?

god damn you were just looking for someone to run your errands for you weren't you

If you do so, we two will swear to accompany you through any and all hardships. This is how things are done in my family. Isn't that right, Micky?

Y-Yes, I suppose so...


Anyway, we can talk to Micky...

Hmm? Do you still not have it? What of the Rose Crest? Do you not value our friendship?

...and Reinbach, but we really don't want to.

Returning to the ship, we find that Deborah - and, as it turns out, Oskar - has set up shop on the fourth floor.

Find Treasure A - Chance of finding treasure is increased by 5%.

Oskar is our last and best treasure hunter. It's just up 1% from Igor (which is really fucking cheap, I just have to say) but a 5% boost isn't completely unnoticeable.

Pity I already have my ogre set

Could this be... Na-Nal?

Deborah is the closest we'll get to a detective in this game (insert standard Suikoden IV Was Rushed statement here) and will point us in the direction of any unrecruited but available Stars of Destiny.

Well, Na-Nal seems to be our next destination (with no further explanation - repeat standard S4 Was Rushed statement) but that means there's Plot there. We just had some of that and Plot is best enjoyed in smaller servings, so instead, next time we'll be doing Other Exciting Stuff! Don't miss it.