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Part 27: Like a cat

We have some more people to pick up this update, but before we do that, let's read some letters!

If you don't know these things, don't expect me to have an answer! This is the Rune of Gameplay/Story Segregation, not the Rune of Random Rooms Popping Up In Strange Places.

Right you are, Dario.

Stop asking me these things!

...and that's the lot of them. Boo.

Back at Kika's place, Katarina has recovered somewhat.

Did you kill Commander Glen?


I did not kill him. The Rune...

The Rune? Come to think of it, on Commander Glen's left hand... Do you know something about it?

So Lazlo shows her.

I like to think he's giving her the finger at the same time.

The Rune of Punishment... It can't be... It was also on... the Commander.

Fun fact: as much as they bickered like an old married couple, the actual truth is that Glen was Katarina's father, which kind of explains why she's so upset about... things.

That's it... The Kooluk Army... They were desperately looking for something. It must have been the Rune. But now, you're okay, right?
Why? Why did the Commander die and...
Why?! Why did you survive?!

Doesn't excuse her being a complete douche, though. Thanks a lot, Katarina, I hate you too.

This choice doesn't matter. Whatever he says, the scene continues the same way. I'll let you imagine which one we actually took.

I-I'm sorry... You must be struggling with it, as well. I know I'm in no position to bring this up, but I have a favor to ask... Could I join you on your ship?

Fuck no, you crazy bitch.

I shall rest here for a while longer... what I'd like to be able to say.

I'll go ahead, then. Don't worry. I'm feeling much better thanks to Ms. Kika. I'll see you...

But I don't, because I want the full set, damn it!

Katarina has a 4 in fire magic, but her stats aren't terribly impressive. Also, she joins at level 11.

Mr. Lazlo, please take me with you, too. I want to be with my fellow mermaids.

In Iluya's harbour, there's a free mermaid. She won't do anything special, but hey, at least she never threw me out on the goddamn ocean on a fucking raft, so she's welcome.

For our final, and best, recruits, we'll have to bring Chiepoo to Nay. There's no need to walk there, mind; just warp back to the ship after witnessing this scene and teleport to the Nay-kobold settlement. Faster, easier, less encounters.

There we go!

However, we do have to walk back, and here's the third and final reason why I love this bridge.



This is Nalkul. Nalkul is the coolest cat on Nay. Nalkul is the John Shaft of Nay-kobolds. Nalkul gets all the p... actually, let's not go there.

He bumps into us when we pass, all accidentally, like.

This is Champo.

He's... not Nalkul, unfortunately for him.

Nalkul thinks it's unfortunate, too.

And he falls flat on his face.

A-Are you okay?

It seems that way.

He ignores us and keeps running after Nalkul.

I wonder what that was all about...

Wait, didn't this pocket use to feel a lot more... full?

What's wrong?

Why, that wily bastard!

We just have to chase after them back to town.

Haven't you had enough, Champo? Give it back. It should go for a high price, so don't dirty it with your hands.

Come on. Why do you think I went to all that trouble to get it? Sheesh...

He grabs the seal and turns around...

...and suddenly, Chiepoo!

Give back the Golden Seal!

Oh, and Lazlo too.

(By the way, the video is totally worth watching.)

Haven't seen it.

Chiepoo doesn't buy it.

Champo! Catch!

He shoots!

Huh? Wh-What?

He fumbles!

...and the mouse pushes it down... on the inside.

But... you threw it so suddenly. You can't ever expect me to catch a throw like that.

Lazlo nods.

Time for kitty beatdowns!


What'll we do? At this rate...

...we go inside and pick it up? Stop being so useless, Chiepoo.

The masses... What's that?

Champo, you really are an idiot, aren't you? They're the ones fighting the Kooluk right now.
And you guys... are those people?

Darn tootin'! You're in big trouble now.

So you're celebrities...

Say, Lazlo... Are we really that famous now?

Course we are! After all, it's me we're talking about.

To tell you the truth, this person here is our leader... Lazlo!

And I'm his right-hand man... The future great merchant, Chiepoo!

Wait... You're the legendary Chiepoo?

Chiepoo! I've heard of your! They say you left Nay to explore the far corners of the world!

If he had any brains, he'd have realized that it's just a lot of repetitive water texture out there and came back home long before now.

Huh? Wha? What? I'm that famous?
Whoops, what I mean is... We need to hurry and get the Golden Seal back!

S-Say... Let's make a little deal... We'll get the Golden Seal back and return it to you without fail, but... In return, may we join you on your ship? I'm sorry for stealing from you! I'm begging you!

Let me get on the great ship, too!

What do you want to do, Lazlo?

That mouse is a crafty one. You won't be able to catch him easily.

But it'll be easy for me!

Champo might not look like much, but he's unmatched when it comes to mouse hunting. He's like a cat.

There's actually a real cat hanging around this building, presumably to keep the rodent infestation in check.

Come on, I can't say no to those guys.

Thanks, I owe you one... With that settled, let's get on with it. I'm counting on you, Champo!

Leave it to me!

So now, we have another minigame. This one's okay - you run around as Champo and pick up mice.

The minigame also has its own music. Here, it's called The average cat is amazing!, but I've also seen this track translated as Leet cat skillz! All I have to say on this subject is that the latter translation would make more sense if it had been Nalkul's theme.

Champo can run and sneak (R1 and R2, respectively) but right now he only needs the former. We need to catch three mice and put them in the cage at the end of the room. Leave the cage unattended for too long, and the mice in it will start trying to break out. Also, free mice will sometimes try to break the cage from the outside. Either way, you need to go up and poke it to make them stop, but you also need to catch all the mice within the time limit.

Nothing too terribly exciting, but nothing too terribly exhausting either. From now on, we can come back here and play it again any time we like.

And so we get the golden seal back.

We'll just go there on our own. Don't worry.

See you later!

Cats acquired!

Nalkul is almost ninja-ishly fast, and hits reasonably hard without being totally shit at hitting things.

Champo is slower and weaker but more accurate and very resilient against magic.

As we set out again, the cats have a few parting words.

They've all got their own lives. We're about the only ones here who won't be missed.


Come on, let's go! We'll beat up the Kooluk and return here once again! When we do, we'll return triumphant! We'll be huge!
Heh... We gotta become like Mr. Chiepoo!

You know, Mr. Chiepoo didn't seem like someone who'd be out exploring the world...

Wow... I didn't know.

Now, let's go!


And that is why I can't hate Nay-kobolds.

Finally, we'll head back to the war room to get our next story objective.

As I mentioned earlier, we must form alliances with other islands before waging war against Kooluk.
Besides, Obel, there are two other large islands in the area: Razril, which has been forsaken by Gaien, and Middleport.
I would definitely like to get these two on our side.


Kooluk troops are still stationed in Razril, so we'll go there after our forces have grown stronger. I'd like to head to Middleport first. If they become our allies, it'll be easier to get help from the other islands.

You mean the surrounding smaller islands will have no choice but to listen to us.

Yeah, that's right. You catch on quick. And once we get the cooperation of all the islands, we'll proceed to Razril. Lazlo, is this plan okay with you?

Lazlo doesn't care about being a knight any more.

Lazlo, from here on out, it's all riding on your leadership skills. I'm counting on you.

Everyone just relax, I got this.

Middleport, huh... There's a sea monster in that area, if I recall correctly...

Pretty sure I already killed that. Onward!

But... you know, we finally have a mission where we have a fair number of usable recruits, so... what do you say we let the, well, masses decide who comes along this time?

Pick three characters from the list in the second post. (Don't expect too much out of this - I believe there is all of one line of dialogue for party members in the next update - but hey, it's an opportunity to see something new.) Do not vote for support characters.

...I should also mention that Lino will be forcing himself into the party for the next couple of missions, and while he's still available for this one if you really want, be aware that we'll be seeing more of him soon regardless.