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Part 26: Emergence of the masses

On the last exciting episode of Suikoden IV...

...Lazlo named his ship and army in the most manner possible, because that is The Lazlo Way.

After that, we get a short scene of the ship sailing along...

...followed by something rather more interesting.

Sorry, it was an unfriendly role, but it wasn't enough to just make him leader on this ship. Everyone would still end up deferring to me, the king. I had to give him more authority.

I never noticed a problem with that before. Maybe if this game hadn't been rushed, they could have shown that being an actual problem or something.

It's probably a better idea for you to keep a rather low profile, wouldn't you agree?

Lino's middle name is Low Profile. Lino Low Profile En Kuldes.

(It's only one word in Island Nationian.)

But you don't really look like a king, so even if we were infiltrated, you'd be the last one they'd suspect to be king.

It's not exactly a secret, either.

Hahaha... You might be right. Anyway, thank you for your commitment to helping us. Let me formally welcome you aboard, Lady Tactician Elenor.

Quit it. You're making me blush. I've got a little history with Cray... That's all.

The whole kinging business aside, it's a pretty good scene.


We uncovered the following from our talk. "Razril is currently under Kooluk occupation," she said. "The current Gaien Knight Commander is a man named Snowe, who also serves as captain of the Anti-Pirate Task Force." We will continue to keep you informed as soon as additional information becomes available.

In celebration of becoming king, Lazlo changed the window colour again.

Our eyes only met for an instant at that time, but we both knew right then -- we were fated to be together. But she had disappeared by the time the banquet ended. Much time has passed since then... No matter who I ask, I can't get any info on her. What should I do?
Qrnan (alias)
Answer: Mr. Dario
"Come to me! I'll punch you out and make you forget about her!"

This is the best Q and A column ever. Still not the best part of the paper, though! Are you ready? Because here she is:

"We have enough for seconds. Please have all you want," her son spoke cheerfully.
"Is it all right for us to eat something so delicious by ourselves?" This thought suddenly came to Madam Depression. "And I will probably be able to eat such delicious things only for a short while longer."
Madam Depression gradually grew depressed.

But that's not all. Since I forgot to show that off when it first came out, we have not one but two issues to look at this time!

Lady Elenor commented, "Our immediate goal is likely to be to unify the strength of the island nations."

Short and to the point. I like it!

Vingerhut, 19, is the son of the lord of Razril and amazingly, an old acquaintance of Sir Lazlo. All eyes will be on Sir Lazlo's actions to see how he will deal with Snowe.

Where the hell is my Dear Pirate Dario column

"Enough is enough!" Madam Depression's son retorted. He was furious!
"How could you raise a hand against your mother!" Madam Depression wept bitterly. "How depressing this is!"
And crying, Madam Depression ate dinner, as expected, in a depressed manner.

Perrault, buddy, don't take this the wrong way or anything, but if you keep this up I will throw you in the goddamn ocean.

Someone is waiting for us when we get back.

...where did they even come from? Shouldn't we have noticed if another ship came up? Did they swim?

Brec: You're Lazlo? You're awful young for being in charge of the masses.

What's that supposed to mean?!

There are two of you, and I have two swords. Behave yourself before the king of Obel, peasant.

Brec, that's enough. Now, getting down to business... I'll cut to the chase. Let us join you guys.

What?! How preposterous! You think you can just come barging aboard, a-and...! Besides, you're pirates, aren't you?!

And nowhere near as awesome as the pirates we already have, I might add.

Hey, I ain't talking to you. You want to join in the conversation?

Oh, no. N-No thank you...

I don't like the way he's looking at her. Note to self, buy some pepper spray for Agnes when this scene is over.

Well, like she said, we're pirates. But business ain't so good with all this talk of war going on. We want to get back to pillaging the seas again, so we decided to help you guys out.

Yeah, what Bro said!

Okay, enough talk for now! Time for us brothers to make ourselves at home.

Hey, make sure to feed us plenty. We'll work for whatever that's worth.

The pirates finally leave and stop stinking up Lazlo's room...

Oh!! Pardon me!! P-Pardon me!!

...only to ruin Desmond's day instead.


Well, I'm sure they'll add to our fighting force.

I'd just like it if those two would take a bath first...

More trouble than they're worth, I say. We don't even get the option of rejecting them.

There's no blue marker on the world map this time, so that means we can probably run around recruiting people without worrying about running into any pesky plot. First, we're heading back to Elenor's island.

Four entries in, and Suikoden still hasn't evolved beyond the "to recruit this character, go fight random battles" stage. Hardly surprising given what we've seen of IV so far, but...

Critical hit to the face! Oh yeah.

Wait, this feels terribly familiar... I don't even have any dried meat.

W-Will you come with us?

I come!

Incidentally, we can also say Thank you, but we must be on our way. This causes him to attack us again. In order to proceed, we must invite him along.

Gau is fast, tanky and hits hard... when he hits. However, he has no magic whatsoever, evades once in a blue moon, and also he reminds me far too much of that other guy so fuck him.

Uga! I go on ahead!

On the plus side, he has a unite with Dario, which hits all enemies for pretty good damage.

On the other side of Elenor's house/ruin, there's this... individual.

I know. You guys came aboard a ship, right? Well, how about you guys let me on board?

There's only one dock on this island, so it looks like his companions left the island without him. Maybe there's a reason for that...


But hey, he can't be worse than the pirates.

R-Really?! Yes! I'll finally be able to get off this island now!! Farewell, birds! Farewell, beasts! I'm sure we'll never meet again!
Now, let's go. I, Aldo, am not a man to forget his gratitude.

He's okay, I guess.

Then, I shall go on ahead.

(The dickish thing to do would be to put him in the party and bring him right back here for a grinding session, but eh, effort.)

Instead, let's head to Mordo.

There's actually people here this time! And they've... named the spring after us?

Lo Hak: Well, thank you for coming so far! Come, come, you, must be tired. Make yourselves comfortable in our hot spring.

Don't mind if I do!

They sure know how to treat a king.

But all good things must come to an end, and so...

Well, that'll be 10000 Potch for the bath fee.


Come now... you must be joking...

Lo Seng: After all, it is a blessed hot spring that even the leader of the great masses patronizes...

Considering all the services it included, you could even say it's a real bargain.

Now, the bath fee of 10000 Potch... Pay the hell up!!

How about no.

(That is the fire/lightning unite spell, Flame Array. It hits the target for 2000 damage and all other enemies for 1500, and ends the battle in one move.)

And that's that.

Hah! Easy for you to say! There's no way this guy's gonna let you!

I might surprise you!

'course, you might wish I hadn't.

See that? Even he wants me to...



Wait... The masses? A-Are you serious?




Yes goddammit I get it, I'm in a JRPG, now cut it the fuck out.

You're the masses? In that case, I'll go, too!

Then, I'd better go, too.

You guys... I guess nothing can separate us siblings...

So, there you have it.

We'll be keeping you company!

Then, shall we get going?

And so they all join up. Star of Destiny hat trick!

Lo Fong has the honour of being the only character in the game with a 4 in two elements - water and earth - but doesn't have the MAG to make optimal use of it. She's hella fast, though. Not much to say about the brothers. They do have a unite between them in case you feel like filling your entire party with the Lo family.

Actually, it does matter.

All we need to do is come back here again and pick up... this guy.

You want to come with us?

The other option is "Living alone isn't so bad." Lazlo still longs for a beach house.

Then let us go. Actually, I'm the owner of this hot spring, but it's okay. Business is slow anyway. So yes, let us go.

Find Treasure B - Chance of finding treasure is increased by 4%.

Not that there was ever much reason to use Cedric, but now there's none.