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Part 30: (sort of): Intermission

First I'd like to point something out. Oskar may be the best treasure hunter in the game...

...but he is also kind of creepy. Moving right along!

God damn that's a lot of fish, but hold on a sec...

I can safely say that I've never seen this one before. Not too bad looking, I guess.

(Also this is what happens when you leave the game on over night with a rubber band around the analogue sticks and X and R1 on auto.)

I'm sure everyone is pretty filthy after murdering various sea life for several hours!

First we need to set things up, though. You can select backgrounds depending on, I guess, the springs you've actually bathed in (but I blame Reinbach for that last one).

You can also place various antiques in here, including some that won't go in Lazlo's room.

...that's not an angel statue.

This one matches the background perfectly!

Whoa, trippy! That's a side effect of the voodoo doll.



This feels so great... Whew... It feels just like paradise, meow...


Wh-What's wrong?



*cough cough*

*gag* Ugh!!
Phew... I thought I was gonna die!!

Gee, you two... You don't have to dunk your faces in the water, too! people.

Also, Keen has set up a... uh... thing.

With so many people here, I will not be able to judge to my heart's content... When you come next time, you should come alone...

Ugh, creepy! I think I need an adult. A different one!

So actually he's not going to be judging anything at all.

He's just going to play this tune.

Wait, hold on. There's supposed to be a silhouette here...

Kind of like this.

But there's not.

Oh well!

Would you secretly inform me about anyone on board this ship who you think is causing problems?

???: There is no one of that sort.

Then, would you tell me what you think of Lazlo?

???: Yes... I can only do window work. But.. Sir Lazlo allowed me to come on board this ship. So, I believe he is a very kind person.

Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.

???: I hope the island of Iluya goes back to the way it was soon... I would like to do everything that I can right now with everyone to restore Iluya back to normal.

Then, I shall pass judgment!

What he means by that is...

...Lazlo will do it because Keen is a lazy fuck.

Depending on your actions here, you might drop various things on the person confessing. This can be anything from water to heavy shit like crates and whatnot.

But no, we're not going to drop a goddamn anvil on Nataly, you sick fuck. She gets confetti instead.

Then, I will excuse myself.

Ugh, I kind of feel like a creeper. Let's go do something wholesome. Like read letters! That are actually addressed to me!

Lilin is improving!

Katarina is still kind of a dick.

I don't know what you're talking about, we have like a whole floor full of shops and shit.

Damn, this family does nothing but complain!

Oh, you don't have to worry about that. I know how to delegate, so I'll be overworking you instead.


okay maybe not so much until we reach land again.

Elenor is a bitter old wino who sits in her room all day doing her best to empty the ship's stock of alcohol.

Ah, derpmaids.

Then that was a hell of a lame reunion with the sister you apparently thought dead!

...I think Champo might be half derpmaid. That would explain a lot, really.

Anyway, this has been hard work (shut up), so it's time for another bath! And this time, since I'm by myself, without a bunch of half drowned cats in

wait what where the fuck did you come from

We sure worked up a good sweat today, meow!


Hey, hey, Lazlo. Is there anything you want? Like some yummy Mackerel Miso Stew?

I've never had mackerel miso stew, but I guess I'd try it.

Oh... Well, yeah... After all, we are taking a bath right now...


There's a bunch of these scenes, but probably the most interesting one.. one that's going to make me feel sort of creepy again.

I know...

I... I feel as though I've seen this all before...

Oh? What do you mean?

I remember something... We were taking a bath together like this...

What's the matter?

Well... um... it... must have been some crazy dream I had... Huh?

I bet we have plenty of people on this ship who had that dream.

Come on, let's get out now. We'll get tipsy if we linger too long in the bath.

Jeane's just like "oh well, shit happens" and nothing ever comes of it. vv

Igor has his own little minigame.

Only if you're prepared to lose!

He also looks like an idiot while he's doing it.

Anyway he has two versions of this, one where you take turns tossing coins and one where you need to guess which side comes up when he throws it. I'll do the latter. Savestate abuse, go!

You are already dead.


I will give you this, yes indeed.

He gives us... a thunder amulet.

I will never play this game again.

Oh, and that pointless guy we picked up before?

I would like to engrave something that will make people feel tranquil.

He's not so pointless after all!

Yes, that is a statue of the coolest cat in town. Supposedly, this will depict whichever character has the most kills, so this cat must have been busy while I wasn't looking. I told you he was awesome!

Still taking votes.

(Same as before, two characters, bold the names.)