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Part 34: Out to Get the Outlaws (I)

Caleron is now finally behind us. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Corselia.

She's going to keep talking.

Sure, what is it?

No, don't encourage her...

Please don't worry about me. There's nothing I can do about my mother right now.


Kyril is entertaining thoughts of any number of things he could do about Corselia's mother, such as throwing her in the goddamn ocean, but he retains enough sense not to talk about them.

craaawling iiin my skiiin

either way

You and your friends know a lot about the Evil Eyes, right?

I don't know how to tell you this, but...

...we still don't know the first damn thing about them.

Become human again... Now that I think about it, I've never heard of that happening.

It's a nice idea, though. Maybe next time we should try that instead of just killing them all.


But it'd be great if it were possible. Then we could turn all those people back to the way they were.

They seem to be getting along well. I suppose it was inevitable seeing as Kyril also has the mind of an eleven year old girl.

There's gotta be a way...

I hope so.


Seneca was just about to say something about not getting your hopes up, but decides to let the children live in blissful ignorance for a while longer.

Suddenly, Andarc.

I think we're being watched.

Respect the fourth wall. You're supposed to pretend I'm not here.

That would be convenient. I've been itching to take one of these bonitos we're carrying around and smack him with it.

Anyway our people wander off in random directions, and...

...eventually gather again.

Okay. But let's stay on our toes.

"not literally goddamit corselia step off that hurts"




Where the fuck do we go now?


I know!

We're going here.

Enter on a fire or water day, and...


Nice work!

They haven't done anything. I have proof.

Lady Kika! How come ya took Dario instead of us?

It was because we came here on a wind or earth day and you weren't around.

Huh? 'Cause I outrank ya, that's why!

Well, that too.

He's right, Hervey.


I'd think you would be quite used to this by now.


I was born ready!

Good. Let's go!

Sigurd and Hervey...

...haven't done shit to improve themselves since we saw them last. The pirates will all support each other and Sigurd is a good character, but I'm not sure it's worth training him up at this point. Hervey definitely isn't worth it; he's Generic Mc1Hswordsman and doesn't even have Extra Move, that loser. They also have a unite together, but it suffers from much the same problem as the Ninja Attack in that Hervey is weak to Sigurd's home terrain and won't usually want to be standing next to him.

There are two new quests in, but one of them requires going to a place we can't even access now. This one is timed at 25 days. If you know what you're doing and have a little bit of luck, that's far more than you should need. If you don't have any luck, you might just get frustrated trying to get one of these to drop, go do something else and forget about this until it's too late.

I happen to have one lying around, so we might as well hand it over. In return, we get 4000 Potch and 800 Skill Points, which is sort of okay I guess. And that's all we can accomplish here, because even with all the boosters I have, I still can't get anyone up to 70 DEF for Chiepoo's latest quest.

Here's a shot of my attempt, though. Fucking Keneth, one or two +2s to your PDF and we might have had this in the bag.

Anyway, also shown in this picture, the rusty cog functions as a shield which boosts strength by 10, which is pretty impressive. Not terribly defensive, but eh, kill them first and you won't need it.

There's a disappointingly small amount of optional stuff to do between the lab and the next fight, and we've done all of it. Here's where we need to go in order to move on. I told you that exclamation mark thing would be useful eventually!

His name was Simeon. I heard he has a residence over in Haruna. But that was quite some time ago.

Specifically, we need to hear this gossip. She's the only character who has new dialogue at this point; the others just spout the same lines they did way back when we first came here.

The sorcerer... Simeon...

Kyril, let's go see him! He's an amazing sorcerer, right?

Yeah, maybe he's an earth mage who doesn't suck! Hahahahahaha okay I'm sorry.

Maybe he knows how to change Fishmen back into human form!

I certainly hope not, or I'll have to change the thread title again!

Yeah, you're right. We need every lead we can get. Let's head to Haruna next.

I guess. It's not as if we have anything better to do.

You know how this works by now. Red dots mean killing.

Before we get to that, however, let's have a little rest.

It's all thanks to my training! I can't wait to be as strong as my dad!

You already beat him in most of the other stats...

You don't say...

I have a feeling Nalleo talks about this all. The. Fucking. Time. And no one thinks it's cute any more.

Dario doesn't seem to hear it.

Is he even listening?


Hervey poke!

Old bugger dozed off on his feet!

Wow! I can't wait to learn the art of dozing on my feet, too!

Um... I think that's one talent you could do without.


And we're done, so let's sleep (standing or not) and move on to the next battle. I have a feeling we're going to need six characters for this one. That's twice as many votes as you had last time! Wow.

Also, more art.