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Original Thread: Suikoden Tactics: It's beginning to look a lot like fishmen



Click for large version: JP / US
The EU cover is basically the same as the JP version.

The back of the Suikoden Tactics box posted:

Change the fate of the world through courage, wisdom and determination

The tale I am about to tell concerns certain creatures, not of our world, that were used by mankind as runic weapons, spreading terror throughout the land. One must rise up and lead a resistance against this evil!

So, what is Suikoden Tactics?

Well, the short version is that Suikoden Tactics is many things! But the most important part is that unlike its predecessor, Suikoden Tactics is genuinely fun to play.

To go into more detail, though, Suikoden Tactics is, as the name implies, a Tactical or Strategic Role Playing Game, abbreviated TRPG or SRPG respectively. (Don't let anyone fool you - they're exactly the same thing, kind of like "beef" and "bits of dead cow".) The gameplay should feel familiar to anyone who has experience with games such as Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force, Super Robot Wars, and so on. However, it also puts its own spin on the concept, both in terms of mechanics and in giving it a distinct Suikoden flavour.

Suikoden Tactics is also, as mentioned above, a direct sequel to Suikoden IV - which, unfortunately, has probably put a lot of people off playing it. (In Japan, it wasn't even called Suikoden, but rather Rhapsodia in what I can only assume was an attempt to disassociate it from Suikoden IV - though in this case I think I can safely say it would have been more effective to not make a direct sequel to it.)

Along with the changes in gameplay, this game also differs from the others in that it is the first game in the series where you deal with the aftermath of a True Rune war instead of the war itself. Our quest takes place just as the Island Nations are picking themselves up again after the war with Kooluk, with tension still running high between them.

The game puts us in the shoes of a new character, but we'll be running into plenty of old acquaintances along the way, and some of them may even wish to accompany us on our quest...

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