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Part 54: A Warrior's Reckoning (II)

Last time, Iskas turned himself into a fish. He is now Fishskas. And he's after our heads. Again.

We're back to the same battlefield, with some minor cosmetic changes.

And the same battle conditions with no changes at all. (Different music, though.)

But Fishskas is still a ways off. We have time for one last battle support.

How many years has it been since you first joined us?

Approaching the double digits now, I'll bet! Well, definitely approaching it if you count all that faffing about on the world map as real time.

(But if you did, Iskas would probably be ruling Kooluk at this point.)

Umm... Lessee...


I can't really blame her if she doesn't remember it all.

Hey, does it really matter how many years it's been?

And... she has a point.

No, I guess not... I was just curious.

Kyril drops it.

(How many years has it been, anyway? I've been getting older all this time?)

Yes. Pretty much everyone does, Seneca. But you don't seem any worse off. Hell, you're certainly in better shape than you were in the back alleys of Razril, all those years ago!

And speaking of the back alleys of Razril...

Hey, Iskas!

Eat a bag of dicks.

And there we go! Yes, our overpowered bonus save import character is fully capable of killing the boss in a single action.

I did... more for this empire... than anyone... Never forget...

I don't care how right you may be, Lazlo just stomped all over your fishman ass and that is going to be the thing we'll never forget.

Iskas dissolves into green... something, defeated for good this time...

...and Lazlo? He just keeps on doing what he always does.

Fuck you, game. Fuck you so very much.

I don't know how they got her body down off the platform with the Evil Eye going ballistic on it...

...and I'm not sure it was the best thing to do, either.


Now the poor thing has lost her entire family. You'd think Yohn were about to let them have a few words...

...but goat girl has other things on her mind and takes off towards the Evil Eye.

What the--?! YOHN!!

Yohn doesn't even turn around and disappears into the dome.

But why...?

You know... "The damn creature was the source of all of our troubles..."

Oh man. And here I thought she understood that no one should care about anything Heinz said.

Oh, Yohn... Why...?!

Wait, is that good? I'm not sure that's good.

Nor is anyone in the party.

Kyril! The dome!

We have to get ot of here!

So they begin to run off, but...

...someone has other ideas.

The voice stops the trio dead in their tracks.

It can't be...

It's Yohn. She's... communicating my father's wishes to me.

It is pretty hard to swallow.

And... he's telling me to step into the dome.

It's too risky, Kyril! It could be a trap! Don't do it!

And Andarc is entirely correct.


But is this really the craziest shit we've seen so far?

I'm not even sure at this point.

Either way, I'm sure Kyril would regret it for the rest of his life if he ran away from this.

(You must. Yohn awaits you here, too.)

There's only one way to settle this...

And so he makes his decision.



as Andarc and Seneca watch...

...he disappears into the dome.

The platform rises, for no other reason than someone on the dev team thinking it would look cool... be concluded.