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Part 104: Here Comes the Sun

Marscal Godwin and the Sun Rune are waiting for us.

But we have one last guardian to overcome before we reach them. (music)

So you're all that stands between us and Lord Godwin?

You could say that.

I see.

Frey is given the option to protest...

Okay, but be careful.

...but for once, Lyon won't listen even if he does.

Oh, thank you!
Let's settle this for good, Dolph!

You don't stand a chance. But if you insist...

Video: Lyon vs Dolph

"You did very well. However..."

And just like before...

What the?!

...Dolph simply gets up again.

I said you didn't stand a chance. My body is half-dead already...


I think I might've overdosed. My wounds don't bleed and I feel no pain. The perfect body for a battle to the death.

B-But... Why would--

It was I who killed His Excellency's wife.


So it was quite surprising when His Excellency and Sir Gizel took me in after Nether Gate was disbanded.
To repay their kindness, I tried all sorts of drugs so I could better serve them.
Of course, they were only using me for their own personal vendettas, but I was happy as long as I could keep killing.

You're... insane.

But I've already said too much. Let's get this over with.

Video: Dolph's last stand

I'm sorry, Prince... I'm... I'm all right...

All that remains... this door.

Behind it, Marscal Godwin awaits... along with the Sun Rune.

???: You're earlier than I expected.


Even though that's precisely the reason our side lost...

Lord Godwin...

I had no intention of flooding Falena. I love Falena as much as you do, you know.

Why did you kill so many people?! Why did you destroy so many lives?! Tell me why?!

But I think we became spellbound by the power of the Sun Rune before we even realized it... We started to think that absolute justice was on our side, and that it was all right to destroy anyone who disobeyed.
Just like Queen Arshtat.


Actually, it's more like I chose to let the Sun Rune's power intoxicate me. And, in the end, I lost.
But what about you, the victors in all this? Can you really say you're all that different from us?


Look, baldy, I'm not the one who's going to be running this place once I've pounded your ass into dust. It's the new queen, once we've got her a proper coronation ceremony. And she'd have to be trying pretty damn hard to fuck things up as badly as you have...

...and she's ten.


This is it.

To put an end to everything, we have to defeat the Sun Rune itself, taking the form of a moth because Falena.

Let's go. (music)

Frey and Lyon, as always, make for a powerful duo.

But Kyle isn't about to waste the opportunity he's been given by letting the youngsters show him up!

...actually he's just as flaky and unreliable as you'd expect, so there he goes.

Roog quickly follows. The game doesn't want Miakis to get her unite off.

That makes her mad.

Tue Sun Rune knocks out Rahal, too.

It really shouldn't have done that.

Watch the ending


I'll just need... some rest...

Don't you know... it's finally over...?

The Princess... is waiting... for you...
Just like before... You... The Princess... Everybody...

(no music)




Great news!

Replacing the Senate with a parliament with representatives from each town... Sounds like hard work! I bet those dwarves are going to be stubborn!

I don't care! They're Falenans, so they need to be a part of it!

Absolutely! After what Lord Godwin tried to do, the dwarves and beavers will always have a voice!

I'm ready anytime! It doesn't have to be a big whoop, you know!

No, no, that just won't do, little Lym! Such things must be done properly, let we be mocked by other nations.

An official peace envoy will be arriving from Armes in the next few days. The Sun palace must be spotless upon their arrival. And there's no time to waste, is there?

Hmmm... I can't decide which one of them gets on my nerves more! Where is that brother of mine?! Just when I really need him...


Watch the rest of the ending

Well, then... Looks like I was actually able to keep my promise to Ferid.

Well, I never said I lost my sight, did I? I can see just fine... thanks to Ferid.
I wore the eyepatch as a constant reminder to never get overconfident.
It's not like I lied to you! Don't look at me like that! Heh, heh, heh!

I can't remain in this country after having committed such an act. you wanna come along?


Rune Keeper: Yes, I'm sure nothing like that will ever happen again.


The policies of the new parliament are supported by the majority of the citizens.

I see. Thank you.

Princess, you must be SO tired!

Compared to the effort of the people pouring all their strength into reviving this country, this is nothing at all!

But still... I wish the Prince were here for you!

Don't you agree, Luserina?

Huh? I, uh...

You know Miakis, I'm not a princess anymore and my brother isn't a prince anymore, either.

I-I'm so sorry! I'm sure I'll get used to that eventually.

Hee hee hee...

Brother is traveling all around, seeing the world for me. And when he comes back, I'm not going to let him sleep until he tells me EVERYTHING he's seen!