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Part 107: To Peaceful Days

You may have noticed how we made one last choice in the previous part. Today, we explore the other, final branch.

Watch the ending

(last decision at 1:19)

This final decision depends on Frey's relationship with Lym. If you do not have enough Lym points (supposedly twelve), you do not get this choice, and Frey instead chooses to go with Georg on his own.

Although this is the most (for a given definition) difficult ending to obtain, you may or may not prefer it to the other version. You may even prefer the "normal" ending (in which case screw you, I worked hard for that resurrection!)

Personally, I do feel like the one we watched last time is more interesting in many ways.

Georg... Take care, okay?

However, I also believe the one we are about to see is still most worthy of the description "best ending."

And for our purposes, this is how Suikoden V ends.



All is as it should be.

Rune Keeper: Yes, I'm sure nothing like that will ever happen again.





The policies of the new parliament are supported by the majority of the citizens.


I see. Thank you.

But there's one more thing...


Among our people, there's an ever-increasing hope that you'll get married soon...

It's not easy being SO beloved, is it?

*giggle* Don't be ridiculous! *giggle*

I've decided no more Sacred Games. I'll choose my own husband.

Your Majesty?

Anyway, there is no hurry for that. We already have a fine Commander of the Queen's Knights!

You have the best.

And my first action as the new commander...

...will be to hand out a well deserved promotion.

Queen's Knights at your service, Your Tiny Majesty!

And finally, we get to see the ending slides. (music)

Good riddance, Lucretia!

Some of these do change depending on circumstances, and I'll point out the ones I have. For instance, Frey's ending if he goes on a journey with Georg is Bidding his homeland farewell, he sets out to explore the world's many lands.

Happy day, all the annoying mysterious chicks are disappearing!

If Lyon joins Frey on a journey, her slide reads Accompanies the queen's brother on his journey.

Hacking in Eresh appears to have overwritten Euram's slide.

Tenfu StarEuram
Gives up his status and estate. He and his family dedicate themselves to the restoration of the Queendom.

This is what it would have been if it showed up.

"...and it was only because Haswar guilt-tripped him into taking a vacation."

Wait, who's marrying what now? I need details! Details!!

I remember this scene! It was the first time Frey met an elf. Good job, Isato, you were a pretty cool guy.

Alternately, Georg Parts with the Queen's brother, returns to the northern continent, and becomes involved in several regional conflicts.

We do know of one such war - the Dunan Unification War - but apparently there were others? A never-to-be-used sequel hook, perhaps?

I can't say I feel sorry for Killey. Even ten years later, he's still an abrasive jerk.

I'd play a full game dedicated to Skald Egan's family and their wacky adventures, even if it meant I'd have to put up with the Goddamn Ocean.

"Maximilian Knights VS Corruption and Injustice in Armes" also sounds like a game I'd enjoy.

I do hope they have many different bodies of water around. They'll certainly have no shortage of bodies in water with these two around.

Lorelai eventually makes her way to the village of Kouan, where she will meddle with the forces of destiny yet again...

Luserina's ending remains the same whether you recruit Euram or not.

Who'd have imagined that an ending where someone doesn't smile as much as they used to would have been a good one?

Levi has an alternate slide if you never recruited - or, presumably, lost - Norma and Ernst: Obsessed with researching the Sealed Room, he stays close to the Sun Palace.

And thus dies Pablo's legacy. We didn't need it anyway.

At this point I'd be more scared of Miakis than the Sun Rune. She's probably the most dangerous person on the continent.

Poor Viki, we will never see her again - at least not as she is now. If it is true that she experiences these events in the same order we do, this was, in fact, her last appearance. But some day, in another time and another place...

That bit about the tree sounds familiar...

Zweig's ending depends on recruiting Killey. If he's not here, Zweig instead Makes camp in the Ashtwal Mountains ruins, researching the connection between the Sindar and Falena's origin.

Oboro may be a shitty detective, but he's not a bad guy. If he and his crew are all that remains of Nether Gate once he's done, I'd say we've done a pretty good job.

Genoh's ending if Byakuren was not recruited is Returns to the waterfall basin. Often surprises his elderly Iodine in Hell Army friends with his sudden visits.

The most adorably dysfunctional ninja family.

Shun Min and Retso, too, will make their way north. And at some time in the future, we may encounter a man named Hai Yo... but that is a tale for another time.

Both Faylen and Faylon, understandably, have different endings if you allowed Roy to die.

Builds a cottage near Roy's grave on Ceras Lake, where he lives quietly and tends the grounds.

Joins the Dragon Cavalry so that she can guard Roy's resting place. Trains to become the second female rider.

...but of course, you wouldn't be watching the good ending right now if you had.


And then the credits roll.

Into a World of Illusions plays here, as everyone we've met swishes past in the background.

And eventually it ends and fades into To Peaceful Days.

This is the end of the game.

We have done all that we can do, seen all there is to see.

But just as no army is complete without its 108th star...

...this thread would not be complete without one last update to wrap everything up.

Next up: final thoughts.