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Part 106: Three Runes

All right then, I promised you a good ending, so here we go. 'Course, we have to defeat the Sun Rune again...

So here's a thing I did because I could (and also so you can see all its attacks. Well that's my excuse if anyone asks, anyway).

You know that saying about old dogs and new tricks? Consider:

No one ever taught Galleon how to die.

But I have stalled long enough. On, then, to what you're actually here for.

Watch the good ending


Huh...? That's... strange...

I'm sorry, Prince...
I'll just need... some rest...
Prince... why are you... looking at me like that...? Don't you know... it's finally over...?
Let's go home... okay...?
The Princess... is waiting... for you...
Just like before... You... The Princess... Everybody...



Um... What happened...?

Both the Dawn Rune and the Twilight Rune determine how the power of the Sun Rune manifests itself.
You united the hearts of those guided by the stars and gave proper form to the destiny of the Three Runes.



Great news!

Replacing the Senate with a parliament with representatives from each town... Sounds like hard work! I bet those dwarves are going to be stubborn!

I don't care! They're Falenans, so they need to be a part of it!

Absolutely! After what Lord Godwin tried to do, the dwarves and beavers will always have a voice!

I'm ready anytime! It doesn't have to be a big whoop, you know!

No, no, that just won't do, little Lym! Such things must be done properly, let we be mocked by other nations.

An official peace envoy will be arriving from Armes in the next few days. The Sun palace must be spotless upon their arrival. And there's no time to waste, is there?

Hmmm... I can't decide which one of them gets on my nerves more! Where is that brother of mine?! Just when I really need him...


Watch the rest of the ending

Well, then... Looks like I was actually able to keep my promise to Ferid.

Ah, yes, my eye.
Well, I was injured in battle long ago, as I said. But I didn't lose my eyesight. I can see just fine. The eyepatch was just to remind myself to never get overconfident.

What? Are you serious?! Why didn't you ever tell us?!

Don't be mad! Ha ha ha ha!

Ooohh...! *giggle*

What? But why, all of a sudden?!

No matter what the circumstances, the fact remains that I killed the Queen. I can't remain in this country after having committed such an act.


(no music)

Nothing's going to change for me. I'll go wherever the Prince goes, to protect him.

Well, if you're not sure, why don't you come with me?



Rune Keeper: Yes, I'm sure nothing like that will ever happen again.



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