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Part 46: I'm just a lowly commoner!

Let's get this show back on the road, so we can get to the next part where we can ignore the plot and recruit random strangers for my army! (music)

Oh, Georg! You're back!

Yep, just got in.

I hear the beavers have respectfully declined to join our cause, Your Highness.

Frey no longer cares to question how the hell she finds this shit out so he just nods.

They probably don't want to be taken advantage of by humans again. I'd be cautious, too, if I got used like that! They were victims, too, the poor little things.

And I'm afraid I don't have much good news myself.

The Armes forced fled back home, so at least we don't have to deal with them anymore. But the invasion and Lord Barows' betrayal have made Lord Raulbel in Sable a bit cautious. General Dinn's forces are being kept in Sable. Lord Raulbel won't send any our way.

After getting burned by that old snake, that's understandable. But with Sable's defenses beefed up, we don't really have to worry about Armes invading. That works in our favor.

No. Sable distancing themselves from the Prince like this doesn't work in our favor at all.

Georg, I really wish you would've tried reasoning with Lord Raulbel.

Are you nuts?

I can't just go prancing around from lord to lord, openly asking them to help the Prince!

Aw, but it would sure help our... morale... watching you do it!

Even the news I just gave you came from General Dinn. I've gotta keep laying low.

Say no more, say no more! I'll go to Sable, then! Lord Raulbel's a good guy! He'll listen to an old friend like me! Leave everything to me, Your Highness!

Why do I get this cold, sinking feeling in my chest all of a sudden...?

But Frey nods his approval because, well, what else is he going to do?

Very well, Lord Wilde. The task is yours.

Thanks, Lucretia! And, please! We're not in Estrise! You don't have to be so formal with me! Here, I'm just another warrior fighting 'side the Prince, doing his damndest to help Falena! "Boz" will do just fine!

Very well, Boz. As I said, the task is yours.

Ga ha ha ha! Leave it to me! I'll have Sable on our side in no time!

What am I supposed to do, then?

You're no help.

Oh well, we could just go bother Georg since he's finally decided to show up. Maybe we can get him back in our party! That would be pretty cool.

I let you out of my sight for one moment, and you find your own castle. I guess I really did teach you well.

You most certainly did! I'm still having some trouble not falling asleep when I'm trying to wait, though.

What? You're telling me that finding this castle was just luck?
Maybe uncovering it was, but getting everyone here to recognize it as yours...
That's not luck, that's leadership. Be proud of yourself! I know Ferid would be.

Damn straight.

Your Highness. The people of Lordlake have agreed to fight alongside you. Please forgive us for our insolence before. We are honored to serve you now.

Water under the bridge.

You know. Literally. Water. Under the bridge in Lordlake.

I'm just that good.

First the beavers, and now Sable...

Well, I guess we can't have everything our way.

Yes we bloody well can! Just watch me.

Fortunately the enemy isn't actively doing anything, so we can finish moving and wait to see what develops. Feel free to relax for a while, Your Highness.

Shouldn't we be, like, taking the fight to them or something?

Sorry to come and go like this, but I'm off again. There's something else I need to investigate. Good luck, Prince. I'm sure you'll do fine.

Well poopie.

It's too bad that the beavers have shut themselves away again. I was hoping we'd be able to help each other somehow.

It's only a matter of time.

The rest of them don't have anything more of interest to add, so we'll get our butts over here for a bit.

Sending Boz off to Sable is the trigger for this guy to move again. As you may recall, we need to pester him at every opportunity so that he'll give in and join us to shut us up.

Anyway, he looks around the place for a little bit.

Look at their faces! Never again would I have expected to see this many happy faces here in Lordlake!

All in a day's work!

Well, a couple of days.

Your Highness... Until now, I hadn't thought there to be much of a difference between you and Lord Godwin.

The fuck you say

It seemed you both sought power to justify your respective rules, treating citizens as expendable pawns... But after seeing the happiness restored to these glowing faces, it's clear to me that I've been mistaken. A doctor cannot afford to simply remain neutral when one side fights for good and the other fights to destroy it.

So maybe to make up for all those terrible things you thought about me...

I'm sorry, Your Highness, but I must refuse. I heard that Dr. Silva has joined you at the castle. She is more than capable of handling things on her own there. I'll devote my time to caring for the people here.

ugghh you and your professionalism and doctor's code

The sick and injured here have all received proper care. Dr. Silva is doing a fine job. You have no immediate need for me, Your Highness.

Bleah. Fine. I'll just have to wait until Gizel starts oppressing another peasant village.

For now, there's another weird dude waiting for us by the entrance, and this one isn't even a colossal douche!

He's awfully suspicious looking, though.

What's going on?

Soldier: Ah, Your Highness!

Ah, great timing! His Royal Highness Prince Frey! Just the man I came to see!

Uh... personal space? (music)

What's the story behind these ruins? Why did you decide to occupy the castle here? Who found this place, anyway? What's the secret behind your recent string of victories? What are the prospects of future victories? What do you have to say about Lord Godwin calling your forces "the rebel army" and "those traitors"?

Umm let me see, the answer to questions three and four are both standing right here. For the other ones, you'll have to talk to my secretary, Ms. Zerase, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have-

Oh. I guess you can ask her instead.

Ah, you must be Lyon, Queen's Knight apprentice and bodyguard of His Royal Highness the Prince! My sources, who shall remain anonymous, indicated you were lovely! But, my, not THIS lovely!

Wait hold on

...W-Wait, who's been spying on me?!


Is it true you never leave His Highness' side, not even for a moment? What about when His Highness goes to bed? What about when he takes a bath? What about when he needs to relieve--

...That's ENOUGH!

Actually I heard that back when toilets were just holes in the floor, a popular assassination method used to be climbing up the castle wall to the bathrooms and stabbing the first lordly butt that happened to appear. Though the tale does not mention how you'd know you stabbed the right butt.

Also, heh. "Assassin."

Who are you, and what's with all these stupid questions?!

Oops! Got a bit carried away. What are questions without answers, after all? There's no story without answers!

Hey, some people think it's fun to make up their own answers!

They're usually the same ones who pay 376 bazillion bucks for "Blank Canvas: The Un-Painting."

The name's Taylor. I'm a newspaper reporter.

You're hired!

Like any good reporter, I'm here for the latest scoop! But I was also asked to deliver a message from Lelcar.

That sounds like a terribly misspelled version of "lolcat" and I think this is going to end poorly already.

So anyway, we bring the strange man directly to our strategist because there's not as if he could be out to stab her in the butt or anythiiii wait actually let's stop talking about that because it's kinda gross. (music)

Yep. Well, that's what my source told me, anyway. Wasil is his name.

Hey hey hey not cool man, you're not supposed to tell us that!

Wasil, eh? I know him well. He's a man of considerable influence back in Lelcar. He was a friend of Lord Rovere's. The signature on this request is Wasil's, no mistake about it!

Well okay, I suppose it's hard to keep his identity secret if he writes it down for us.

Wait, isn't Lelcar's ruler Lord De Beers, that Godwin puppet?

I wanna meet Lord De Beers. With a name like that, he can't be anything less than fantastic.

That's right. But Lelcar is a divided town. Some support Godwin, some support Barows, some supported Rovere... Some call Lord De Beers a great leader, while others call him a coward...

Still, I don't understand what he means by "protect."

Actually, my sources indicate that Lord De Beers has fled Lelcar in fear of His Royal Highness' military might!

Good judgement, that man!

Wait, the lord of Lelcar FLED?!

Not terrible brave, but good judgement nonetheless.

Well, he is a coward, after all.

My sources didn't tell me anything more than that. I was supposed to stay in Lelcar a little longer, actually... But I raced over here as soon as I heard the rumors about the castle! I mean, that's much more interesting story! Gotta give the readers what they want! Stories about royal gossip and Sindar ruins always sell papers, you know!

Well, this is an interesting situation. What should we do, Your Highness?

It's not as if I have anything better to do, and it'd get me away from certain unpleasant people who invited themselves to my castle without permission! (music)

I guess we'll have a better understanding of the situation once the Prince gets there... Still, I wish we had a bit more information to go on.

You kind of are, yes.

We don't see you around here much. Something wrong?

No, it's just that I heard there was trouble in Lelcar. I'm originally from there, you know!

Ah, your timing couldn't have been better, then.


One load screen disguised as off-screen exposition (and a costume change) later...

Get with the times, lady, I haven't been wearing the orange one in like several updates! Adults are so out of touch with today's youth.

The Prince has to go incognito, though. For all intents and purposes, Lelcar is under the Godwins' control. We have to keep our presence an absolute secret, understood?

yeah yeah whatever

I don't think we have to worry about Lady Lyon of His Highness. But isn't this a bit too risky for Kyle? He's from Lelcar, after all. Won't they know who he is right away, with him being a famous Queen's Knight?

Maybe if you're trying to pass yourself off as Definitely Not A Queen's Knight, you should wash off the official guyliner...

Even if my friends from back then have heard of Kyle of the Queen's Knights, I doubt they'd think it was me.

Actually I think they'd be more like "Did you hear he hits on everything that moves and even some things that don't?" "Yup, definitely our Kyle!"

They'd just think it was someone with the same name.

And come on. That's way too unrealistic. Multiple people with the same name? In the same town no less? Never!

Well, if you say so...

This is a terrible idea. Can't I take someone who won't land me in a world of trouble?

Sir Kyle, I ask that you vigilantly look after His Royal Highness the Prince.

Come on, guys. I can't be the only one to feel this way.

No problem! I got it all taken care of. I really am the only one?!

Your Highness, Lyon, Kyle... Please remember your mission. We can't afford to take risks here. We only need you to speak with Wasil. That's it.

Well, fuck.


Okay, Prince! Let's do this!

...someone put this guy out of my misery.

We have a couple of things to take care of before that, though.

Her sensibilities are far beyond my ability to appraise. Therefore, I have nothing to say.

Going through the mail is an obvious one.

I'm pretty sure I heard that my great-grandmother was of that family. So I guess that would make Egbert one of my distant relatives.

Now we know where you got all your good genes!

Been avoiding me of late, have you? Well, you can't ignore me forever, and I'm sure you haven't forgotten...
...Only I can catch DoReMi Elves. You mediocrities haven't the talent for it.

Actually I'm pretty sure I can ignore you forever and I'm definitely sure I can do it right now.

We'll bring our new people along on this mission.

Always an honor, Your Highness.

Belcoot, you're coming too? Great! When do we leave?

I like all these party-sensitive lines.

What a scoop! This'll practically write itself!

Oh, and Taylor has invited himself to an empty spot in the basement. 's okay, I guess.

Kyle's civilian outfit looks a bit like Viktor's from the original game (and sequel).

I think I'd rather have Viktor.

Out of the three reports on Zerase, this is sadly the most interesting. But of course we're still going to get the third because fuck Zerase.

Keep that redneck as far away from me as ya can, Prince!

Found a new line of dialogue on the way back.

And just like any other store keeper, Marina has an NPC stand in for her when she's away.

Now that Lordlake's restored, I've come to a decision. I want to make up for the sins I committed under that misguided lord by serving you, Your Highness!

Norden has a new line. But we don't particularly care since he's outlived his purpose.

Richard has been reunited with his beloved Mueller. Look how happy he is!

Idiot. I shouldn't have called him back. He's driving me up the wall!

Mueller is kind of a jerk.

It's positively dreadful! Stay back! You are an affront to civilization!

So's Josephine.


The option to sail to Lelcar is now available, so we'll get started on that.

It's a pretty long trip. Lelcar's to the west of Lordlake, but getting there by boat requires some circling around.

It's a weird looking place. And the music is new.

I'm going to count how many lines you get before someone spots you and blows this all out of proportion.

Is this really going to work? If they find out the Prince is here, there's no telling wh--

Aw, don't worry! All we gotta do is act natural! C'mon, I'm a ladies man! I'm used to putting on the smooth m--

That was two.

I know it was me he spotted, but it's still your fault. God damn you are the worst knight.

He has a neat hat. Must be trustworthy!

Wasil! Oh, no!

Wasil: Ah, forgive me, forgive me, Your Royal Highness! Oh, I never expected His Royal Highness to come in person!
Oh, His Royal Highness must be exhausted from the trip! Is there anything I can get His Royal Highness? Perhaps His R--

...thank you.

...Uh, don't I know you from somewhere?


And so it begins.

Oh, of course! Kyle! How could anyone, anywhere ever forget your face?! You were always over at Volga's, right? So how's life in the Queen's Knights? You've sure made a name for yourself! There's not a soul in town who doesn't--

I realize I'm sounding awfully negative here. I've actually been looking forward to Lelcar for a couple of different reasons.

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, no, you must be thinking of some other Queen's Knight! I'm just a lowly commoner!
...We are INCOGNITO. Shut up about "His Royal Highness" and "the Queen's Knights"! Got it?

One of them being this exchange.

(His hat, as nice as it may be, is not one of them.)

Ah, what fine young men and women you've all grown up to be! Why, it's almost as if you're knights or princes from some grand kingdom! Yes, some grand kingdom that ISN'T Falena! But, of course, you AREN'T those things, now, are you? No, no, no, no! You merely LOOK like them! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I think it's the dumbest thing I've read all day.

...I give up.

Come, come, my knight-and-prince look-alikes! We've got so much to discuss over at my place!

Quickly, lead us over there before you open your mouth again!

I live on the south side of this islet! This way, this way, my knight-and-prince look-alikes!

...I think the hat's cutting off his circulation. It's the only thing I can' come up with to explain what just happened.

Wasil could have dragged us along with him straight away, but we're actually free to explore most of the place before we head to his place... so obviously, we will.

It's adorable

Girl: Wanna play "Prince and Princess"? "Oh, Brother, where have you been all this time?"

Well you see there was this greaseball who stole this thing and now I have it and there was a castle and beavers and and and these things take time dammit! I'm doing the best I can!

Old Townsman: (he's hidden under the dialogue box in the shot above) The Prince is doing a grand job for someone so young in years. My grandson's about the same age as him, but I can't get that lazy bum to do anything right!

Maybe you should provide a better example.

Also pictured here, a chest with a White Rose Brooch in it. It's a speed-boosting accessory. Lelcar has quite a few chests lying around for us to loot, but not all of them are interesting.

We'd constantly be at each other's throats! He's truly a divine gift!

Ha! Really, you're too kind...

I don't think I want to know how this place is still standing if the other guys in charge are even worse than this guy.

Godwin says we should do as he orders for the good of the country, but I won't let him fool me! He's using us to serve his own twisted desires. Nothing more.

You're smart! How are you an NPC? You should get a name and portrait. And then join my army.

Oops, interruption time.

That fool of a Prince is just getting in the way!

We'll just stand here watching silently while you beat each other to a pulp. Don't mind me. (music)

Second Angry Man: Hmph! You've got a lot of nerve calling His Royal Highness the Prince a "fool"! I bet you wouldn't say that to his face!

Third Angry Man: Shut up! What's wrong with calling a fool a fool?! He's even palling around with the guy who killed his parents! What a sicko! I bet he planned the whole thing!

Fourth Angry Man: Heh heh heh heh! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Third Angry Man: What the hell's so funny?!

Fourth Angry Man: You actually BUY that story? You gullible, gullible fool! Lord Godwin killed Her Majesty the Queen and His Majesty Commander Ferid! Sir Georg Prime was just the fall guy! Any idiot can see that!

First Angry Man: Why, you! You're gonna be sorry you besmirched the name of Lord Godwin in front of ME!

It's like I have my very own forums drama. If I come back in 20 minutes, one of these guys will have been banned, two will have been probated and the last will have a massive redtext avatar telling the world what a horrible person he is and also that he molests goats.

...We'd better get out of here.

That's not an uncommon sight these days, unfortunately...

Lyon also has a comment on it.

Then we should probably get the hell out before someone nukes part of it with a miniature version of the Sun Rune.

Townsman: (under the dialogue box) I travel quite a lot in my line of work. Been to quite a few places, seen a lot of faces. Have I seen you somewhere before? I feel like I've seen your face someplace...

Time to run before he remembers where!

We don't even know who we are half the time! Rovere, Godwin, Barows, we've seen it all!

Well he's gone now, so maybe you could turn to someone else for guidance? I hear the Prince is an incredibly handsome, intelligent and just fellow.

No, not you. I mean that skinny guy behind you!


We start off in the middle part of town. Taking the bridge on the east side, naturally, lands us on the east side.

If you can tell me what he looks like, I might be able to not horribly kill him in the next battle... hahahaha no sorry, that was cruel.

Townsman: Damn that Orok! Hmph! "Godwin's representative"? Never trust someone with a stupid name like "Orok"!

Everyone has their reasons. Who am I to say if they're good reasons or not?

It used to lead to a bridge by Lordlake, but that was destroyed after the uprising two years ago. You can only go as far as the river nowadays.

Bah. I know a convenient excuse to keep me from mid-game equipment in the early game when I see one!

We can leave Lelcar, but like the woman says, there's not much point. There's just the same old random enemies, and I don't need to see more of them.

The Lelcar scenario is kind of long and doesn't really have a lot of good stopping points, but we'll cut it here for now. Next, we'll check out the last part of town, and hear whatever it is Wasil has to say.

As you can see, Wasil doesn't look anywhere near as trustworthy without his hat. Also, Kyle, because he's finally relevant.

And a concept.