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Part 47: I conked the Prince in the head!

We've explored two thirds of Lelcar. Let's make a quick sweep through the western part before we go on with the plot.

Why do I get the feeling this is going to turn out to be the Godwin part of town?

I mentioned that I had a couple of reasons to be looking forward to Lelcar. This is one of them. It's perfect for people like Belcoot who don't take damage at all most of the time and don't take much of it when it does happen. And, best of all, it's buyable in infinite numbers. Infinite! As opposed to Power and Boost, both of which require us to grind four pieces and assembling them.

150k is still quite a bit of money at this stage, however.

Next door, there's yet another reason to like Lelcar.

Our shop's specially approved by Lord Godwin, ya know! We sell top-notch armor at rock-bottom prices! Trust me! You won't find deals this good anywhere else!

He's full of shit, but he also has a portrait and I don't think it'll be much of a spoiler to reveal that he'll change his tune soon enough.

I just gotta ask, though... Which side are you rootin' for in this war? Me, I fully support Lord Godwin! Fine armor protects a warrior, and a fine military force protects the people of its country! Falena's gotta build up its military to protect us from foreign threats, you know? Like Armes or Nagarea.
Of course, maybe I just feel this way 'cause Lord Godwin's a frequent customer of mine.

At least he's self-aware?

I'm not entirely certain how this works, but supposedly you need to spend some money at Mohsen's shop in order to recruit him, and rare finds don't count towards this amount. I've seen it suggested that you need to spend 100k, but another source suggests 50k and that's what I went with. Conveniently, he sells some nice stuff, so it's not as if the money is wasted.

We've got Orok's watchmen here! And Godwin's men backing them up, too! Those rebels are going to be crushed beyond recognition! Ha ha hah!

That sounds like a challenge to me...

Boy: I'm gonna be a soldier when I grow up! I'll learn how to do those cool Co-op Attacks and smash those rebels!

You're adorable for all the wrong reasons.

They'll kill us all! What are we gonna do?! Now I know why De Beers ran away!

He had the right idea. I hear the first thing the Prince does when he invades a town is release a pack of rabid wolves. You should probably inform the Godwin troops about this. You know, so they'll be prepared.

Townsman: Hey, you're in the way here! Are you LOOKING to get conscripted or something?!

I don't know the meaning of that word.

Well I kind of do, but only in the sense that it's something I do to other people.

We'd be in HUGE trouble if people found out about the relationship! ...Wait, YOU won't tell anyone, will you?

No worries, Romeo. I'm more interested in that thing I picked up from that chest on the lower left.

Townswoman: I believe in Lord Godwin. I'm not sure why, but he seems so genuine that it's easy to trust him! I guess that's part of his charm.

You know what, Romeo? You have terrible taste in women.

It must be pretty frustrating... And it's a shame for the Princess that it's come to this war!

What, you think I actually want to be king of Falena? The place is full of perverts and assholes!

Townsman: I just can't understand what everyone's problem is! Powerful countries always use their might to take over other countries. It's just the way things work! What's so wrong with that?!

Here's one now!

Of course not! That's ridiculous!

Townsman: Then get out of here now before you get hurt! This is Orok's territory! You're not welcome here!

And another.

This bridge is under Orok's control. We don't let any outsiders through! So get outta here!

Finally, there's a bridge on the west side as well, but we can't get through for now.

That's about all the town has to offer right now, so we'll head on over to Wasil's place. It's near the bottom of the middle part of town.

Your Highness Prince Frey, Lady Lyon, Sir Kyle... Thank you so much for coming.
...And please, please forgive me for blurting out your names back there!

Don't worry about it. But I'm surprised you recognized the Prince in those clothes! I mean, you've never even met him, right?

No, but I often had the pleasure of viewing portraits of various nobles over at Lord Rovere's residence. His Lordship thought quite highly of Her Majesty Queen Arshtat and her family, so there were many portraits.


...Ah, forgive me! I didn't mean to bring back so many painful memories! But in the end, Your Highness saved Lordlake! Lord Rovere would have been delighted" Yes, delighted! And that's why I wanted to meet with His Royal Highness.

And that's why we're here, Wasil. But why are you asking us to "protect" Lelcar?

Oh, it's a long and complicated story! Let me explain what's happened so far.
I'm sure you already know this, but our town is officially Godwin territory. However, it is also home to many who don't support the Godwins. Some who vociferously oppose them, in fact!
Most of the Godwin sympathizers live on the western islet. On the central islet, where we are now, most support the royal family and His Royal Highness the Prince. Over on the eastern islet, most care little for the Godwins, but not so much as to actively oppose them.

That's far too bloody convenient, and you know it.

Lord De Beers is an utter incompetent. But so long as he's around, the people are united in their disdain for him. In fact, one could say it's been Lord De Beers' incompetence that has kept Lelcar united!

He's everything I ever thought he'd be.

Unfortunately, Lord De Beers has fled in fear of Your Highness' brave advance.

???: Sir! Sir!

Servant: Please forgive the intrusion, Sir Wasil! However, we have word that Orok's hunters have been spotted on the eastern islet!

Oh, not again...

"Orok's hunters"?

Yes, despicable fellows who forcibly draft young men into the Godwin Army.

Prince, we gotta go check it out!

Indeed. Perhaps you'll get a better idea of what's happening to our town if you witness with your own eyes...

All right then.

But first!

This is past Wasil's place, so I couldn't get at it without triggering that scene. But now that I can...

Townswoman: My son was taken away by the army and posted at Hatred Fortress. But since that infernal structure has been destroyed, he's back! But I can't help worrying that Orok's people will find my son and take him away for good...!

Not if we do away with Orok's people for good first.

So now I'm just fixing my old one. What else am I supposed to do?

Join the Prince's army and help destroy the filthy Godwin devils?

Anyway. The rumour about gold and silver means the price has dropped significantly here - but only here. And of course, there was only one available. Still, it's an easy ~50k profit per unit, so it's probably worth rushing over here any time you see that rumour.

Teleporting back to Lelcar lands us on the bridge out from the eastern part of town.

And moving into town lands us right in cutscene territory. (music)

Townsman: Ma'am! Please, pull yourself together!

Townsman: Dammit! How many does that make now?! When will they be satisfied?!

Townswoman: They got my son, too! Told me I should be proud that he'll be joining "Lord Godwin's glorious forces"...

Townsman: Dammit! What right does that Godwin lackey have to take our boys away?!

Kyle, who's this "Orok" everyone's talking about?

I remember that name, but not much more than that...

He's the leader of the western islet, but all he seems to do is collect taxes and draft soldiers. He claims to be acting on behalf of Lord Godwin, but he's nothing more than a thief and a kidnapper. These people had family members forcibly taken away! Taken away to who knows where!

How awful!

Townsman: Everyone, listen up! Enough is enough! Let's go rescue them!

Townsman: Yeah! Let's see if Orok can stand up to an angry mob!

Even playing the actual game, it's hard to tell the generics apart.

???: Halt!

And he's brought new music, so you know he's important!

Volga: We need not send a mob after Orok! I'll go there alone. Wait here!

Townsman: That would be suicide, Volga, even for you! He's got a whole pack of henchmen!

Townsman: That's right! Everyone knows that one man alone can't possibly handle a bunch of henchm--

Silence! As I said, I'm going alone! And you need not follow me.

Townsman: Volga...

Well he does have a name and portrait, so he probably could handle a bunch of henchmen.

But we're not about to let him steal all the fun/credit.

Excuse me? Exactly who are you?
Wait, you do look familiar...
...Kyle? Kyle, is that you?! What brings you back to Lelcar after all this time?

...Is my disguise really that bad?

I told you about the guyliner! You wouldn't listen!

Kyle, is he a friend of yours?

Yep! He may look a little on the shady side, but he's actually the leader of the eastern islet! He took care of me when I was a kid!

"On the shady side," eh? Have the Queen's Knights taught you nothing of respecting your elders?

Heh! You haven't changed a bit!
Volga, you always said the people of Lelcar shouldn't fight among themselves. Why don't you let us handle this dispute? I hate seeing you guys at each other's throats like this!

Hmph! This is Lelcar business! Butt out!

No, I think I'll butt on in! You need our help, Volga!

And why would you say that?

We don't live here. We can look at things objectively!
It's okay with you, isn't it, Prince?

God. Fucking.



Kyle, you fool...

See? See?! This never would have happened if we got Galleon instead! (music)

Wait! Prince...? Just what is the meaning of all--

Ah, Wasil... I should have known you were behind this.
Well, if you're involved, I suppose it's all right...

Cool! You can count on us, Volga!
Orok lives on the western islet, right?

That's correct. And those he kidnapped should still be there as well.

Prince, I've got the perfect plan! Let's go pay this Orok a little visit, shall we?

fuck's sake Kyle stop calling me that

my code name is "Schtolteheim Reinbach VI"

In case we needed a reminder.

Let's just head on over.

Lazy Man: Hmmm? Whaddaya want?

This is Orok's residence, correct? We heard the Godwins need soldiers! We're ready to valiantly serve their cause!

Lazy Man: Huh! Volunteers, eh? You've got more guts than most!

Edgy Man: ...Hold up! What about those other two? That one's a bit young, don't ya think? And the other one's a girl!

Lazy Man: Eh, log as we meet our quota, who gives a damn? Besides, she'll give the boys somethin' to look at, keep 'em happy!
All right, sorry to keep ya waitin'! Step inside!

That was easier than it had any right to be.

Thank you! We shall dauntlessly serve the gallant and virtuous Lord Godwin from this day forward!

...I have no idea how they didn't catch on.

...Hey, wait a minute! Yer mug looks awful familiar!

Here we go again!

...My mug?

Irritable Man: That's it! Yer Kyle, ain'tha?!


..."Kyle"? No, there's no Kyle here, believe me!

Irritable Man: You got a lotta nerve showin' yer mug around here! Yer gonna pay fer stealin' my girl!

...G-Girl? Er, I wouldn't know anything about girls!

Besides, that's not how it works! Not unless he, like... rolled her in a carpet and carried her away in the middle of the night or something.

...which I'm sure he didn't, right, Kyle...?!

Irritable Man: Rebels! Don't let 'em get away! Kill 'em all! Especially the blonde guy! He stoled my girl! Stoled her, I tells ya!

Tough Man: He stole your girl?! That's high treason if I've ever heard it! En garde, lady-stealer!

Oh, Belcoot, it's like you never even left.

Compared to Richard, Belcoot doesn't counter/parry quite as often, but he still does it most of the time, and he gets better equipment options and does more damage. I'd say it's a good trade.

Alhazred is supposed to be a mage, but he's not a very good one. I put Boost and Power on him instead. Because, come on, he has a big fucking book that he clubs people to death with. You can't tell me that's not great. one else has more than one boosting rune, so he's probably my hardest hitter right now.


Next time, you're all going to listen to me when I say something is a terrible idea. Even if I have to beat it through your thick skulls. (music)

...Kyle, I don't think we've come across anyone who doesn't know you yet! You seem to have left... quite a mark on this town. You were an awfully naughty kid, it sounds like!

Don't tell me you're actually enjoying this!

No, no, no, no, no! This is ALL just a big case of mistaken identity, I'm sure!
Well, seeing how we're already here and all, we might as well force our way inside! Whaddaya say, Prince!

I say fuck it.

Let's prod buttock.

Ah, I like the way you think, Prince! Straight and to the point! Let's go get 'em!


You sure changed your mind quickly.

We'll get on the prisoners shortly. First, this! It's Stamina and Attack in one convenient package.

We could try going out through the door on the left side, but...

Prince! Remember what Wasil said? Who knows where they'll be taken if we don't do something! Let's go find them, quickly!

...Lyon is apparently psychic and knows it's the wrong way. (There's actually nothing there even once we do get access.)

All we have to do is go down the stairs to the north.

Oh, no! They're not dead, are they?!

???: We just gave them a little something to help them sleep, that's all. It's so much easier that way.

You're a big meanie poopieface and I hope you're ready to lose all your teeth and other assorted bits.

Well, they ARE going to be soldiers, so chances are they'll be dead soon enough.

Who... are you?

Is that Orok?

Orok: Hmph! If you don't recognize me, you must not be from around here. Who sent you?

I have no name to give to the likes of you.

It doesn't matter who we are! Just let these people go!

Ah, with nonsense like that coming out of your mouth, Wasil and Volga surely put you up to this... Well, let me give you the other side of the story. Who's in charge of this country? Hmmm? That's the key. A man's got to pick the winning side if he wants to live, correct? It's as simple as that. So, are you going to be winners... or are you going to be losers? It's your choice.
...And I'll make it worth your while to be winners.

Who the hell do you think I am?

Hmph! It appears we've got another collection of losers here. Hey! Get in here! It's time to finally cash in on my investment!

???: Aw, quit whining! I'm on my way, just finishing up a bite to eat here...

I'm feeling strangely attracted to her. She must be much denser than the average person.

She looks... familiar.

...You know, Orok, if I had to pick sides here, I definitely wouldn't pick yours!

Hmph! You lived the high life on my advance. Now live up to your end of the bargain, all right? Go to work!

Yeah, guess I did go a little crazy with the cash, didn't I?

Eh, sorry guys! Not that I wanna hurt you, but I've got a deal!

's okay. I've got something to try out anyway.

But that guy over there... Boy, do you look familiar!

Huh?! You know this chick?! C'mon, gimme the inside scoop on her! What's the best way to sweet-talk my way in--

Kyle, we don't have time for this right now!

Enough of this tomfoolery! I didn't pay you to blab! ...You do enough of that on your own, unfortunately.

All right, all right! Sorry, guys! Guess I gotta get this over with! You ready for my super batch of special moves?!

Oh, we're ready, all right.

And here's what I've been waiting for.

See, I picked up a Rage Piece in town, and it just so happens that I had three in storage already!

I think I like it.

...What an utter waste of money! How did I ever even let you sweet-talk your w--
Wait, were you just bluffing when you said you could win the Sacred Games?!

Owie, owie, owie! Uh... Yeah, kinda.
Wait! I got it now!

The Sacred Games! Now I remember! The Prince! You're the Prince, right?!

...well, I guess it's okay, you were probably the last person in town to figure it out anyway.

The... Prince?

...second to last, then.


Surely you don't mean THE Prince, correct? Are you sure this guy isn't NAMED "Prince"?

It's pronounced "The Protagonist Formerly Known As Prince", thank you very much.

No, no, this is THE Prince! It's him! I remember meeting him at the Games!
Oh, no...! That means... I conked the Prince in the head! Oh, they'll throw me in the Feitas now for sure!

Relax, you didn't do a single point of damage. But the river's probably a good idea after I set you on fire.

Damn! The Prince, eh? Why have you come? Why did you need to get yourself involved?

It's because, and I believe I said as much already, you're a big meanie poopieface. (music)

What do you mean?

You're here for them? Take them, please! Just... don't tell anyone, all right? I don't need the trouble!

We can... have them?

Oh, if they find out about this, I'm...



Whatever it is, it's trouble for us down the line. I guarantee it.

Hey! Wait! Where'd the chick go?! Damn...

You? You're just trouble for us, full stop. All the time.

Forget about her. Let's help these guys.

He said they were drugged, right? We can't carry all of 'em back ourselves! Let's go get some help! ...And a doctor wouldn't hurt, either!

Good idea! Let's go!

While we head out to do that...

...things are happening elsewhere. (music)

I have much to discuss with him...

Yes, well, about that... I'll have to ask you to wait a bit longer. Sorry.

Hmph! Orok, you disappoint me. It's not like you to arrive empty-handed. Do you have some excuse?

No, I'm not going to offer any excuses. Just a little... mix-up on my part. That's all it was.

Oh... That's too bad. Because, you see, it was your little excuse that I was so interested in hearing.


I heard the Prince is here.

How did you...? Are you having someone spy on me?

I'm the one asking the questions here.

...Yes. The Prince is here.

I'm glad you've come clean. The thought of turning in a valuable ally for the crime of treason was not very appealing.


It seems that some of Lelcar's forces are in league with the rebel army. Take control of the entire town. Stamp out all hostile elements!

Soldier: Yes, sir!

Wait! What about our deal?! You promised to leave Lelcar alone!

I understand how you feel about your hometown. You must never lose sight of the big picture, however. The national interests of Falena MUST come first. Understood?

Let him go. We have work to do. I want infantry to march on the town as well!

Soldier: Yes, sir!

Why do I get the feeling that little turd has just been waiting for this?