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Part 48: What are you, sightseeing?

Last update, we found out that Zahak is plotting terrible things...

I'm deeply grateful.

...but Frey is still blissfully unaware. (music)

Hey, thank me, too! I gave them the go-ahead, remember?

Depending on your perspective, Lelcar is either a bit of a low point or a chance to wind down after you got to prove how awesome you are in Lordlake and got your very own castle. Compared to previous parts, Lelcar hasn't really established itself, so we don't have much reason to care about its troubles, even if it is Kyle's hometown.

...Still, Orok gave up wait too easily... It makes no sense.

Still, there's quite a bit of content to go through, which is why it's taken us two updates to get to the part where we finally get to chop Zahak's bits off, something I trust we're all looking forward to.

No, I don't think he was "giving up." More like he had bigger fish to fry...

Stop talking about fish! I'm eating enough of it to start worrying about mercury levels these days.

Yeah, that's what it looked like to me, too...

Besides, I'm the biggest fish around these parts, so I don't like your choice of words, either.

What, not again?!

Calm down, calm down! What now?

Servant: You have another visitor, Sir Wasil!

???: Sorry for the intrusion, but this is important.

Not now!

Godwin's vanguard ships have started heading south toward Lelcar! They sail under the command of the Queen's Knight Zahak!

Say what? (music)

Are you serious?!

Are they going to put Lelcar under martial law?!

It's Orok! He must have told them the Prince was here! He's betrayed the town!

Well, there might be another explanation...

No, there's no other explanation!

It just doesn't seem like something he'd do...

Not important right now!

What's the plan, Your Highness? There's little time! We must move now if we want to escape!

What, and have people compare me to Lord De Beers?

Besides, I have a bone to pick with Zahak.


In fact, I think I'm going to pick all his bones.

Your Highness... Thank you so much! Lelcar is indebted to you!

To gather the young men on my islet! We're not the kind to go down without a fight!

Yep, I'd hate to be a Godwin lackey right about now!

Is there enough time to put up a fight, though?

No need to worry, Lady Lyon. About half of Raftfleet is already on its way.

They don't call Lucretia a tactician for nothing.

Your Highness, I regret to inform you that my Lady cannot join you for this battle. She must remain in Salzburg Castle, as Luger's Fleet in Sol-Falena is on the move as well.
I may not possess the genius of my Lady, but please allow me to assist you in her stead, Your Highness! Whenever you're ready, please issue the order to commence operations.


Your Highness, the Iodine in Hell Army is hereby mobilized and ready for action!


Lelei has forced herself into Frey's unit, so we're down to one Dawn charge... again. Fuck's sake. Oh yeah, the war theme is the same as always, so have another alternative. Notable changes here, Richard is a carbon copy of Georg, offering +9 ATK and a use of Charge. Talgeyl and Zerase are B-rank rune units and both of them come with new skills that I'll talk about when I use them, and apart from that there's really nothing much to add.

I said I was looking forward to Lelcar for several reasons. This is not one of them. Fact is, it's probably my second least favourite battle in the game. We're fighting on two fronts, the enemy is aggressive, and it's going to turn into a clusterfuck any moment now.

Enemy troops are expected to strike at Lelcar from the west, backed by warships. Your Highness, I would ask that you take command of our infantry and cavalry. Create a defensive line to hold back the enemy. I'll ask the leaders of Lelcar to fight alongside Your Highness! Once Raftfleet has dealt with the enemy ships, it will back Your Highness to the hilt!

Tell them to sit back and watch! This'll be over quickly.

For better or worse.

The ships are mostly an annoyance here; the bottom one has Flowing (a full heal) but they're not terribly threatening when they're up against four ships loaded with skills.

These guys are a considerably bigger bother given there's more of them and we're fighting in Lelcar.

Let's get on with it.

Aaaaah stupid annoying tight quarters

Volga Charges right through them so that's not a problem, though.

And of course they ran straight into Belcoot, who does the same thing.

Ah, there we go!

Wilhelm can handle cavalry units just fine, too.

Another one bites the dust! And we toss a Recover on the mercs and they're as good as new.

Lambs to the slaughter!

The Barrage ship makes a nuisance of itself.

But they only hit Zerase, so that's okay.

Well, that's what we have Charge for!

Except, and this is the worst part, the archers get stuck on the wall when they're "running away."

"Oh," said the game, "you thought you were going to get to input commands? That's so cute."

After the fourth mother fucking encounter in a row with the same mother fucking unit, Wilhelm is out of Charges and gets arrowed. 8 HP left! And a wounded enemy unit in reach. That's what we have the Dawn Rune for, right?

"Pringer Spiral Plasma Chop!"




"What's wrong, dood?"

"Just... Just don't talk to me right now."

That gets rid of one problem, but we still have all these things.

And Zahak comes with Charge, because fuck you.

That was the last unit I wanted him to charge, dammit.

But Wilhelm can give as good as he gets. Better, even.

Zahak runs straight at Belcoot, who uses Shigure's Ambush to smack him one without taking damage in return. See how you like it!

Kyle's up next. A Charge knocks off 40 of Zahak's HP.

I can only watch one of these things at a time, damn it!

So of course the moment I take my eyes off the battle on land, Wilhelm decides to run straight into an archer unit.

Hmph! We shall back off this time. A regrettable loss.

We've gotta retreat! ...Oh, no! I'm definitely gonna hear from Mueller about this...!

The pleasant part of this is that none of these characters can die in battle. The number of people in V who can die is disturbingly low, even among the throwaway NPCs. So at least we don't have to worry about that.


As much as I hate to admit it, Zerase really is one of the best units in war battles.

Star hits harder than Dawn, 30% of MHP, but lacks the healing part. Just like Dawn, it's a prime candidate for the Extra skill.

But even in that mess, I still managed to get Frey's unit to meet up with Zahak's.

"Hey Zahak!"

"Pringer Aurora Triangle Kiiick!!"

"...I think I have a headache."

After that, we just have to mop up the mooks.

Done now.

Stop the rebel army's advance by destroying the bridge to the central islet!

But of course, like any good (or even mediocre) villain, Zahak won't die even when he's killed.

Hey, there's still a boat or two left! Lemme sink them first!

We have no choice but to pull out!

This is madness! They've set the city on fire!

What the hell are they doing?! They're disgracing the very name of the Queen's Knights!

Put out the fire and rescue the survivors! Hurry!

Cut off the enemy's pursuit! Destroy the bridge once we've crossed!

Just wait until I get my hands on you!

Soldier: But some of our allied forces are still back there! And what about Sir Orok and the townspeople?!

What about them?

Soldier: Oh...
Y-Yes, of course, sir! On your order, the bridge will be destroyed!

Forget the enemy for now! We must save the townspeople!

Prince, let's go help, too!

I can't even take credit for this shit, since all their units just kept suiciding on mine without giving me a chance to issue orders!

It has to be rather embarrassing for them.

I don't know when they found the time to change clothes, but I don't really care either. (music)

Please take me as well!

It's dangerous.

I can see that!

No time to argue. Get in and shut up!

We'll do whatever we can!

I can't thank you enough, Your Highness!

Then it's on to the left islet.

Soldier: Get that traitor!

This is no time for fighting! Either get out of our way or help us put out the fire!

Soldier: Shut up and fight!

That went as well for them as you'd expect.

How are we going to put out the fire, save the townspeople, and fight the enemy off at the same time?!

Dammit! Is there any more Godwin scum to take care of?!

Well there's a little but they're all random encounters so you don't need to see them.

You do know "fire-fighter" isn't a literal term, right?! I can't actually kill fire. I just thought you should know.

Irritable Man: Yes, Sir Orok!

Children, elderly, and the injured go first! Take them to the river! The ships from Raftfleet are there! They'll lend you a hand!

Tough Man: Yes, Sir Orok!

Old Townsman: Sir Orok... Thank you...

Don't thank me -- just hurry!

...So he does care about the town after all.

What are you, sightseeing? Give me a hand!


Whatever you need, Orok!

And then everyone put aside their differences and worked together to save the town and if you excuse me I'm going to go be violently ill in the river. Until next time!