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Part 69: New Queen's Campaign

After the night comes another morning, much as we've come to expect. (music)

Everyone important gathers in the war room...

"Kyle I swear to fuck if that was your snoring keeping me up all night"

At this stage, there is surely no need to go over the details of the operation again. If everything goes as planned, this will be the final battle.

As you can tell from the comments in the thread, absolutely no one is buying this shit since we just got the stone slab that says we're 30 stars short. (Also we're like level 40+ and everyone knows you don't end a Suikoden game until everyone's in the high fifties at least.)

Or rather... Let us make this the final battle!

Don't I get the customary one-choice dialogue box here?!

...apparently not.


Some asshole has re-arranged all my dudes again, including putting all the people I don't want in Roy's unit, in Roy's unit. (war music / alternative)

I mean, him being B rank is kinda impressive, but still, fuck that setup. Anyway, this is a land battle so no beavers. Looks like the people chosen for the squads can't participate, so we're missing some useful people. Shoulda brought another archer... oh well, not like it's gonna be a challenge, right?

Come at me, br... uh, sis!

Lym actually won't come at us though; we'll have to come to her.

But, Your Majesty! What about your bodyguards?!

You DARE to second-guess your almighty Queen?! Besides, I didn't order you all out here to protect me! Now go! Your Queen commands you to crush the rebel army!

Lym is so cool

As soon as there's an opening, strike at the base -- where the Princess is!

Lucretia may say "strike" but we aren't supposed to actually attack her. (I hear she's plot invincible even if we did, for some reason, try to murder the little girl we're here to save.) Instead, the goal is to get Roy's unit near Lym's. That also means that if he dies, it's game over because then you no longer have a Roy to put near Lym and thus no way to win.

We'll still want to wipe out most of the pesky enemies before we get there, though.

Lym is no slouch! Alenihak are sitting next to her, also A-rank with no skills, but they're infantry units instead of archers.

There are also two each of arch/cav/inf units and both archers are Barrage assholes. They have two charges, even! Fuck.

Every enemy here aside from the Queen and bodyguards is B-ranked. Although there aren't too many of them, they are quite powerful - and better than some of the characters you have access to. Definitely the toughest opposition so far, and they could potentially fuck you up if you don't pay attention.

I always pay attention.

The enemy starts by moving out straight from their starting positions, then stop a ways away from Lym. They will then remain in position until you get close enough to get their attention.

I may not have mentioned it before, but on the minimap, highlighted units are currently moving, while darkened ones are stationary.

Apparently the ballista doesn't count as a real archer because we don't get a weapon advantage against cavalry with it. Kinda sucks, although the range can still be worth it. This takes off 45 HP, which is... all right, I suppose.


Lots of catapult usage, but at least we got loot.

Speaking of which, Talgeyl comes with a Mother Earth spell, which we haven't had a chance to use before. (Alhazred adds a second charge.)

It may not be very flashy, but it takes off 30% of MHP, so 60 damage against these losers, regardless of their current HP. Good, though strictly inferior to Cyclone.

Not the greatest thing in the world, but I'll take it.

fffffff barrage

...they never used the second charge. Weird!

Ernst and Norma make for a phenomenal support unit. Four recovers! I like Recover better than Flowing, since you're less likely to waste part of it. Ideal Flowing use would be a unit with like, one dude left. Which is not really going to happen.

Is he drunk or is he sober?

He does his job, regardless. (Second archer unit never used Barrage at all. If I didn't know better, I'd say they were trying to lose.)

Last mook down.

Which means Roy can just waltz up and do his thing.

Now, you may have noticed how I left Zahak and Alenia alive.

Your Highness, Roy, Kyle! Let's do it now!

Beating them is possible (and not even too hard since they have no skills) but they'll just sit there until you get right in their faces and it doesn't get you anything even if you do beat them.

What?! Their main force is charging forward?!

I would have taken the time to do it anyway, except we're about to kick their behinds up close and personal, so I didn't care.

Don't let them through! Protect Her Majesty at all costs!

Leaving the knights alive doesn't even affect the V+. Easy peasy.

Time to charge blindly in! This music plays through all these scenes.

...You have the Prince's face, but that's where the resemblance ends, sadly. Try acting a bit more regal.

Shaddup! I'm tryin' my best!

The enemy is approaching!

Throw down your weapons!

HELLO ALENIA ready for round two? I won't even cheese you with Circle Formation this time!

Silence! Thou shouldst throweth down THINE weapons! Thou darest to call thineself a Queen's Knight?!

Roy is definitely trying his best.

Traitorous wench! Thou stabbethed yon royal family in yon back and sold out to yon wretched nobility! Remove thyself from mine path, wench! I, valiant Prince Frey, shall heroically rescue mine beloved sister!

You'll do nothing of the sort, rebel scum! This time, I shall not fail! Every single one of your forces shall pay for my humiliation at Doraat!
...And who better to start with than the Prince himself?!

Alenia falls for it

And man, I had this great party setup to deal with her and then...

...Belcoot decided to Falcon crit her and ended the battle in one move.

A bit strange that it's just her mooks on the ground after it ends.

You need not worry about the Dawn Rune. What have YOU done with the Twilight Rune? I'd been looking forward to retrieving it from its... unworthy owner.

Shut up!

She and Roy run at each other as the screen fades...

...and we cut to our next target for the day.

Soldier: Sir Zahak! What's the matter?

Get back! Hurry!

Soldier: Huh?!

No, that's just a decoy. I bet they have the real rebel leader after Her Majesty as we speak. Damn!

???: Wow, not gettin' anything by you, is there?

Kyle... Get out of my way! As a Queen's Knight, it is my sworn duty to protect Her Majesty.

Heh! Coulda fooled me!
You're not interested in protecting the Princess! You're only interested in kissing the nobles' asses!
You're no Queen's Knight! You're a sellout!

It is you who sold yourself out, Kyle. What right do you have to speak about being a Queen's Knight?

What right do I have? Good question! I'll tell you!
I joined the Queen's Knights out of my love for Queen Arshtat, His Majesty Ferid, Lady Sialeeds, and the Prince. And I'm not going to let you -- or anyone else -- get away with stabbing them in the back!

Time to pay for what you did!

Kyle is actually pretty cool when he's being serious.

This battle took longer since this party spreads the damage out a lot more. I figured I might as well show off some pyrotechnics.

Scorched Earth

...except the damage is kinda pathetic, and this is with Magical Runes and S ranks in the component elements. Viki's Final Flame alone hits generic mooks for nearly 2000 damage. Stack Earthquake (base 800 dmg) on top of that and, well. (Also it'd only need a third level spell from Levi, not a fourth level one.)

Still, Zahak doesn't last much longer.

You dare mock your elders, Kyle? ...I'm not through with you yet.

I'll fight you all day, you grumpy old man!

The two clash again... we cut to the Prince's party.

The Princess' main base of operations is right over there. Let's hurry!


Lady Sialeeds, let's go!

Oh, yeah. Right...

Everyone runs north.

THERE! That's where the Princess is!

Wait! Who's... that?!

He is the last of the knights.

We'll have to go through him.

I knew you wouldn't pass up the chance to rescue your sister. I have much respect for your bravery.
...However! I shall not let you pass! As a Queen's Knight, I am bound by the orders of His Commandership Gizel. I shall faithfully fulfill that duty! I must protect the Queen!

I don't have time for games.


Such spirit! Such resolve! Let us see how deep they go!
En garde!

It is not a battle we want to fight, but one we must. (music)

Between Frey and his bodyguards, Galleon does not get a turn. This is the only proper battle here; we must also defeat his underlings. But with the entire family beating on them, they soon fall.

(no music)

Galleon, please! Let us by now! We don't want to kill you!

No! I have... sworn loyalty... to Her Majesty... Queen Lymsleia... and His... Majesty Commander... Gizel... I shall... obey my orders... to my very last... breath.

???: That's enough, Galleon!

That voice!

It's the Princess!

Stand down, now!

But, Your Majesty, I--

You dare defy me? Who has more authority? The Commander of the Queen's Knights, or the almighty Queen herself?!

But, Your Majesty...
...As you wish, Your Majesty. I have sworn loyalty to your cause. I shall do as you command.

Very well, Galleon. I'm pleased that you've done as I commanded.
...Now, then. On to more important matters!


And Miakis... it hasn't been that long since I last saw you, but it feels like forever!

*sniffle* *whimper* Oh, Princess, I've missed you so much!

...Uh, why, why, you fool! The almighty Queen forbids you to cry!

*sobbing* I'm... sorry...

If you don't stop... you'll make me cry, too! Oh, I knew you'd come! I knew it! I love you all so much!

Watch this


(no music)



Please take a look at Lyon's wounds, quickly!

B-But, Your Highness, I...

Galleon, NOW!

Yes, Your Highness!

This wasn't part of the plan, Dolph.

That doesn't justify your actions...

I'm sorry, Lym. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you back.
Back to Sol-Falena.


You've GOT to be joking!

Don't move!