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Part 1: Chapter One: A Meeting with the Emperor

Chapter One: A Meeting with the Emperor

This is our hero. His name is Tir, despite what looks like an opportunity to give him a name.

Tir shows his approval with a hearty thumbs up.

: Just be the way you always are. The Emperor is stern, but there's nothing to be afraid of.

I'd be pretty nervous to be meeting the Emperor. He's right though, there's nothing to be scared of. It's not like  he turns into some kind of crazy dragon or anything. 

A maid walks over and tells us the Emperor is ready to receive us. What has he been doing this whole time? Why, inspecting his flawlessly polished floor, no doubt.

Also, if it wasn't clear, Teo is Tir's father. Also featured is just a tiny example of how the floors can be used as mirrors.

: Much as they were when we fought together in the War of Succession, Your Highness.
: Impressive words. Do you not agree, Windy?

Impressive words, says the man with the impressive moustache. Though, I'm not really certain which words were impressive.

: Indeed, they are the words of a great general.
: Teo, I am sure you are aware of the troubling activity in the north. Would you be willing to travel there to protect the border?

Not just a great general. One of the Five Great Generals.

Minister is clearly not important enough for a portrait. He also never specifies what they can rest assured of.

: My beloved sword Prakk has brought me luck on countless occasions. I would like you to have it. Take it with you.

Teo gets pretty great perks. Travel, legendary weapons, five-star accomodations, and a perfectly loyal family.

: So, you're Teo's boy Tir. Quite an impressive countenance. Listen, Tir. Would you be willing to give the Empire a hand while your father is protecting the northern border?

If you're a good child, it might go something like this...

: You already resemble your father. I shall look forward to seeing you grow into manhood.

However, if you're a rebel ( ), it might go more like this...

: Ha, Ha! Like father, like son. Listen, Tir. Someday, you will follow the path of your own choosing. But for now, you have a great deal to learn from me. Plenty of time for freedom later.

and it ends like this, either way.

Windy seems a little but I don't mind.

: We had better be going, Your Highness.
: I'm relying on you, Teo. And Tir, I hope your efforts will surpass your father's.

Awww Daaaaad.

plus a side dish of . Barbarosa's moving in on my territory. <>

Another impressive moustache.  Another Great General that there is no chance of seeing again. 

You know, instead of doing that, I'm going to see what's going on in the other room.

It's just armor.

Awesome! I'm totally rich now!

I think they've got a serious obsession with shiny things in this Empire.

: What's your name? Tir? I couldn't care less if you're the son of a great general. You'll get no special treatment here, understand? Now go on home. Work begins tomorrow. Report here first thing in the morning.

Well, Kraze seems like a charming fellow.  There's absolutely no chance of him being my enemy. 

Teo comes up with an to save the day. Nothing much happens, we cross a bridge of silence (no music at all for just a single screen), and then we're home.

: I was soooo worried. But I guess everything went fine.

This is Gremio. He's my, uh, manservant.

: Oh! Master Teo... I didn't notice you at all.
: Didn't notice me? Good grief. The only one you seem to care about is Tir.

Gremio only has eyes for me. ( )

: Sorry, Master Teo. By the way, Young Master, Ted is here to congratulate you. Oh my god! The stew! The stew!

Ted can wait a little bit longer, I'm going to show you all the other people in the house.

: Yikes! What the... oh, it's you Young Master. Home already? I was waiting for supper and fell asleep. By the way, how was your audience with the Emperor?

As you can see, this is Pahn. He's pretty awesome, and very . (Not pictured is be being a jerk to Gremio and messing up his precious stew.)

: Oh well, you can be forgiven if it's my room, I suppose. So how was your audience with the Emperor?

This is Cleo. It's okay if I just barge into her room without knocking.

: Let's go up to your room, OK? Tell me all about the Emperor, right now!

This is Ted. He's kind of bossy, isn't he? Well, I'll show him nobody controls me.

(Since money is never going to be a problem due to the various mini-games and abusing them, I'm going to get a rune that boosts experience.) It sure is a nice day outside, let's go out and enjoy the sunshine.

Well, that didn't go nearly as planned. (Random battles aren't nearly as random as you might think. Once you step into an area with monsters, the very first fight you get will be the one you ALWAYS get, no matter how many times you reload state.)

Much better. Also, stick fighting is pretty . (However, once you go into a different area, and waste some time, the "random" first fight changes.)

It dawns on me that perhaps some armor would help me enjoy this completely innocent trip to nowhere in particular.

(The equipment screens and inventory are interesting. They were completely different than any game I'd played before. Armor actually takes up space in your inventory, and each character has their own private, limited inventory. Also, you equip "Not" to unequip something.) After buying an awesome Bandanna, which is totally not similar to a headband at all, I decided to see what else they had in stock.

Holy crap, look at the price of those boots! Well, there's only one thing to do now...