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Original Thread: 108 Stars of Destiny? Must be Suikoden.



Welcome to Let's Play Suikoden! Suikoden is a Japanese RPG, released in the US in 1996 on the Playstation. There's quite a few differences between this game and other RPGs released in its time. I'll cover these in more detail as we see them. The back of the case gives us a brief glimpse at a few of the innovations that made Suikoden different than its peers:
I've been playing this game since its release, and have beaten it quite a few times. The game doesn't get old, there's a vast number of character combinations that I've yet to try, and this is where the readers come in.

I want you, the goons, to tell me who to use in my party, to name my castle, and to name my army. If you're artistically inclined, I would certainly love to see and post your fan art. I'm going to do my best to provide daily updates, except for updates requiring votes to be taken. With all of that said, let's get started.

Also, if any of you out there are masterful with creating .gif files, I'd like to provide animated goodness of some of the special attacks and other cool scenes.

Posted by: Wugga

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