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Part 37: Chapter Thirty-Six: Surprise Attack

Chapter Thirty-Six: Surprise Attack

Once I got back to Odessa Castle, I took Mathiu's suggestion and headed to bed.

: Commander Tir, it appears that a spy has infiltrated the Liberation Army. While you were away, I sent Kasumi and Krin on a reconnaissance mission into Imperial territory. According to their report, it appears that there is an intelligence leak somewhere in our army. So if you permit, Commander Tir, I'd like to oversee the military training maneuvers tomorrow.

(First Choice and loop)

: I have a plan. I beg you, Commander. (No.) Do you not trust me? (No.) Tomorrow's operation must be kept a secret. Please let me take care of it.(Loop.)

(Second Choice)

: Thank you, sir. You must be tired, Commander Tir. I will leave you now. Commander Tir, the coming battles will become increasingly fierce. I am prepared to do anything to win, no matter what the sacrifice may be.

The next morning...

Let's Go!

: What?! So suddenly?

: I thought this was just a drill.

: The Imperial Army will think so too. We mustn't miss this opportunity. We will attack the north immediately.

: A surprise attack.

: No wonder there was so much equipment for a drill.

: We will now head north, Commander Tir. Please confirm.


: Huh? Yes, I know, I know. They're out training today.

: They're suddenly attacking us.

: Yes, I know, I know..........! Do you mean to say that our spay was mistaken? My god, what shall I do? How far have the Liberation Army advanced?

: They're right in front of our eyes!

: Hmmm, this is a serious problem. ALl right, you go report to General Kasim while I try to stall them.

(There will be no video for this battle, you'll see why.)


(You may notice that Griffith is indeed correct. Sorely outnumbered )

Did he really tihnk that would work?

(Seriously, that was a horrible plan.) I'll show you what we do to liars!

(That was probably one of the most hilarious moments of the game. Wiping out their entire army with just one move. )

(Rather than risk missing the star, just know that you can't actually decapitate him. The game pretty much goes on the same, but I'm not certain he joins you afterwards.)

: Join you? And betray the Imperial Army? Promise me one thing. Will you spare my troops?

: Of course. I guarantee their lives.

: Then I'll agree to your proposition. Whether I'm fighting for the Imperials or the Liberation Army, it makes no difference to me, as long as I can eat.

: M-Master G-Griffith, we will follow you.

: What wonderful men you are! Thank you, everybody.

: Sir Lepant, I'll give you a battalion to attack the Fortress of Duha.

: I understand.

: Sir Humphrey, I'll assign another battalion to you. Take the Fortress of Rakan.

: Uh huh.

: As protector of the north, Kasim Hazil will be forced to send reinforcements to the respective fortresses. Meanwhile, we will sneak into Moravia Castle and rescue Warrne and Viktor. This Mission will be carried out by yours truly, Commander Tir, Kasumi, Krin, Griffith, and three others.

: I don't mind being a decoy, but what if the reinforcements attack us? We'll have no chance of winning.

: If the Imperial troops arrive, retreat immediately.

: Then we won't have time to sneak into Moravia Castle.

: Don't worry. We too have asked for support.

: Support? The Dragon Knights?

: No, but they're still a dependable force. Those are the details of our plan. Please take action immediately. Commander Tir, please select the party that will break into Morvia Castle.

( Voting Time! )

Unite Attacks

(Three Characters. Also, Updates are probably going to be twice a week now, but there's not that much to go. As for the Character count, we're over 100, but technically some of them aren't joined yet.  Like Taggart, who is technically recruited, but isn't with us yet. We're missing 9: Kasim, Warren, Viktor, Griffith, Sonya, Max, Sancho, Vincent, and Taggart. Since Taggart and Viktor will automatically be recruited, we're at 101 stars.   )