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Part 16: Chapter Sixteen: Elves

Chapter Sixteen: Elves

It was good to see Pahn again, so I had him come along to fill him on on all that he'd missed. Well, let's see what these tricksters can do..

That was terrible! Let's see what their Trick Attack does...

Less terrible, but still nowhere near what Kai and I can do. Meg throws her dagger, and Juppo throws a ninja-star-looking thing. Not sure how that relates to them being tricksters. Oh well. We made our way to the Forest Village.

: My god! You! Hey everybody, it's true! There's an elf here!

My god! Elves in a forest! Alert the media!

: Better not cause a ruckus. There's a secret elfin trail up ahead. Let's hurry.

We followed the path into the forest.

(This is only partially true. You basically just scroll off of the right side of the screen, and arrive back on the left side if you try this before getting Kirkis.)

It wasn't long before we ran into new enemies.

Fairy LARPers and Kobolds! I'll show them what happens to those get in my way and have experience points.

As we crossed a log bridge, I heard a very famliar noise behind me. Teleportation magic.

: Say, where are we? The Empire? Which one? My goodness, almost the other side. My name's Viki. I'm a poor soul with nowhere to go. Won't you protect me? (Recruit) Oh, thank you! What? The Liberation Army? You have a castle? Wow! Where is it? That's pretty close... All right then! Let's go!

More (Not Pictured: Escape Talisman, Needle, Water rune piece, and Fortune rune piece.)

After a good bit of walking, we arrived at a clearing. It was strange, there were houses, but no people.

: What's wrong?

: This is the Kobold Village, but all the kobolds are gone.

Probably because we killed them all on the way here. Suddenly, another Kobold approached us.

: Grrrr, not forgive, sniff sniff. But no time now. Kuromimi fix everyone sickness.

Aww, he's taking care of his sick friends.

: He's saying his friends were taken away and everyone is sick.

Good job, Detective.

: Something happened here. Let's hurry to our village. Maybe they know something there. The Village of Elves is east of here.

And east we went, until we arrived at a tree whose size was beyond comprehension.

Seriously. Huge tree. We climbed the ladder, entering the Village of Elves. There was some commotion ahead of us.

: Listen? Listen, you say? I didn't know that you humans could talk. So what do you have to say? Have you thought of a good way of exterminating us? With your tiny minds?

Elves are dicks, apparently.

: That's right. Kwanda is planning something truly frightening. Not only is he going to wipe you out, he's planning to burn down this entire forest, this forest that also happens to be my home.

: You humans are too stupid to realize such a task. Hey, lock this one up.

Elves! We followed them into the Village Leader's home.

: I didn't mean to leave you alone.

: How terrible, going off alone. You should have taken me with you. Was it fun outside?

: No, I mean, I didn't go out to play, you know. I didn't take you because I didn't want you in danger.

: Of course.

: Kirkis, why did you leave without my permission? What did you do out there?

: There are humans who are fighting the Empire too. I left to get help from the Liberation Army, as they call themselves, to protect the Village of the Elves.

Yeah, we're the Liberation Army, no big deal.

Protect this village? What are you talking about? We don't need human help to protect ourselves. It's true that at one point, Kwanda's men had the upper hand. But they're humans, after all. They've been behaving themselves recently.

: But...

Shut up, Kirkis. You left the village without permission, and dared return with filthy humans. Lock them all up.

: Yes, sir.

: What? Why? Why? Grandpa, why are you arresting Kirkis?

ELVES! We were thrown in a cell with the woman from earlier, and another elf. I went to go talk to the elf, and he ran laps around the room with blinding speed.

: Hey, don't you remember me? Stallion, the fastest pair of feet in the village. Didn't you know? You should've seen how fast I ran when Kwanda attacked. Ha ha ha!

+ = What a jackass. Maybe the woman had something interesting to say.

: Who the hell are you? Liberation Army? Come to help the elves? I guess we're all fools here.

: That's an Imperial uniform.

Nothing gets past Eagle Eye Gremio.

: Yep. I was a fool too. I risked my life to betray the Empire, and look at me now. How stubborn these elves are! They refuse to believe what I know.

: So what is it you know?

: Oh, that. The man in charge of this region is the Great General Kwanda Rosman. He has commissioned a horrible weapon to exterminate the rebellious elves.

Why would he want to do such a thing? Oh, that's right. Elves!

: Horrible weapon? What is it?

: I'm not sure, but it's called the Burning Mirror. They say it can burn down an entire forest in an instant. Not only the elves, but the village where I was born. That's why I came. I wanted to warn the elves of this danger, so they could prevent the Burning Mirror's completion.

: And before you knew it, you were in this prison.

Well, we weren't going to get anything done sitting in this cell. As I tried to force open the door, I could hear footsteps descending the stairs in front of me.

: Who is it?

: Grandpa said I shouldn't come here, but I have to ask...

: Ask what?

: Tell me, Kirkis, why are you so hung up on humans? Humans act big, yet they're dead after only 50 years or so. Why bother with such lowly creatures?

: Dead after only 50 years or so? What an awful thing to say.

: Listen to me, Sylvina. It's true that humans dislike elves and dwarves. We look down on humans. The dwarves detest us. Isn't it sad? After all, what's the difference between us? Why can't we get along? I just don't understand it. It's very sad.


: Kirkis... I'm sorry, Kirkis. I don't understand what you're saying. I just can't. I just can't trust humans, and dwarves scare me. But...but... I'll believe you. I'll believe whatever you believe. I'll do my best to believe.

: Sylvina...

: Here's the key to this cell. Do you think I'll end up in here for doing this?

She was letting us go? That's nic-

Damn you, Stallion.

: In-incredible!

: Kirkis, you run too. You can't run that fast, of course...

: No, I can't run away. I have to do something about that Burning Mirror that Valeria was talking about.

: What can you do?

: I have an idea. Master Tir, northeast of this village is the Village of the Dwarves. They must know something. Let's get their help.

(Second Choice)

: Young Master, we don't have the time. The Burning Mirror is being built at this very moment. We must hurry.

(First Choice)

: Me too. If we don't hurry, there'll be a disaster. We must prevent the Burning Mirror from being completed.

(End Result)

: Kirkis! Are you going to dwarf country?! They say dwarves eat elves.

: That's just a nasty rumor. We should get rid of prejudices like that. Let's go, Master Tir.

We finally made our way out of the Village of the Elves, when Valeria caught up with us.

(She joins us, and we have to kick someone out. Who is it gonna be?)

: Kirkis...

: Do you want to come along, Sylvina? This time you're welcome to join us.

No, she isn't.

: ......... I'll stay. I'll wait for you to come back. So, promise me you'll return. Promise?

: I promise I'll be back. I'll never make you feel sad again.

: It's a promise.

We set out, for the Village of the Dwarves.