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Part 17: Chapter Seventeen: Dwarves

Chapter Seventeen: Dwarves

As we set out to the Village of the Dwarves, we were attacked by Kobolds! Let's show them what we think of interfering monsters! Valeria, show them the power of your Falcon Rune!

(3x Damage with no Unbalanced status. )

It wasn't long before we reached the Dwarven Path, and were attacked by horrible Eaglemen.

I let Pahn and Gremio take care of them with their Talisman Attack.

(Not Pictured: Sacrifical Buddha, Killer crystal, Guard Robe, Medicine, and a Fortune rune piece)

We continued up the trail until it became a mountain pass. The view was absolutely breathtaking.

We continued making our way through the twists and turns of the mountain pass until we ran into the kobold that had spoken to use earlier.

: That kobold...

: You! I don't forgive...grrrr. But Kuromimi busy now.

Awww... Once we arrived at the Dwarven village, I set about taking care of all of my purchasing needs. I got our posessions identified, and found we had...

Wonderful. It doesn't even sell for anything, so I might as well keep it. We headed over to the Blacksmith's next.

: I'll help you out. Put me in charge of your weapons. (Recruit) All right. I'll go tell the Chief of the Dwarves that I'll be gone for awhile. After that, we'll go to Odessa Castle.

After taking care of that business, we headed to see the Chief of the Dwarves.

: Chief of the Dwarves, we come to ask you for a favor.

: A proud elf asking a lowly dwarf for a favor?

: Chief, have you ever heard of a Burning Mirror?

: Of course I have. It's one of our treasures.

: Kwanda Rosman has gotten hold of the blueprint, and is planning to burndown the forest.

: Ho ho! Tat's very funny. I hope all the elves are killed. Ho ho!

He seemes a little too jovial about all of this. I mean, I don't like the elves either, but still...

: What a thing to say!

: Besides, do you expect me to believe that one of you sluggish humans really succeeded in stealing a blueprint from us?

: It's true. A fellow named Kage stole the blueprint.

! That from the Fire Spear mission! How could he do this?

: Ho ho! You'll have to prove such human competence. You're saying a human can break into our vault? Try it, then.

(Second Choice)

: Ho ho, you're smart. You'll never succeed anyway.

I'll show him we can break into his vault.

: Ho ho, what's the matter? Up for a challenge?

(First Choice)

: Ho ho, what fun! Then try to steal the Running Water Root from our vault. If you can do that, I'll believe your story. Our vault is due north of this village. It wasway too big to build here, ho ho.

Yeah right. Sounds like he's just compensating.

Well, I'll be damned. They built a giant vault, complete with giant vault door, into the side of a mountain. I wonder how dwarves, being so short, reach the giant handle.

Well, only one way to go at this point. Let's see how difficult this vault is to bypass.

I love puzzles!

That was hardly a puzzle.

(Not Pictured: Medicine, Magic Robe, Blue Ribbon, Thunder rune piece, Pointed hat, Money, Mega Medicine, Escape Talisman, and Defense rune piece)

So far, nothing really difficult about this vault.

These look really familiar. I bet the same tactics work.


Oooh, now this looks a little more interesting.


Oh god, I'm lost! Send help! Oh, wait, there's the exit up there. Let's see what's in this next room.

Moving platforms? Should be a breeze.

Yep. What's in the next room?

Not another hallway maze! After we navigated the second hallway maze, we encountered another puzzle.

The buttons made tones when stepped on, and we had to match the tone pattern of what was written on the stone. Dwarven security. We went on through the vault, encountering no more silly puzzles or traps until...

Oh! He must be some sort of guard! Let's show him the power of the Liberation Army!

This was super easy!

(That was seriously his only attack worth mentioning. This boss was a joke.)

Valeria delivered the final blow, and we entered the last chamber of the vault.

We made our way back through the defeated vault, slaughtering every guard and robot that tried to stop us. Once back at the Village of the Dwarves...

: As you said, the Burning Mirror is a terrible weapon. But it can be blown to pieces using another of our treasures, the Firewind Cannon. I'll have one built for you right away.

: We are grateful, Chief.

: Master Tir, let's return to the village and deliver the news. The Chief of the Elves should believe us now.

We left the Village of the Dwarves, and headed back to the Village of the Elves.

What? Kirkis? ( Translation fun.)

: W-what's that?

: I don't know.

: That direction is...

: It couldn't be...

: Too late!

Oh god! We ran back to the Village as quickly as we could!

(Music for this scene)

: This is awful.

: How horrible.

: Our efforts were...

: That's right. In vain. All of our efforts were in vain. But why? Why? Please tell me, Master Tir. What good were our efforts? Why did this happen? We did our best! I was insulted and abused, but I fought on. And yet...yet...

: Kirkis...

: Nothing... nothing remains! Everything I tried to protect.

: Poor Sylvina. Now this ring has no hand to adorn. It's useless now.

Oh god, he was going to propose.

: There's nothing...

: Kirkis, this ring is your hope. And you must never give up hope. With just a little bit of hoe, you can survive, liv on. And that goes for humans as well as elves.

: Gremio...

: Young Master, let's return to the castle. We must never let this tragedy repeat itself. Let's defeat Kwanda Rosman's army, and destroy the Burning Mirror. That is our only deliverance.

: .......... Let's go. For the sake of Sylvina.

We left, but I felt as if I was forgetting something.

: Say, who are you? Liberation Army? I see. I just heard that the Ancient Castle of Toran was taken over by the Liberation Army. Won't you let me join you? I'm an expert mapmaker. Of course, you'll have to let me map the Castle of Toran. (Recruit) OK, OK. I'll head for OdessaCastle as soon as I've finished surverying this area.

: Oh yeah! Let me give you this. This map is really helpful. Don't lose it!

(Also, he really does say OdessaCastle. That's not my typo.)

We had a map now, and it seemed as if the flashing dots on the map were towns. We set back on our way to Odessa Castle.

Aww! It's him again. What's he talking about this time?


: There's a price on your head. Better turn yourself in.

: Young Master, we're surrounded. This is a bit dangerous.

: What are you talking about? This is extremely dangerous.

: Hey, you there. If I turn myself in, will you promise not to hurt the others?

: Ha ha! A deal, eh? All right. I swear to god I won't hurt them.

: V-Valeria, by law traitors are put to death.

: I know.

: Then...

: The Burning Mirror must be destroyed. That can't be done if we all die here. The Liberation Army can't afford to lose its leader. A leader must stay alive. That's why...

(Second Choice)

: No big deal. But I hope you'll rescue me before I get my head cut off.

(First Choice)

: Come now, Tir, you mustn't lose sight of your bigger goals.

(End Result)

Falcon Rune, Nooooo!!

: That's a good girl. Behave yourself. Men, kill the elf, kobold, and the rest of the traitors.

: What? You just swore to god.

: God? There is no god in these modern times.

: Whoooaaa! Here they come!

: Kuromimi fight. No can die now.


(Battle Music)

( And again, they put the S-range fighter IN THE BACK )

: We're losing...

: Is this it?

: You all weak. Kuromimi no give up.

: Big talk, eh? Get them, men!

I bet you will. Wait..

: W-what's going on?

: Sir, some fellows calling themselves the Liberation Army arrived.

: What? Retreat! Get out of here!

: Somebody warned me about the Burning Mirror.

: Sylvina... how? Why?

: It was incredible. There was a flash, and Stallion charged forward at an unbelievable speed.

: I wish you could have seen how fast I can run.

: Hey, don't you want to hear about my speed?

No thanks.

: Yes, the ring. Now I understand that hope should never be abandoned.

Wait, weren't you the one suggesting that he keep hope alive?

: Gremio...

: What is it? A ring? What is it, Kirkis?

: This? I, when everything is over...

: After Commander Tir left the castle, Humphrey and Sanchez arrived with survivors of the old Liberation Army. We now have the manpower to Fight Kwanda Rosman's army. Commander Tir, please give us the signal to move forward.

(Second Choice)

: Commander Tir, war is timing. And now is the time.

(First Choice and End Result... Next time!)