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Part 18: Chapter Eighteen: Kwanda Rosman

Chapter Eighteen: Kwanda Rosman

We waged war against Kwanda Rosman!

We stormed Kwanda's Castle, Pannu Yakuta. We had him cornered.

: What? All troops retreat! No, forget that. Disperse! Keep casualties to a minimum!


: Traitors to the Empire, this is the price you pay! Take that!

No! I can't see! Everything's gone white!

We're not dead?

: See the power of our Firewind Cannon!

: Chief of the Dwarves!

: Looks like we got here in time, young elf.

: All right, let's go into the castle and take Kwanda Rosman's head. Come on, Tir.

: I'm going too, Young Master.

: Please, Master Tir, take me too.

: I'll go too.

: All right. Who else is coming?

: Kuromimi go too. Save friends. Kuromim go.

: Let's go!

( Stop doing this to me!)

We stormed Kwanda's Castle, and it was (not) surprisingly filled with monsters.

(Not Pictured: Mangosh, Medicine, Gale crystal, and Old Book Vol. 1)

(Whoops! Blooper time! Back before one of the character votes, I stripped everybody down to recycle gear as to not make redundant purchases. Good move, me!)

(Since Viktor's front line, and Kirkis is not, guess who inherited his gear? )

I brushed up on my Dictator Speech skills. You never know when that will come in handy. We entered the upper levels of Kwanda's Castle, entering a large, empty room. Well, mostly empty.

You don't belong in this world!

We charged up to the roof, it was time to put an end to this.

: Teo's boy a rebel leader, eh? Don't expect me to pull punches. They once called me Kwanda the Insurmountable, and I shall again become the wall that protects Emperor Barbarosa. So come, liberators. See my strength. See the power of the Black Rune that Lady Windy has given me!

Mano-a-mano with Kwanda

: You mess everyone up. You fix them.

: Kobold? Why ar you still sane? The Black Rune... Ahhhh! My arm! Ahhhhhhhh!

: What's going on?

: I'm not sure. Something to do with a Black Rune, I think he said.

Welp, we're done. Let's go home.

: What...happened?

Holy crap, he's still alive!

: Prepare to die!

: Time for revenge!

: Elf... kobold... I see. Do what you must. You have the right, I believe.

: Wait a minute, something's wrong.

: Are you Commander Tir of the Liberation Army? Please go ahead and take my head. I'll die like a soldier.

(I hope this next part isn't too confusing )

(First Choice)

: Emperor Barbarosa, I'm sorry I could no protect you until the end. I enjoyed the 10 years I fought with you. Farewell, Emperor.

: Prepare yourself!

(Fade to black, Kwanda's dead)

: So this is the end of my war.


: I give him te Black Rune yet he falls. What a useles fellow.

: Who you? Fix everyone.

: A kobold? I see, Kwanda's Black Rue melted, and you've bcome free of your curse. Tir, don't think you can get away with your antics forever. My beloved Barbarosa will destroy you. Well, I must be on my way. See you, Tir.

(Second Choice)

: What are you waiting for? Lop off his head. I'm impatient.

( Is he referring to himself in the... third person via pronouns?)

: Why did you suddenly...

: That's right. You're not the same person you were a moment ago.

(And when did Kuromimi learn to speak proper English?)

: It's this. The burnt rune.

: Rune?

: This was the Black Rune. It was given to me by Lady Windy. It gave me power over monsters. But it also began to affect my willpower. DOes the Emperor know? But whatever I say now is irrelevan. After what I have done, my only remaining fate is to die like a soldier.

(Sub-choice 1)

: Thank you, Commander Tir. Teo should be proud of his son.

: Prepare to die!

(Fade to black, Kwanda's dead)

(Sub-choice 2)

: Me? Join you? Ha ha ha! Me join the Liberation Army? I served Emperor Barbarosa for 10 years, and you ask me to be a traitor?

: That's right. The Emperor is a different man from the one you knew 7 years ago.

: .......... Perhaps the Emperor I knew and trusted disappeared years ago. Commander Tir,let me join your army. My loyalty for Emperor Barbarosa remains firm. But I cannot serve the present Emperor, whoever he may be.

(All roads lead to this.)

: Oh, Mommy!

: Kuromimi...

: Brother!


: It looks like their spell is broken.

: Thank you, Master Tir.

: What will you do now?

: The village is gone. And perhaps my war is not over yet. At least not until your war is over, Master Tir. Please let me join the Liberation Army.

: Me too!

: N-not Sylvina. It could be dangerous.

Agreed. Not Sylvina.

: No. I'm staying with you forever, Kirkis.

: I'll join too.

I heard you the first time!

: ..........

: Kuromimi fight. Everybody fix, but country still sickness.

: I, too, have no place to return to. To prevent this tragedy from repeating itself, let me fight too.

: Commander Tir, this battle has made you a man. So many people are willing to join you. Now let's get back to Odessa Castle.

Hold on, I've got stuff to do.

: I understand. We'll go on ahead.

I made my way back to the Kobold Village.

: Well, if it isn't Gon! Kuromimi is fine. Working hard in the Liberation Army.

: You're looking great, Big Brother! I want to be like you.

(Recruit )

: Gon, I have good news. Master Tir says you're welcome to join the Liberation Army.

: Hooray!

: When I swing my axe the very earth shivers, and when I shout, Lake Toran turns upside down.


: The Liberation Army? Only if you agreed to feed me.

: Are you going to pay me 10,000 bits for the food he's eaten?

10,000 bits for a man who wears a tiger's face? Sold!

: Ha ha! You're a generous one. Don't worry, I'll work plenty for my meals.

: Huh? Oh, it's Kirkis! What are you doing with humans?

: I'm in the Liberation Army now. But not to avenge myself for having my village taken away. There are many, both humans and elves, suffering because of the Imperial Army. I want to help them.

: I couldn't care less. Be on your way. What do you know, anyway. You're just a little runt.



: Let me see. Hmmm... All right. You look pretty tough. I'll join.