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Part 19: Chapter Nineteen: Three Months Later

Chapter Nineteen: Three Months Later

: After our hideout was attacked, I managed to round up the scattered remnants of the army, and we finally found our way here, to this mystery! What the hell's going on?! ( ) Hey, you... you're Tir, right? Where's Odessa? Why doesn't she greet us?

: Because...

: You're Flik, right?

: I'm Mathiu Silverberg, Odessa's brother. I'm not the Liberation Army's Chief Military Strategist.

: Odessa's brother... So where is she? She's here, isn't she?

: She's dead.

What the hell, Mathiu?

: Mathiu!

:..........! ( much?)

: W-What do you...mean? I heard she was missing.

: Commander Tir, may I tell him?

No point in asking NOW, is there? Ass.

(First Choice)

: Odessa made her last request to keep the Liberation Army from falling apart. But now that it has been rebuilt, it's time to tell the truth.

: What are you hiding from me? WHat do you mean, Odessa is dead? Answer me, Tir!

: We can't keep this a secret forever. Many are already suspicious.

(Second Choice and End Result)

: Odessa was killed when the hideout at Lenankamp was attacked.

: What! Viktor, what happened?! You were protecting her!

: Forgive me, Flik. Forgive me...

: Odessa was thinking of the future of the Liberation Army right until her last breath.

: I see. And I suppose Tir took over the leadership.

: Correct.

: You must be kidding! Humphrey! Sanchez! Are you going to let them get away with this? How can this kid follow after Odessa.

Pretty amazingly so far, I think.

: ................... We need a leader. And Tir is doing well.

He DOES speak!

: Flik, please calm down. DIdn't you come here for a reason?

: Yeah, for a reason. To be shared with Odessa, not you, tir! Humphrey, Sanchez, I'll be staying at the inn in Kaku. If you change your minds, come and join me. You guys don't want to be with these scum, do you?

Man, why don't you throw a bigger fit, Flik? I hope he plans on swimming to Kaku, no ers allowed on my boat.

: He's not usually like that.

: I must have a good long talk with Flik. AFter all, he was Vice-Commander of the Liberation Army.

Now he's just the Commander of the Brigade of Kaku.

: You're right. We need all the help we can get.

Viktor and I set out for Kaku, to find Flik.

: Sorry, Flik. Because I was careless, Odessa...

: It's not your fault, is it? Odessa use to say to me, "You should be more aware of your position as a leader." Those words are coming back to haunt me. Maybe she knew that her death was imminent. But I was unworthy of her expectations.

: Flik...

: I was so enraged at her death that I completely forgot what I came here for. No wonder she gave up on me........... Tir, I can't accept you as a leader yet. But this is no time for bickering. So I have a request. Will you join forces with me?

(First Choice and loop)

: W-what? ......... I will ask you again. Please. Will you jon forces with me? (No, I don't need a single man in blue to "join forces" with me.) We have no time to argue. Soon the comrades I left behind will be massacred. Please fight alongside me. (No.)

: Come on, Tir. This is no timefor joking around Let's join forces. (loop)

(Second Choice)

: Good. I'm grateful. Now we ca save our comrades. Well then, I'l assemble my men and we'll take them to the castle in the lake.

: Tir, we should be getting back to the castle too.

: After the hideout at Lenankamp was attacked, I escaped toward Milich's domain in the west.

: Milich... You mean Milich Oppenheimer, of the Five Great Imperial Generals.

: Right. I was out there rounding up the former soldiers of the Liberation Army who were scattered all over the place. Suddenly there was a crackdown on the rebel factions, and many of our comrades were captured. That was when I heard about a revived Liberation Army and came here. We must unite our forces to liberate Milich's domain.

: I agree. Combined with the men that Flik has brought our forces should be strong enough to break through the entrance to the west, the Fortress of Garan. Commander Tir, what do you think?

: Yes sir! Right away.

To War!

: Perhaps we should send a reconnaissance team after all.

: OK, I'm coming along, Tir.

: I'll go too. I haven't accepted you as Commander yet. I'll come along and see what kind of a leader you are.

: Young Master, I'm going too, of course.

: Gremio... you stay.

: What are you saying, Viktor? Who's going to protect the Young Master if I don't.

: Don't you understand, Gremio? Tir is no longer a child. He's the proud leader of the Liberation Army. Not a kid who needs your protection.

: B-but that's no reason why I shouldn't come along.

: After leaving my village behind, I traveled all over the place. I met all kinds of people, and experienced many things. That's why I sometimes have hunches. Gremio, stay here.

: You must be joking. Young Master, you don't plan on leaving me behind, do you?

(First Choice and loop)

: Young Master, You too? Such a bad joke. (Stay.) I swore to Master Teo tha I would protect you through thick and thin. Please, Young Master. Take me with you. I swear on my life to protect you. (Stay!) Please, Young Master. Take me too.

: Gremio, you're bound to get in the way. Give it up.

: Y-Young Master... (loop)

(Second Choice)

: Thank you, Young Master.

: Tir, kindness alone does not make a leader.

True enough, I suppose. Recruiting people makes me a leader.

: He was saying, "I've had it with wars." and yet you forced him to follow you!

(All three choices lead to about the same response)

: Forget it. I'll ask him myself. Where is Master Mathiu? Odessa? You mean the castle on Lake Toran? You'd better not be lying.


: Join you? Let me see... Liberation Army or Imperial Army - hard to ell who's going to win. I'd like to be on the winning side. I'll think about joining you when you have a few more recruits, say36more.

(Yes, the say36more is a counter, and is also an atrocious typo of theirs, not mine )

: I myself wield power over a rune. That Soul Eater of yours has unlimited possibilities, but also evil intentions. I wonder what controls it. I'd like to look into your future, OK? Not for free, of course. I'll lend you my power. Deal? (Recruit) Thanks. Let's go to your castle. Mine is the "Power of Recall." If you use this mirror, "Blinking Mirror" that's in here, you can always return to your home base.

: Are you strong? No, you're about 10 levels short.

Levels? (4th Wall?) Whatever he was talking about, there was a new Blacksmith to check out.

( Those people in my party are for recruiting someone else, you'll get your vote soon.)

: If you find her, I'll join your entourage.

: If you find something I can't appraise, I'll do anything you ask.


Well, that was fast. (Not really. I hate grinding for this item. Also: Balloon status.)

: Hmmm, let me see. Ummm, gee..... I... I give up. This is most certainly a precious item. I can't believe there exists an urn that I'm unable to appraise. A promise is a promise. I'll do anything you ask. (recruit) Is that all? No problem. I'm no fighter, but my eyes will be useful.

(You can either recruit him, or ask for money. Since I'm going for 108, I recruited him. I also managed to get a second, one of a kind, pricless urn. :iamafag

: Oh, that's right, you're the leader of the Liberation Army. You're planning to kidnap me for a ransom, aren't you? How frightening! Well, I suppose that's my fate. And it's all because of my beauty, isn't it? Well, OK, I'll come with you. But not for free - you must show me your good faith. Let's see... I'll do as you say if you bring me the "Opal."

Liberators, kidnapping a girl, who then depands a ransom of her own before she'll alow us to kidnap her?

: My name is Mina. I'm a dancer. (Recruit) What? ALl right. But only if you dance with me.

: I guess you're trustworthy. I can tell because we danced together. After all, I'm a pro. We'll work well together, Tir. Well then, I'm going ahead to the castle.

(You can't dance with her unless Tir is wearing Toe Shoes as an accessory. )

: Say, don't I know you? You're Tir, leader of the Liberation Army. My name's Chapman. I may be just the owner of this sorry joint, but I've still got a lot of heart. So please, let me join the Liberation Army. I can't stand being just a bystander anymore. (Recruit) Gee, thanks. Let me be in charge of stockin Master Tir's armor.


: Liberation Arm? Could be fun. I'll join.

Well, about Lotte's cat...

Blinking Mirror takes me straight to Viki, who does teleportation.

Found! Back to Lotte!

: Thank you, Tir. My name is Lotte. Lotte the Magician. As a gesture of thanks, I'd like to join you.

Now, who is going to come with me on this Recon mission?

( Voting is open! )
Unite Attacks
(I need 2 characters this time. There is ONE limit this time. I can only bring ONE S range person with me. Otherwise I've got someone stuck in the back row, unable to attack. I hate to set that kind of limit, but I also hate having only 5 real attackers in my party too. With that said, Vote away!)