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Part 20: Chapter Twenty: Milich Oppenheimer

Chapter Twenty: Milich Oppenheimer

(I'd like to start by saying that this part of the game is fairly confusing. You're just kinda dropped off here after the battle, with no clear indication of where to go. Just to find a way to not be offed by flowers.)

I headed back to the Castle, since it was going to cost a lot of money to sharpen so many weapons.

(Hilariously enough, without any manipulation of savestates whatsoever, Gaspar rolled 5 straight losses in a row, paying me triple my bet three times in a row. I think he needs a new job.)

We made our way to Milich Oppenheimer's castle.

: Tir, we'd better retreat for now.

So, for no discernable reason, we stole a boat and headed down the river.

What is that?

Oh. Well, there appears to be a house or something on the other side of the "rapids."

: We can't do this with an ordinary boat.

Time for another completely random trip to someone's house.

: All I'm interested in are boats. I'll take on any job as long as it's worthy of my skills.

: The Rapids of Dunan, eh? Hmmm. Interesting. All right. I, Gen, will show you what I can do. But I can't do this alone. An ordinary boat will never make it.

: Then what will you do?

: I have some ideas. Old Kamandol next door should be able to help us. Even if he's half dead. Let's go see him.

: Hey old man! I know you're in there! Come out, you bum, or I'll break down the door!

: Here you are, you creepy old man. You should get some sunlight. You look sick. Come on out.

: I warned you not to call me "old man"! What do you want with me, anyway. Bringing this deliquents with you.

: D-Delinquents! Don't you dare insult Young Master. I can understand such language for Viktor.

: Whoa, wait a minute. Don't confuse the issue.

: Hey, geezer. Do you know the Dunan Rapids? I was going to ask you how they can be navigated, but come to think of it, a senile old fool like you wouldn't have a clue, right?

: Watch your mouth! I can do anything... depending on time and money.

: So there is a way.

: Of course. I'll show you. Step inside.

: What is it?

: It's a machine that moves by burning oil.

: A machine that runs on oil? Sounds ridiculous.

: So if you attach this to a boat, you can travel upstream?

: Correct.

: OK, then let's take this to... P-Plummy Lamar? Prommy Lamb? Pramyam Lobby?

: Premier L'Armour, you idiot.

: Shut up. Who can remember a stupid name like that? Let's go to Rikon!

: Take good care of this machine. It's fragile.

: What?

: You mean...

: We have to carry it?

: Of course. You plan on letting a frail old man carry this?

(On our way back to Rikon, I got a third priceless, nameless urn. Jabba is a good appraiser.)

: Good. Go ahead and unload the equipment.

: It was pretty tough fighting with this on my back.

: Hey geezer, let's get to work.

: I don't have to be reminded by you.

: Tir, you're all getting in the way, so why don't you go to the inn or something. Don't worry, you'll have a shiny vessel in no time.

I don't want a shiny vessel, I want to go over the "rapids".

: Phew! I'm exhausted.

: Let's call it an early night.

: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

: Wheeezzze Wheeezzze

: .......... ..........

: I, Gremio, have taken care of you since you were tiny. Sometimes I feel as if you were my little brother... no, my son, even. Initially I wanted to repay my debt to Master Teo, but now... Perhaps you no longer need me to protect you.

Gremio... (Though, I wonder what's up with everybody reminding the player who they are. I saw your name when you started speaking.)

The next morning...

: Tir, you're up.

: How are Gen and his crew doing?

Kamandol is a crew?

: Making an old man work like this. For shame.

: Tir, how about a launching ceremony?

We arrived at a very small dock, with just a single building. I raided the building for its treasure, and received some Black Paint.

: What do you mean?

: You want me to prepare some medicine, right? I'm tired of all that.

: Please, sir. We must have an antidote to the poisonous flowers of Milich's castle.

: Who is it?

Who the hell is this fruit?

~ (Milich's Theme)

: I am the most renowned of the Five Great Imperial Generals, Milich Oppenheimer, the Flower General.

: Nonsense. The greatest of the Five is General Teo!

: Oh my, this must be Teo's lowly servant. And this here is Tir McDohl. Your father must be in tears to know that his son is a traitor to the Empire.

: Hey, you! Peacock Man. What's your business here?

Peacock Man

: Oh, yes, I nearly forgot. It just won't do to have you render my sweet flower's poison useless. I shall invite Dr. Liukan over to my impentrable Soniere Prison.

: Like hell you will!

: Oh please, don't be shy. We must be going now. Tir, I'm not a sissy like Kwanda, you know. Well then, goodbye everybody.

(That "Not a sissy" bit cracks me up.)

Meh, nobody move to save him or anything.

: Soniere Prison. That's one tough place to break into.

: We'd better ask Mathiu for advice. For the time being, let's return to Odessa Castle.

Blinking Mirror Go!

: I understand. I have an idea. Please wait a moment...

Mathiu walked off, and returned some time later.

: In the township of Anteim which I believe is now called Bier Blanche, lives a counterfeiter named Kimberly. Let's get her and a scrivener named Tesla to join us. Kimberly is an acquaintance of mine. I've written her a letter. Give this to her and she'll join our cause.

: What do you plan on making them do?

: Let's save that pleasure for alter. For the moment, please go and find Kimberly and Tesla.

I had one more thing to do before I could leave...

Gen and Kamandol are promptly left behind, their usefulness outlived.

: What is it? A letter from Mathiu? Let me see... .......... .....................??? Oops, I forgot to mention that I can't read. What's it say?

Are you serious?!

: .......... Okay, I'll read it.

: I see. Mathiu's up to his old tricks again.

: You'll be joining us, then.

: Join. Hmmm... Hey, you there.

: M-me?

: Yes, you. You're a handsome fellow. I'll join up if you promise to take me to dinner.

: Who, Me? I-I can't. I have someone...

: All right, all right. Do what you want with him.

: Viktor! You!

: Good! It's a deal. Come here, pretty boy.

: Whoa! Wait a minute.

(That's some fancy dinner there.)

: Y-yes ma'am.

: All right, don't spill any.... OK. It's your turn next. You're cup's still full. Come on, drink up. Or can't you drink tea with a beautiful woman?

(Beautiful woman? She has a nose like an icepick. Also "You're cup's")

: Oh n-no, n-not at all. Th-thank you.

The next morning...

: How can you stay out all night and look so well?

(What the hell? They stayed in her house and drank "Tea")

: What are you talking about? You're still tired, pretty boy. Say, Tir, you're planning to recruit Tesla too, right? He's here in this town. But I believe he's using the name of Albert.

: Albert, is it?

: OK, I'm going now. Pretty boy, we'll have dinner again when you return to the castle.

: Er... No thanks.

: You're Tesla the Scrivener, right?

: Goodness, no. My name is Albert Onyx. My people have lived here for generations.

: Really? That what is your mother's name?

: Ummm, her name is Marianne Onyx.

: And your father?

: I believe it was...ah... Allen Onyx.

: Grandmother!

: Uhhh... let's see... Leah Onyx.

: Hey Tesla.

: Yes?...........! I mean... that's not my name, Tesla.

: Do you give up?

: All right. Mathiu wants me, right? I prefer to lead a quiet life.

: Stop yapping and get ready to leave.

: O-OK. My god, how unluck I am. Led back into a life of crime.

How stupid do you have to be to fall for that?

: Do you think it's OK to let him go by himself?

: What else is there to do? He doesn't want to travel with us. Shucks, treating people as if they were bandits.

: It's because you scared him so much, Viktor.

: Young Master, we should be going back to Odessa Castle too.

Blinking Mirror Activate!

: We've made all the necessary preparations. Kimberly and Tesla did excellent work for us.

: I'm a perfectionist.

: I-I too did well, I hope.

: What? Excellent work?

: Commander Tir, what you see here are forged Imperial papers. Milich's signature, the Official Imperial Seal, it's all there, perfectly forged. With these papers, we can walk right into Soniere Prison. Please free Dr. Liukan with these.