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Part 34: Chapter Thirty-Three: Waking the Dragons

Chapter Thirty-Three: Waking the Dragons

After my recruiting spree had ended, we went back and picked up Liukan.

We headed back to the fortess, to speak with Joshua.

: Please, sir, will you take a look at our dragons?

: Of course.

: This isn't a disease. They have been poisoned with sleeping poison.

: Not a disease?

: No. Somebody gave them poison.

: I had a feeling somebody sneaked into our domain.

Good job speaking up about it, Futch.

: Is there a cure?

: I can prepare an antidote, but I will need certain ingredients. Moonlight weed, black dragon orchid, and...

: What is the other ingredient?

: We'll leave it till later. First get those two. Commander Tir, there should be some moonlight weed in Seek Valley.

: Seek Valley... Sir Joshua, the only dragons awake are Futch's Black and my own Thrash. I will take Tir and his men to Seek Valley on Thrash.

: Good luck, Milia.

: Commander Tir, let's hurry to Seek Valley.

: I guess I'll wait here for the ingredients.

: Commander Tir, Thrash is out front.

Once we arrived back at the fortress...

Hmm, I think I've seen this dragon somewhere before...

I wonder where Seek Valley is...

Oh. (I guess a color swap wasn't good enough for the animated flying sequence )

Thanks for this helpful information.

: I don't see anything that looks like moonlight weed. We must go deeper into the valley?

And deeper into the valley we went.

(Not Pictured: Sound Setting 2, Mega Medicine, Cyclone Crystal, and Gold necklace)

This place is really cool. The paths were fairly straightforward, no winding mountain paths this time. Hey... what is that up ahead?

(This boss battle was exceptionally boring, since only Flik had a rune with any Magic attacks on it. I didn't record this one, because it was mostly 5 melee attacks, and Flik using his Lightning rune.)

(This boss has crystals floating around it. As it takes more damage, it loses crystals.)

(This is the only attack it used on me while it still had crystals.)

Take that, evil boss! Its crystals are gone... it's changing form!

(We're fighting a magic jawbreaker?)

Holy shit.

And with that, the evil... ball was defeated.

What's that thing doing here? Well, I know how to take care of it.

: Probably.

: That's moonlight weed, all right. It's used as a restorative.

: Who's that! Come on out!

: Whoever you are, we had a rought time getting here! We're taking this stuff!

Yeah! <>

: Oh may, what an energetic young man. But I'm talking to Tir right now, so please be quiet.

: Tir, you must be getting tired of this Liberation Army game. You will give me the rune on your right hand, the Soul Eater. Don't look so angry, Tir. I won't force you to give it up. I have something more elegant in mind. Come on out, Ted.

: But I forgive you. We're old friends. Now, will you give me back the rune I lent you? I was able to live 300 years because of that rune, so I need it. Please give it back.

(Either Choice)

: Th-the rune...

Aw, hell.

: .........can you hear me? I don't have much time. A strange connection remains between the rune and the one who carried it, that is, me. I'm speaking to you through the rune. My body has been taken over by Windy's Conquerer Rune, and is no longer mine. The Conquerer Rune will eventually take over my soul as well... and that is why I must hurry. Tir, you must promise to forgive me for what I am about to do.

: Please, Tir, give me back my rune. Or else I'll take it by force.

(First Choice)

: Oh, so you plan to fight Ted? You kill your own father, send your servent Gremio to his death, and now you want to fight your best friend? How sinful you are.

Thanks for opening those wounds.

(Second Choice)

: That's a good by. Get the Soul Eater, Ted.

(End Result)

: Soul Eater, I spent 300 years with you. I know all about you. The meaning of your curse, your evil intentions. On the day I lost my home, you stole the souls of everyone I knew in this world. During 300 years of wandering, you caused a great many wars and plundered countless souls. Including Odessa's! And Tir's Father's! And Gremio's! you took them all! You steal the souls of those closest to your master, and grow in power!

: Ted! What are you talking about?! Hurry up and get the Soul Eater.

: Having the Soul Eater near me has given me power. Just enough power to move my own body. Now, Soul Eater! I command you as your former master! Take my soul now!

: Good... that's good. Who needs a body that can't be controlled. I now return... the 300 years of life... that you gave me, Soul Eater...

: Damn it! Unbeliveable! I'll have to...

Have to what? Have to step off, bitch.

: Destestable creatures. I'll take that rune from you someday.

: Don't look like that... Tir. I chose my path. I think it's... farewell for sure... this time. Take care. Live your life to the fullest... for my sake too.