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Part 8: Chapter Eight: Liberation Army

Chapter Eight: Liberation Army

We ran down into the secret passage, not eager to be captured by the Imperial forces.

: Everyone's waiting, follow me.

Everyone? What was going on here? We followed Odessa, since the only alternative was to go back through the passage.

: What's going on here?

: I didn't think I'd give myself away so soon. Oh wello, now that you've met Odessa...

: Odessa? The name rings a bell...

: You don't mean... the Rebel Army...

: Rebel Army? We prefer to call ourselves the Liberation Army. But who cares about names. Let me introduce myself. I'm Odessa Silverberg, leader of the Liberation Army. How do you do?

That was rather informal for the leader of an army. Then again, it seemed her army consisted of a total of five people.

: Viktor. Are these the people you wanted us to meet?

: That's right. Prepare yourselves for a surprise. This here is the son of General Teo McDohl. And a fugitive to boot. Don't you think he'll be a great asset to the Liberation Army?

Nice. I'm the son of a general that this Liberation Army is fighting. I'm either dead, or a hostage. Thanks Viktor.

: You've got to be kidding! Why should Young Master join the Rebels? Right, Young Master?

(First Choice)

: So he says.

: Well, perhaps...ummm...we can convince him, right? He has nowhere to go anyway.

(Second Choice)

: So he says. He's interested.

: No way. Recently many of our hideouts have been discovered. There must be a spy among us. With all the problems we already have, we can't afford to recruit complete strangers.

Or sons of the opposing force.

(End Result)

: I guess you've all been fooled by Viktor as well. Whenever he takes a liking to someone, he just drags them in. But they do appear to be hunted by the Imperials, and the town's still full of soldiers... You may stay until things blow over. Whatever decision you make afterwards is up to yourselves.

: Y-you've got to be kidding, Young Master. Join the Rebels? No way.

: Rebels...Liberation Army...well, why not? Maybe we should become true Rebels. On the other hand, what will Master Teo think?

That guy in the blue seemed to be more on the ball than Viktor, I decided to see if he had something important to say.

: If Odessa greets you as a guest, so will I. My name is Flik. Lightning Flik of the Liberation Army. You've never heard of me? Well then, remember the name. The quiet one there's Humphrey the Swordsman. And that's Sanchez. We three are pretty famous in the Liberation Army, you know.

Yeah, well, it's not hard to be popular in a group of five people. Rather than sit around and talk, I decided to have a look around the hideout. It looked more like a sewer than a base fit for an army. Probably because it was a sewer. Looking back towards the hidden passage, I saw a body. Had we been followed after all?

: I-I must tell... Lady Odessa.

: Let's take him inside.

: Don't worry. This is the Liberation Army hideout. Have you a message for me?

You must be Odessa. Thank goodness. I'm one of the Mt. Seifu bandits. But we only attack those rotten Imperials. Anyway, the other day, the Imperial Guard came over and captured our bosses... Varkas and Sydonia.

: Varkas and Sydonia? Could they be...

: Shhh... Be quiet.

: Lady Odessa, please. Help Varkas and Sydonia. That rotten Grady of Rockland has strung them up to starve to death.

: Outrageous! Execution without trial! Even by Imperial Law, that's illegal.

: How awful...

: But Odessa... Imperial surveillance has been intense lately. We have to keep a low profile.

: I'm aware that we're understaffed. But the bandits have asked for our help. We can't let them down.

(Second Choice and loop)

: Young Master. Varkas and Sydonia are those bandits we captured. (Wasn't me!)

: Young Master, don't you care? (No, I don't!)

: Young Master, you must be willing to admit your mistakes.(loop)

(First Choice)

: What do you mean, it's your fault?

: We...

Gremio retold the story about how we stormed the moutain and captured the bandits, playing down how we were.

: I see. Well, even if you didn't know what you were doing, you still have to claim responsibility, right, Tir? You must rescue Varkas and Sydonia. I'll help you too.

: I agree. I don't plan to betray the Empire, but Grady is unforgivable.

: You're right. Undoing Grady's wrongs would be good for the Empire... Besides, if Young Master gives the orders, I will follow.

Thank you. Varkas and Sydonia are strung up at the home of Rockland's military commander. If you don't hurry, they'll dry up. Please help them.

: Tir, I beg of you too. Viktor, you go too.

: Leave it to Viktor. Let's get going, Tir. Rockland, here we come!

Rockland, here we don't come! Viktor needs some fixing up here.

Weapon sharped, rune attached, and now we're ready to roll!

HELL YES! Viktor's Clone Rune is absolutely amazing! It functions like Pahn's rune, and leaves him unbalanced for a turn.

We carved a path of animal destruction on our way back to Rockland. Grady has nowhere to hide now.

: Who are you? You've no business here. Get out, or you'll be strung up like those bandits there. Ha ha ha ha!

I don't remember when we walked over here, but we did.

: Leave it to me. I'm used to things like this.

Viktor walked off again, as he was prone to do. Suddenly...

: What?!

The two of them run off to deal with the fire.

: Viktor! What have you done? You didn't...?

: Heh, heh. I didn't do anything. It must be the dry weather.

: My goodness! Young Master, don't you dare take after someone like this!

Fire is hot! Last time I was here, there was a treasure that I wasn't allowed to get. No Imperial soldier's gonna stop me now!

(The lightning rune piece I added does additional damage, and makes the enemy sprite turn blue when I land a hit.)

(Not picture: Brass armor, Antique, and money)

We moved through Grady's manion, killing every soldier along the way.

Oh? Is that right? You think you'll stop me? Try this on for size!

That Fire Rune was certainly coming in handy.

: My god! It's you Imperials! Why are you here? Have you come to laugh at me?

: Of course not. If we'd known what sort of fellow Grady was, we never would have helped him.

: A few things happened, and now we're wanted by the Imperials, just like you. We'll help you out.

We freed Varkas from the post. For being left to die in the sun because of our actions, he seemed pretty cool about things.

: Thanks. Get my buddy too, will you?

: Sydonia! Why you... If you've got tricks like that, why didn't you escape sooner?

: Ha. Can't very well escape alone.

Sydonia, did you not think you could just untie him?

: Sydonia? You...

: Hey, let's get out of here.

With Varkas and Sydonia free, we made our way back through Grady's mansion.

: So you want a fight? Don't think you're the only one with a grudge. Why I'll cut out your eyeballs...

: What? Oh, well...

: Ha. I'd rather tear him to pieces.

: Um, please... Well, you see... You'll regret this! I'll tell Master Kraze about this. You'll get yours!

: Cleo, do you think the Empire will take us back?

: I don't know.

: Y-young master.

: Ha ha ha! Don't worry. There's all kinds of ways to make a living.

Finally, we were outside of Grady's mansion. Varkas and Sydonia were free.

: Tell Lady Odessa that if she ever needs help, Varkas and Sydonia will be ther in a flash. Well, we're off! Perhaps we'll meet again.

: It sure is great to be done! Let's go back to Lenankamp. Tir, why don't you spend a bit more time with the Liberation Amry? Come on!

: Young Master, when we return to Lenankamp, let's decide what to do. At this rate...

Thanks for ruining the fun, Cleo.