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Part 7: Chapter Seven: Lenankamp

Chapter Seven: Lenankamp

I don't even remember falling asleep. I know I did, because I woke up the next morning.

: But good heavens, I never thought we'd ever...

: I think our only alternative is to travel north and ask Master Teo for help. For now, we'd better figure out a way to escape Gregminster.

I started heading towards the stairs, we weren't going to find a way out if we hung around the inn all day.

: Young Master, try not to wander about.

Well, if I didn't leave the inn, how was I going to get out of Gregminster? Clearly, the stress of last night had hit Gremio pretty hard. I headed downstairs, and was nearly out of the inn, when I was suddenly pushed back in by Imperial soldiers.

: on a holiday, sent out to search for someone all night, finally find a moment to catch some rest... and you come along!

(Shut up, you fool.)

: What kind of language is that? We're Imperial soldiers, your protectors!

It's English, and you're being kind of a jerk right now.

(We'd better try to be inconspicuous.)

: Halt, you little runt. Who do you think you are, bumping into me and not apologizing. What kind of upbringing did you have?

I'm actually the son of the great General.... Kasim Hazil. Yes, that's right...

(Both points lead here)

: Hey, wait a minute. You look familiar...

Cleo and Gremio rushed down the stairs, using their spider-senses to know I was in trouble.

: Hey, you! Who do you think you are!

Who are you? And what's this "Young Master" business? You! Show me his face. You look like that fugitive, the McDohl kid.

: What did you say?

: Any more of a fuss, and we're in big trouble.

Yeah, hey, what the hell guys? I thought we were trying to avoid a confrontation.

: Young Master, get away while we hold them off.

: Guess we have no choice. Here we go!

Aww yeah, looks like some is about to go down.... who is that?

: Use your heads. Would fugitives from the law still be hanging around here? They couldn't be that stupid.

: I-I suppose you're right. We just wanted to be sure...

: Stop it, you're scaring them. Leave it to me to kick them out.

: Hey, wait a minute...

The mystery man dragged us out of the building, leaving everybody involved quite confused.

: Don't worry. There's no reason we should be so loyal to the Empire.

: Hey! It's that guy!

We ran, with our savior, a good distance behind the inn.

: No big deal. I was just wondering how to pay for my meal, and...

: You mean...

: You did that just to bilk the...

: Come, come, let it go, eh? Well then, thanks for helping us out.

I'll suffer no thieves! He walked off, thinking he was going to get away with this, but I followed him.

: We are not rebels!

: I couldn't care less either way. Incidentally, how do you plan to escape this place? I have an idea, if you care to listen. I am used to this kind of thing. Interested?

(First choice and loop)

: I agree, Young Master. I can't trust him either. (Can't trust you!)

: Oh, come on.

That logic is really hard to argue.

: We can't trust him, yet we have no alternative.

: Exactly. You're a smart one, young lady. (Still don't trust you!)

: Well, OK then. Do as you like.(loop)

(Second Choice)

: Leave it to me, but I have one condition.

: Here we go.

Seriously. It always starts like this.

: It's no big deal. If you succeed in escaping, I'd like you to meet someone. A small request, right? So it's a deal. Let's hurry. First we must go to the palace gates. Don't worry, I won't hand you over to the Imperials.

(Time for a small detailed explanation of the formation system, and the limitations on your party-building. As you can see, Viktor is placed in the back row by default. I don't know why the game thinks this is a good idea, Viktor can't attack from the back. Everybody else in the party can though, so, let's fix this.)

(Much better. Now Viktor can attack, and is taking his place as my new right-hand man.)

Even though Viktor told us we were going to the palace gates, he took us to the city gates. Whatever, it's not like there's a huge difference or anything.

Aww yeah, here comes the ...What? What happened? Viktor just came back like nothing happened.

: Everything's OK. Make sure you hide your faces.

With the guard missing from his post, we made a break for it.

: How did you do that?

: No big deal. I just gave him a little gift. Imperial soldiers act tough, but money's their weakness. That's the state of things in the Imperial Capital. Corruption is everywhere. Everything's about to come apart at the seams.

: That's too bad.

Cleo doesn't seem to be shocked at Viktor's words. Maybe being hunted has that affect.

: Say, how did you bribe him? You just told us you had no money.

: Why should I use my own money to help you get away?

: What do you mean? Hey, my wallet! When did you...?

: Here you go. I suggest you keep a better eye on it. And now for our little promise. You haven't forgotten, have you, little fella?

: It's Master Tir!

: Ok, so it's Master Tir. I'd like you to meet someone in Lenankamp. Agreed?

Well, seeing as I've never been there, I might as well be honest.

(Second Choice)

: Ignorant of the real world, eh, Master? It's a quick trip south. Let's get going.

No, that's not what I meant. I meant to say, "It's a promise."

(First Choice.)

: Fine. Now let's get out of here. Lenankamp is due south of here.

After an uneventful jog south, we arrived in Lenankamp.

: ha ha ha ha ha! Well then, it's about time I got to work. Let me go make some arrangements. I may be late, so take a look around.

: Who is this fellow that Viktor wants us to meet? You know, I can't quite trust that man.

: I have no idea? So, what shall we do now? I'd love to take a shower.

As much as I'd like to watch Cleo take a shower ( ), there are things to be done!

: We have a daughter named Meg. If you ever run into her, please tell her to come home once in a while.

Sure lady. I'll be sure to let her know, if I see her.

All Right! Blacksmith!

(Unlike most RPGs, there are no new weapons to buy. In the world of Suikoden, a character has their weapon sharpened rather than replaced. Each blacksmith you meet has a certain limit to how much they can sharpen your weapon. This is also where elemental rune fragments get attached. For some reason, I have always put every lightning rune piece on Tir's weapon.)

(At specific levels, the weapons also undergo a name change. The number on the left is the level, the number on the right is the attack. Gremio's Axe is now 28 attack, and Cleo's Air Moon Sword is 25 attack. Why is my weapon weaker?)

After having my staff sharpened, I encountered a strange little man, minding his own business in his house.

: You know how monsters sometimes leave behind those urns? Well, sometimes you find valuable things in them, hee hee. If you take these things to an appraiser, hee hee...

Hee hee indeed. I decided it was time to get away from Quasimodo, and go to the inn. Unfortunately...

Run Away! We avoided being detected as the fugitives, and entered the inn.

Score. Apparently Viktor was pretty good with his arrangements. Still, he was taking his sweet time about getting back to us.

: But we didn't make any other plans. Let's wait a bit longer, and if he still doesn't show up we'll head north. Perhaps Master Teo can help us.

: ..........Cleo. Why...did Pahn...

: Don't...Gremio...

Suddenly, loud crashes came from the front of the inn! (Also, the crashes lasts as long as you leave the following message up.)

: What's going on? At such a late hour.

: But sir, our guests are sleeping.

: Shut up! Do you plan to harbor rebels?

: Young Master, they're coming for us! Viktor! He must have ratted on us! I knew we shouldn't have trusted him!

: This doesn't look good. They'll find us for sure.

: Wh-what should we do, Young Master?

(First Choice)

: Y-yes, Young Master. I, Gremio, will protect you with my life...

: Oh, stop it, Gremio. He was kidding. There's too many of them. Calm down.

Yeah, I was kidding. Right....

(Second Choice)

: G-good idea. From this window... Here we go... huh? It's jammed. Won'

: Hurry. They're coming nearer.

(End result)

: We're in big trouble now.

: Gremio, maybe we can get Young Master out before...

: Who was that?

: Wh-who are you?

: Whoever it is, thank god!