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Part 26: Chapter Twenty-Six: Enter the Neclord

Chapter Twenty-Six: Enter the Neclord

I assembled an elite team, capable of listening to Zorak's story.

Let's see what we've got here...

That won't work at all. Since my wallet is a little empty, I decided to pay a visit to Gaspar.

Much better. Let's get everybody's weapons and armor up to date. You never know, Zorak's story might bore us to violence.

So expensive! I ran out of money before I could sharpen Sansuke's weapon..

Gaspar isn't good at his own dice game.

So, here I am, fully armored and with my weapon sharpened.

And there's my crack squad of story listeners. We headed back to the village, and I decided it was time to strengthen up the man who made our wonderful bath. Let's see what he can do once we put a few levels on him.

(It barely took any time at all for him to catch up to the rest of the party. He really isn't that bad, he's just not on par with say, Flik.)

He actually saws the enemy. That's pretty hardcore, bath man. What about Ronnie Bell and her Hate Rune?

(I was actually surprised at how good she was. I don't think I've ever used Ronnie Bell before.)

We went back to Zorak's house, wondering if he'd given up waiting on us. We'd spent quite a bit of time killing wolves outside of his village. Upon entering his home, it seemed my hopes were dashed, as he was quite eager to tell his story.

: With frightening magical powers, he turned his men into zombies and skeletons.

: So that's why there were so many graves at the Fortress of Lorimar.

: He then began threatening the local villages with his zombies. What he demanded was...

: Send Tengaar to the castle? No way.

: That's just like him.

: The other villages gave in to his demands and delivered women, but not us. This is the Warriors' Village. Once we were...

: Oh my god! Oh my god!

: Uh oh. Here it begins.

Oh god! Old person telling ridiculously long story!

: This village was founded by Clift the Crusader following the Final Battle, and we are his descendants. This village has traditionally been defended by the Village Chiefs. But peace was not always guaranteed. There were a number of times when the village was endangered, and several Chiefs went to war with their clans. Five chiefs, in particular, became renowned. They were...

At this point, I think I passed out. I don't really know what happened, I just remember waking up at some point later in his story.

: ... and that is how I came to be Village Chief after my predecessor Karak.

: I had a hell of a time.

: The sun has set. He sure likes to talk.

: Have you finished your story, old man?

: Do you want to hear more? I have another good story.

: No, no! That's quite enough, thanks. I'm going to get some rest.

: I have a room all prepared. Get plenty of rest. Perpahs I can continue the story tomorrow.

We all left the room with some considerable haste. I doubt even Stallion could've been faster to get out of that room.

: N-no, I'm not interested or anything. Just passing by, that's all.

Tengaar ran out of the house. What an odd reaction.

: What is it? My ears are pretty beat right now.

: I'm sorry, Cleo. ........... Cleo?

: Yes?

: Why do you fight when you're a woman? Women don't fight in the Warriors' Village.

: Why do I... fight? There's no reason why women shouldn't. Just like men, women have things they want to protect. DOn't you have something you want to protect?

: I-I... sure, but, I'm weak.

: You're right. If you're weak, there's no sense in fighting. No point in getting killed.

Cleo lays out an .

: But...

: Hix. You'll never be strong as long as you consider yourself weak.

: I guess you're right. Thank you, Cleo.

: That's all right. Goodnight, Hix.

Looks like Hix was making his exit as well.

: Master Tir! G-good night!

What a bunch of weird kids. Whatever, it was time to go to bed.

: Neclord isn't human. He misused a rune and became a vampire. He destroyed the village where I was born. When I returned to my village, I saw members of my own family, who were turned into zombies by him, eating each other. That's where my journey began. And perhaps it will end here. I must destroy him with my own hands. Go to sleep, Tir. I'm going to stay up a while and look at the moon.

What a horrific thing to see. It was hard to sleep, knowing that we were so close to such a monster. Perhaps we would be lucky, and he wouldn't bother us. The next morning...

: Good Morning, Master Tir. Did you have a good rest?

I suppose so. We headed outside, there was a bit of a commotion going on.

: Neclord! What do you want?!

: I came to get your daughter, of course. It should be obvious. After all, she's your daughter.

: I won't let you have Tengaar!

: Th-that's right! Besides, why are you here in broad daylight when you are a vampire? Have you no shame?!

Hix's insults are hardly scathing.

: Shame? What are you talking about? I became a vampire by using a rune, so I happen to be a well-bred vampire. Besides, this sunlight is no big deal. It does make me a bit sleepy though.

: Leave us now! Or I'll show you the power of the Warriors' Village!

Zorak and his men charged, and were instantly laid out by Neclord's magic.

: Uhhhhnnnnn... uuhhhhnnnnn...

: So I have seen. I suppose that is about the best that humans can do.

: Damn you, Neclord! I've got you now! Prepare to die!

: Viktor!

Time for a little ...

or so we thought...

Oh god oh god what do I do?

: Goodness, how famous I've become. It's a tough life. Well, are you satisfied now? Please give me your daughter. She will have the honor of becoming my 70th bride.

: J-just you w-wait. We won't let you t-take T-Tengaar.

: Please get out of the way. Or would you like to die?

: N-no.

: Then you leave me no choice.

: Wait! Please step aside, Hix.

: W-what are you doing? I-I'll protect...

: Thank you, Hix. But I can't let you die. Get out of my way, Hix.

: I like your style, young lady.

: If I go with you, do you promise not to harm the villagers?

: Of course. You have my word.

: Tengaar! I swear, I swear, I swear I'll come and rescue you!

: I'll be waiting for you, Hix.

: Shall we be on our way, my pretty bride?