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Part 25: Chapter Twenty-Five: Beyond Lorimar

Chapter Twenty-Five: Beyond Lorimar

After coming back from defeating my father's army...

: Milich Oppenheimer in the west. The Liberation Army continues to increase in force daily. Meanwhile, insurgencies are breaking out all over the land, and the Imperial Army has its hands full.

: This is probably because the news of the defeat of Teo McDohl's army is spreading.

: To quell the rebellion, the Empire is gathering together all of its rural forces. As a result, several regions are poorly protected. Our best plan would be to catch the Imperial Army off guard and unite the various rebel factions throughout the country.

: I agree with Lepant's suggestion.

You know, if Lepant was this smart, why didn't he speak up sooner?

: According to my sources, Imperial troops were seen pulling out of the Lorimar region.

: The Fortress of Lorimar, gateway to the region, is poorly protected.

: ... I agree.

: How about it, Tir?

: Lorimar, eh? Been a while...

We set out towards The Fortress of Lorimar.

Well, what were you expecting? "Hey, we're the Liberation Army, can you guys come out and play?"

: Could it be a trap?

: I don't know. Kasumi, will you scout the place?

: Yes sir. Immediately.

Kasumi used her skills to leap over the gate, and open it from the other side.

: Master Tir, the fortress is empty. The Imperial troops are nowhere to be seen.

: What is the meaning of this? Let's go check it out.

: Something's very wrong here. Before we advance any farther, we should scout the place.

I thought Kasumi already did that.

: Take me with you, Master Tir. The deaths of Gremio, Master Teo... So much has happened. I'd like to be in battle so I can try to forget. Besides, I can't let Pahn upstage me.

: Well, then, Commander Tir, please choose the rest of the scouting party.

(Since it was already pointed out, I took the three blacksmiths into my party at this point to recruit the next one.)

: Are you satisfied with this lineup?

If I wasn't satisfied with my choice, I wouldn't have made it, Mathiu.

: This is quite a mystery. What fun.

: At this time I shall return to Odessa Castle. Please be very careful.

I had a nagging concern that we had overlooked something at the fortress, so we headed back.

: (Recruit) All I can do is cut off heads. That's all I know. Are you sure? (Still recruit) You're a strange guy. All right, then. I'll come along. I'll enjoy the sunlight for a change.

(Also, for all the strange things they notice, not one person seems to care about the graves being dug up. )

We made our way south, and found a small village, The Village of Warriors.

: Let me go, Hix. I've already made up my mind.

: No. You'll get eaten. That's what everyone says.

: Can you protect me, then? Can you? Why, your sword isn't even named yet.

: I-I... B-but the others can, I'm sure.

: You're always like that. Besides, all that talk of bloodsucking might just be rumors. I might even be comfortable at the castle. Better then staying in this backwater village.

(Better then? )

: What are you saying?

: What! Did you say Neclord?! Hey, old man! Did you say Neclord?!

: Who are you people?

: I'm asking the questions around here! Answer me!

: What's the matter with you, Viktor? Calm down.

: Are you... the Liberation Army? That's right. I've seen you attack Milich's castle. I've seen this bear-like man too.

: Bear?

: I-I mean... don't get angry.

: I see. The Liberation Army. Then you must be Commander Tir. I've heard about you. Will you come to my house? I'll tell you about Neclord. Please come this way.

: Ouch! That hurts! Don't pull my arm! You'll pull it out of its socket!

: Just come.

Well, that was interesting. I'll sit through storytime later, There had to be more to do here than listen to stories.

: Actually, I don't even want to be a warrior. I want to build stained glass window.

Not windows, just a single stained glass window. Also, this is a pretty poor place for a non-warrior to live. Poor guy.

: Maas, Moose, Mose, You've all joined the Liberation Army. Master Tir, if they believe in you, so can I. If you'll let me join...

(He mentions his own name, rather than Meese's. There seem to be more frequent errors the farther in we get.)

Say, I wonder if I've gotten enough followers to recruit Quincy...

There was a temple to the west of the village, so we headed that way. Surely there would be at least one person here who wished to aid me.

Who was this person, and why did I just hand over my seeds?

: Thank you so much for the seeds. (Recruit) There we go. So now I'm a member of your party.

Inside the Temple...

: you? Master Tir? I would surely like to see your face. You have an interesting voice. Oh, excuse me. I've been blind since birth. But in fact I see better than others. (Recruit) I can see a big sky behind your back. My life is in your hands.

(The reason her text box picture is a bit messed up is because Morgan is the first person in the game to say more than will fit in a single box at once. Usually they break sentences to fit a single box of text, and then use multiple boxes. Morgan's first bit of text actually just scrolls and runs the first sentence or so off the screen. )

(You must have at least 80 characters to recruit Quincy, so we're heading towards 108 quite nicely )

What about that man, Eikei? He said I was too weak, what about now, I wonder.

: Let me join the Liberation Army. (Recruit) Thanks

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