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Part 24: Chapter Twenty-Four: Fire Spear Rematch

Chapter Twenty-Four: Fire Spear Rematch

It had been a very long time since I'd had something to eat. Perhaps a few of these homes would have some food I could take.

I wonder who made all this stew? We made our way to the large building near the front of the town.

: You must be someone special if you appreciate the taste of my stew. I see, the leader of the Liberation Army - no wonder. Well, then, I'll join your entourage.

Well, this isn't the person Tai Ho mentioned, maybe it was the other guy?

: Don't be such a stranger, Kun To.

: Tai Ho! It's been a while. I heard you moved to Kaku. Have you decided to join up with me again?

: No, actually I have a request. Do you still make a living with boats, Kun To?

: Yep, that's my vocation. If I don't work, I don't eat.

: I'd like to borrow ten of your boats.

: 10 boats? Doing that dirty work again, aren't you? The Imperial forces have been on the lookout lately, so I can't do much by way of illegal work.

: Do you mean to refuse?!

: I guess I owe you one, don't I? I'll get you your boats. Do what you like with 'em.

: Thanks a million.

: The old man's a mean one. Making a woman like me carry this load.

: Ha ha ha! I guess it's a bit much for a skinny one like you.

: Really.

: Tai Ho, these people...

: Yup. They're the Liberation Army.

: And you're a member?

: Just for fun. We're just about ready. Tir, let's get going.

: Master Tir, I'll come too.

: Oh, well. I guess I'll keep you company.

We made our way back to Odessa Castle, Fire Spears in tow.

: Please give the order to advance.

: Yes, sir. Tell all the troops. The fate of the Liberation Army depends on this battle. We must each do our best.

Rematch time!

: Master Teo!

: Tir McDohl, my son. You have become so strong. I lived for what I believed in. And I have no regrets. You must also live for what you believe in. I give blessings to your choice.

: Master Teo!

: Master Teo, don't die. What will happen to the Empire without you?

: Alen, Grenseal, I have a request.

: Yes, Master Teo.

: I fought for the Emperor, and the Emperor alone, out of stubbornness. But there is no need... for you two... to follow my every whim. The flow of time... cannot be reversed. Alen, Grenseal, I'd like you two to... join the Liberation Army, and help my son. That is the best thing for you two.

: Master Teo!

: Tir, my son, I am happy. The greatest happiness... a father can experience... is to see his son... surpass himself. Good luck, my son, Tir..... Tir.....


: M-Master! Master Teo!

: That light, in the Soul Eater.