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Part 30: Chapter Thirty: Neclord's Castle

Chapter Thirty: Neclord's Castle

I decided to bring Kai and Rubi with me. They needed their weapons sharpened, as well as new armor...

Well, that takes care of that.

I gave Hix the Double-Beat Rune I confiscated from Eikei, Cleo the Flowing Rune, and Rubi a Thuunder Rune. After all the preparations were made, we set out for Neclord's castle. One we were inside, we were assaulted by some sort of horrible ghost.

After some exploration, we found the first of many treasure chests, and one of Neclord's servants.

(Not Pictured: Antitoxin, Sound Setting 1, Medicine, Earth Boots, Green Paint, Earth Rune piece, Magic rune piece, and Cape of Darkness)

: Yuk yuk yuk. Wanna hear something interesting?

: Yuk yuk. You don't know what you're missing.

Please tell me.

: Yuk yuk. But not for free.

(100 bits)

: Yuk yuk, is that all? Well, OK then. But don't tell anyone. Master Neclord always tells us: "Even in the forst, not just at night, during your work, praise the King."

(300 bits)

: Yuk yuk, for this amount... OK, don't tell anyone. Master Neclord often calls himself "King of the Night."

(10,000 bits)

: Yuk yuk, you're very generous. OK, don't tell anyone. Yuk yuk, there are some paintings in the 3rd floor hall, and Master Neclord... don't look! ... the second painting from the right... I said don't look! ... and then, the third on from the right... stop looking!

(25,000 bits)

: Yuk yuk yuk! You're very generous. OK, don't tell anyone. You see, Master Neclord..... ... googly goo.

: You idiot!

: Yuk yuk! You're angry. OK, OK, I'll return the money.

Oh no! More Larvae!

We made our way through the castle, ending up on an outside walkway. The sun was going down, almost as fast as we were climbing the castle.

Oh my god, demons!

And.. unicorns?

I finally made it to the room the had talked about, with the paintings.

There were switches behind each painting. I guess the order that the told me mattered.

Well... that's all the paintings... what next?

Oh. The path took us to another outside section... the sun was a bit further down.

Oh no, more demons!

As we progressed through the castle, we passed through a particularly macabre room.

More progress, and we found ourselves outside again.

More demons attacked us, but Kai and I made short work of them.

(Despite what was said earlier, Kai and I were more than capable of one-shot killing everything except the unicorns. I'm not complaining or anything, just thought I'd just explain that Kai is pretty much an instant win for fights.)

We finally made our way to the top of Neclord's castle.

He was playing the Bridal March.

Swanky digs.

: You sure took your time.

: Tengaar! I've come to save you!

: Hix. You've come. I'm so happy.

: Now wait a minute. You speak as if I'm going to lose.

: That's right, Neclord. You're going to die here. Damn you to hell, Neclord! You remember the village of Northwind!?

: Hmmm, let me see. I've been around such a long time. Come to think of it, you do look somewhat familiar. Perhaps I've seen you at... what was that village. But Northwind doesn't ring a bell.

: I'll make sure you never waste your breath again. Here we go, Star Dragon.

: One or two vampires like thise one are easy work.

: In the name of my sword Tengaar, I'll destroy you Neclord.

: Hix!

: Goodness, how courageous. Tir, I'm going to have to take your rune and present it to Lady Windy.

Die, Monster! You don't belong in this world!

: Y-your sword...

: I am the Night Rune transformed. You are merely a servant of the darkness, and therefore fight me in vain.

: I have lived for 500 years. Damned if my life ends now.

: 500 years of evil deeds. This is where my journey ends. You killed my family and friends, and I traveled far looking for you. Now it's time for revenge!

: Hix!

: Tengaar!

: You've come to save me. Thatnk you. I'm so happy.

:B-b-but I haven't done anything. And Viktor defeated Neclord.

: You're so funny. It's OK. You're still my hero.

: Th-thanks.

: By the way, the name of your sword...

: Oh, this? Sorry. I should have asked for your permission.

: Really, using my name without asking...

: S-sorry.

: Why do you apologize?

: Huh?

: You've got plenty of headaches ahead of you, Hix.

: Let's get back, Tir. My journey has ended, but not yours.

We made our way back through the castle, back down to Zorak.

: Sure. Thanks to Hix.

: I am very grateful, Master Tir. We of the Warrior's Village hereby swear to serve the Liberation Army and obey your commands. Please let us know if you need our help.

: Neclord is defeated, and the Warriors' Village has joined our cause. Master Tir, it's about time we returned to Odessa Castle.

(They keep changing the place of that apostrophe, not me. )

: Tir, I mean Master Tir. I tracked Neclord for many years, and I finally got my revenge. I must go to my village now and deliver the news. But I promise to return to the Liberation Army. So please permit me to leave for the time being.

(First choice and loop)

: Please. I must go deliver the news at my family's grave. (No way) Please, Tir. Let me do this. (Nope.) He'll sneak out during the night anyway. (loop)

(I think this was supposed to be said by Cleo, not Viktor.)

(Second choice)

: Without you, Viktor, the Liberation Army is under a huge handicap.

: I know. You're all hopeless without me.

: Don't worry. I'll fill in for him.

: W-what! W-wait a minute, Tengaar.

: No, Hix. I've already made up my mind. Besides, you're coming too.

: M-me too?

: Of course. If you don't protect me, who will?

: Sure, b-but...

: Go with her, Hix. Your initiation is over with, but not your Rite of Passage into Adulthood. Besides, Tengaar has made up her mind, and I can't stop her. Will you protect her?

: Yes, sir.

: I'm going now, Tir. But I'll be back. Take care.

(Why did I get this message twice?)