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Part 31: Chapter Thirty-One: Humphrey Speaks

Chapter Thirty-One: Humphrey Speaks

After we got back to Odessa Castle, the first order of business was turning over the Green Paint we had found.

After that, I went to go speak with Mathiu about our next step.

: It was a major accomplishment to liberate the Lorimar region without the use of troops.

: According to Kasumi, Kasim Hazil has been placed in charge of northern defenses and is presently building up his forces.

: The Imperial Army's forces are nearly 8000 strong under Kasim Hazil, anoterh 6000 soldiers in the Floating Fortress of Shazarazade, and 10,000 troops in and around Imperial Headquarters.

: With what we've got, Kasim Hazil's army is all we can handle. The only way we can win is to unite with the rebel forces around the country.

: I happen to be an old friend of Joshua, Commander of the Knights of the Dragon's Den, whose domain is in the west. If you plan to befriend them, I'll come with you.

He DOES speak full sentences!

: The Dragon Knights have always rejected Imperial jurisdiction, prefering to maintain a neutral status. Should they join us, our forces will be formidable. But I must warn you that Joshua is a proud man. The only chance of an alliance is for you, Commander Tir, to visit him in person.

: Tir, if you're going, so am I.

(First choice and loop)

: ... I see.

: Hey, you're just kidding, right Tir? (No) Oh, come on. If the Dragon Knights join us, our forces will be much stronger. (Nope)

: I beg you too. To recruit the proud Dragon Knights, you, Commander Tir, must convince them in person. (loop)

What, is there an echo in here? Fine, I'll go.

(First Choice)

: ... All right.

: The Dragon Knights' domain lies northwest of liberated Antei, formerly known as Bier Blanche.

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