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Part 32: Chapter Thirty-Two: Dragon Knights

Chapter Thirty-Two: Dragon Knights

I decided that in the land of Dragons, Magic would be our best offensive strategy.

That's why I decided to bring a tomboy and a laundry girl.

You know what this means.

Part of the way through the sharpening of weapons, I noticed something.

Laser knife?

Fully geared and ready to go. We teleported to Antei, and headed towards the Dragon Knight's Den.

Looks kinda small.

: No one is permitted to enter.

: I am Humphrey Mintz, former Captain of the Imperial Army's Hundred Man Battalion. I request a meeting with Commander Joshua of the Knights of the Dragon's Den.

What is it with these long titles?

: I have orders from the Commander of the Dragon Knights to let no one in, not even the Emperor himself.

: Not even the Emperor? Those are very strict orders.

Now be on your way.

: What do you think, Tir? I think something's happened. Let's see if we can gather some information. The nearest town is Antei, to the southeast.

You don't say? It's not like I just came from there.

On the way back to Antei...

: What I'm trying to tell you is that you have the honor of being owed money by me for a little while. Think about it. I, Vincent de Boule, of pure aristocratic extraction, will owe you money. You should be happy.

: Don't give me that cock and bull. If you're an aristocrat, why can't you afford breakfast.

: Ah, that is indeed a painful question. You see, if I had some money, I would be glad to pay you as much as you like. But unfortunately, I jsut gave it all away to some poor starving children.

: Liar! You're no arisocrat!

: Hey, what's going on?

: Shut up...oh, why it's the leader of the Liberation Army, Master Tir.

: Tir? Are you not Tir McDohl, son of General Teo McDohl? Permit me to introduce myself. I am Lord Vincent de Boule, at present vacationing in these parts.

(Second Choice)

: Oh, even you think I'm untrustworthy. What a sad world we live in. Nobody trusts anybody anymore. I, Vincent, am deeply wounded. And now, to ease my pain, I wonder if you'd be so kind as to pay this man for me.

(First Choice)

: Aha, we are both of the fine stock. Let's fraternize on a more casual basis. Now that introductions are out of the way, may I impose on you for a moment and ask if you might lend me a few coins. It appears this fellow here doesn't trust me.

(End Result)

: I am presently on my way to meet Joshua of the Knights of the Dragon's Den. As I am in a hurry, if you'll excuse me...

Vincent suddenly ran off...

: What the hell was all that? Did he say he was going to the Dragon Knight's Domain?

: Excuse me... I wonder who's going to pay for his meal?

You sons of bitches, that's MY money! You're BOTH dead!

: But that swindler did say he was going to the Domain of the Dragon Knights.

We made our way back to the entrace of the Dragon's Den...

: What a thing to say. I'm telling you who I am for your sake. Vincent here is a dear friend of Joshua's. If Joshua finds out you turned Vincent away, he'll be furious. You're new here, aren't you? There's still time to do the right thing.

: I have been in this post for five years.

: Oh, I see. The last time I was here was a little over five years ago.

: Tell any more lies and you'll be sorry!

: Ha ha. He's at it again.

: Why, if it isn't my dearest friend Commander Tir. Have you business with the Dragon Knights too? Well, you're wasting your time. We'll never get past this hard head here.

: But we must see Joshua!

: You look familiar. Why, it's Humphrey, one of the most renowned Captains of the Imperial Army's Hundred Man Battalion. You're in the Liberation Army too? Commander Tir, dearest friend, I have something good to tell you. Please follow me.

: You can enter the domain from behind this rock. I played in this spot often as a child.

: This is a way in?

: Indeed. You're quite bright for a commoner.

: Heh! Listen up, aristocratic sum! If this is an entrance, why didn't you use it yourself?

: That is a foolish question. A man of my birth would never sneak in like a common burglar.

: That's quite enough, gentlemen.

: Oh, Tir, my dearest friend, you believe me, don't you? Good, good. I wouldn't know what to do if even you distrusted me. Well, be very careful then. It's quite dangerous inside.

Well, what do you know? It's a cave.

(Not Pictured: Old Book Vol. 5, Power gloves)

Oh no, giant floating statue man!

It wasn't long until...

: ..........

: What's the matter?

: ..... look below.

: Below? Whoooaaa!

( Are you serious? This isn't Tom & Jerry)

: Who are you? Rather brazen for thieves, aren't you?

: W-we're...

: Tir! You're Tir, aren't you? Don't you remember me? It's Futch. I'm the one who took you to the Magician's Islan on Black's back. What are you doing here?

Oh boy. Futch.

: Tir? Then you're the Liberation Army's leader?

: Why are these dragons sleeping? Are they always like this?

: ..........!

: What business does the Liberation Army have in our domain?

: Aren't you going to answer my question?

: I am Humphrey Mintz, former Captaion of the Imperial Army's Hundred Man Battalion. I would like to see Commander Joshua.

(I'm getting tired of typing his title. )

: .......... All right. Now that you've seen what's happened here, I must report to Sir Joshua.

: Thank you. Ah...

: I'm Milia, Deputy Coammnder of the Dragon Knights.

: Thank you, Lady Milia. Please lead us.

: When you emerge from this cave, you'll see the Palace of the Dragon Knights. I'll run on ahead of you and inform Sir Joshua of your arrival. Let's go, Futch.