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Part 10: Chapter Ten: Odessa

Chapter Ten: Odessa

The walk back to Lenankamp was uneventful, save for Gremio's paranoid questions about the night before. It wasn't really his business to begin with, but the sincerity of his concern was nice. Of course, all of this faded the moment we entered the Lenankamp Inn.

: The Imperials... They suddenly... I'm sorry... Lady Odessa.

: My god!

Odessa ran off, down through the secret passage, leaving us behind.

: Hey, Odessa.

: Let's go after them, Young Master!

But what about the Innkeeper?

: Ohhh my god! I really can't...let you stay.

(A save prompt comes up here, which I found pretty hilarious. As if Tir's main concern at this point was taking a nap.)

Even in his last moments, this man only thought of his work. He couldn't be saved, so we left him behind, and chased after Odessa. When we got through the hidden passage, we could see that Imperials had raided the base. Flik and the others were nowhere to be seen.

: What was that?

: Let's hurry.

We closed in on the direction the scream had come from, only to be blocked by Imperials. We didn't have time to waste, someone was in trouble!

With the Imperials out of the way, we could see Odessa, laying injured on the ground.

: C-come... you can come out now.

A small child crawled out from underneath Odessa. What was happening here?

: Quickly! You must run...

: Ahhh!

: Lady Odessa! You're bleeding!

: Odessa! What have you done? Without you, the Liberation Army...

: I' sorry, Viktor. It appears... I've chosen to be a woman... rather than commander of... the Liberation Army. I couldn't let that child die. I'm a failure... as a leader...

: Don't talk, Odessa. You'll reopen your wound!

: Tir, will you...come here? I have...two requests. First, give this earring... to a fellow called Mathiu... in the village of Seika...

: Stop it, Odessa. I don't want to hear any final requests!

: Viktor... thank you, but... I know the end is near. Tir, take it...

: M-my other request... Please throw my body... into the stream there...

: What? But why? I can't do such a horrible thing.

: Please... Tir.

Oh my god, why? Why did this happen?

(First Choice)

I can't do it, Odessa.

: He's right, Odessa. WHy do you ask such a thing?

: If the Liberation forces find out I'm dead... the Movement will lose faith and die... That is why you must keep my death a secret. The tiny... newborn hope... must be kept... alive... (No, I can't!) Look, Tir, this is blood. My blood... You are not aware of it, but a lot more blood is being shed by the the hands of the IMperial Government... You must put an end to it. Even if I die... If my hopes remaing alive... I can be proud of my life. My blood...(No...)

: All right, Odessa. I'll do it.

: Thank you... Viktor, You're crying for me...

(Second Choice)

: Tir! How can you...

: Thank you, Tir. You understand me, don't you? Viktor, if the Liberation forces find out I'm dead... the Movement will lose faith and die. That is why you must keep my death a secret. Our tiny, newborn hope... must be kept alive...

(End Result)

: If you... ever see Flik again, tell him that his kindness always saw me through hard times... Well... it appears the end is near... Tir, I hope that you will be able to see the Free World that I was... never able to...

Another sleepless night came and went. It was hard to sleep, think about what Odessa had said earlier. Odessa no longer had to worry about the hopes of her friends. The next morning...

: Yes. And find this fellow Mathiu. But to get to Seika, we have to pass through the Fortress of Kwaba.

: The Fortress of Kwaba... that's going to be tough. But we'll give it a try.

We trudged to the south. None of us felt good about this. Yesterday's loss only made the trek more difficult. We soon arrived at the fortress.

: He doesn't know us, but he certainly knows your face.

: Can we get away with it? Let's test our luck.

: No problem, don't worry. Meanwhile, let's decide on some fake names. We'll be in trouble if they ask us who we are.

: I'll be Roi.

: I'll be Maria.

: You don't look like a Maria.

: What did you say?

: Hmmm, I guess I'll be...Schtolteheim Reinbach III. How's that sound?

: ..........

: ..........

Viktor, what the hell is wrong with you?

: Young Master, how about you?

(This is the most pointless choice you will ever make.)

(All Three Choices)

: ..........

: ..........

( )

We entered the fortress....

: Me, sir? I'm just a poor jujube vendor, with hungry kids waiting at home...

Schtolteheim Reinbach III, jujube vendor.

Not you! The little runt. You look like that fugitive, Tir McDohl...

Sir. I thought this young fellow here looked like Tir McDohl, the fugitive.

Tir? You there. Show your face.

: Uh oh, if Lord Ain sees me...

Just when things were looking their worst, Gremio slammed me against a wall...

: You! I've just about had it with you! Always causing trouble! And completely useless too! No they think you're a fugitive. You're a pain in the neck even when you're doing nothing! Sir, if you find this boy suspicious, i'd be glad to lop off his head, right here and now.

: W-wait a minute...

: Don't worry, sir. I can't be thought of as harboring a fugitive. You, prepare to die!

No, stop, stop!

Hmm. Think about it, Rosh. McDohl's son wouldn't be dressed like a beggar. You all, you may pass.

Dressed like a beggar?

But sir, I think...

DOn't worry about it, Rish. Let them go. Hey, sonny. Take good care of your father.

We made it through the fortress with no further incidents.

: I'm ready for any kind of punishment. You can even cut off my head...

: Hey, hey, Gremio. It's no big deal. Safe passage is all that matters. Tir has a big heart.

(First Choice)

Let's see if Gremio likes a taste of his own medicine.

: Young Master, you know Gremio spoke like that to save you. (Inexcusable!)

: That's enough, Tir. A joke's a joke. (Unacceptable!)

: You're right. I didn't think you'd forgive me. I'll kill myself...

: Whoa! Wait a minute! Tir, I understand your humiliation, but do me a favor and forgive Gremio.

Holy crap, I was kidding!

(Second Choice)

: Y-young Master...

We'd made it past the Fortress of Kwaba, but still had to find Seika, and Mathiu.