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Part 3: Chapter Three: Kraze-y Days

Chapter Three: Kraze-y Days

After getting Gremio's poison cured, we meandered into Kraze's office. He was none too pleased that we'd spent the morning having fun.

: Now for your first assignment. Listen carefully, because I'll only tell you once. Northest of Gregminster lies the Magician's Island. Leknaat the Seer lives there. She has been commissioned to look into the stars. Go there and bring me her results. Are you listening? Tell me where the Magician's Island is.

Whoops, looks like he noticed that I was staring off into space.

(Correct answer nets us the following: )
: Heh. At least you can understand what I'm saying.

(Incorrect answer: )
: Do you have wax in your ears? The Magician's Island is Northeast of here. Pay attention.

(Giving him exactly what he deserves: )
: Don't think you can treat me like a fool just because you're the son of a great general. Keep acting up and you'll be sorry.

(The illusion of freedom ends here )
: Heh. Here are the rest of your instructions. There is no boat Magician's Island, but I've arranged for a Dragon Knight from the Knights of the Dragon's Den to take you there. You'll find him in front of the barn. The dragon will transport you to the island. By the way, Leknaat the Seer is the younger sister of Court Magician Windy, so you'd better behave yourself.

Finally, Kraze stops talking and dismisses us.

: As if we were kids. I was hoping for something really exciting...

: Take it easy, Pahn. Besides, the astrological results are very important for the Empire. It's not such a bad assignment.

: You're right. And this job won't be so dangerous... Oh, I don't mean to imply that you're not reliable, Master Tir, but...

But what, Gremio?

: Hey Tir. We get to ride a dragon, and meet a real Dragon Knight! Dragon Knights are really cool. Come on, let's get going!

Ted's got the right idea. Dragons + Knights =

(My first time through this game, I didn't realize the barn was RIGHT outside of the palace. I wandered around the world map looking for a barn )

: Hey Black, introduce yourself.

(Dragons are apparently relatives of the Elephant, since that's what they sound like.)

: Isn't he cute? So you'll be going to Magician's Island. Black will take you there in no time.

: You're a Dragon Knight? You're just a punk.

: What did you say? You're a punk yourself!

: I'm a punk? I happen to be 300-years...

Thanks a whole lot, Ted. Start a fight with our ride, that's sure to go over well. Gremio grabs Ted, to keep the slapfight to a minimum.

: All right, that's enough. Let's be on our way.

: Let go of me, Gremio! He called me a punk!

: Oh boy, this is going to be some trip.

: Take it easy, Futch. Let's get going.

: OK, OK. Everyone climb aboard the basket on Black's back. Are you ready? Hold on tight, or you'll fall off. Not that I'd mind if one of you did fall off.

: Hey!

: Watch it. Quit fighting in the basket.

: OK Black. Let's go!

This is going to be so cool.

A short flight later puts us on Magician's Island.

: I'll wait here until you're done. Be careful.

It wasn't long until we were assaulted by living leaves. Of course, being leaves, they didn't put up much of a fight, and actually blew away during combat. (This screen shows off another interesting thing about Suikoden's combat. As long as each character is attacking a different enemy, all of your turns will play out at once. So, if your entire team would have their turn before the enemy attacks, your entire team would jump across the field to attack.)

(Not pictured: Medicine) After walking North for a bit, we entered a large clearing, and a particularly androgynous male approached us.

: Wind Rune...

That bastard just summoned a Golem out of nowhere to attack us! leapt into action, and turned the Golem to pebbles in no time.

: I'm impressed, Imperial Guards.

: Hey! Have you got something against us, or what?

: Take it easy, I know who you guys are. You've come to see Lady Leknaat, right? I just wanted to test you. I guess you're the real thing. Come this way, honored guests.

Kraze told me that there was no boat route here, and that we had to come by dragon. Who else could POSSIBLY come here that he'd need to test? Luc!

Woah, this place is pretty big.