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Super Bomberman R

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Effort Is Anathema - The Casual LP Thread



Bomberman received an official main-series entry in 2017 to the surprise of everybody (it's Konami) but the applause of few (it's mediocre). Outside of being a vehicle for the exact same multiplayer the franchise has had since the second game, its design now formally credited to Ctrl+V, SBR is also a revival of the SNES Super Bomberman subseries and loose remake of SB2.
R finds the multicolored, multi-one-dimensionally-characterized Bombermen facing the evil overlord Buggler and his lackeys The Five Dastardly Bombers. This time however, there are animated comic-bookish cutscenes and voice acting, which manage to bring an odd, innocent charm with their vibrant but low-budget art direction and B-grade voice acting. However, what could have been a cute-but-standard Bomberman game gets badly dragged down by some truly obnoxious boss design decisions. This may be a casual LP, but you'll thank me for still editing the video.
After all, if anyone was going to LP this game, I guess it was going to be me.

This LP is edited down from a full playthrough I streamed on August 28 as thanks to my Patreon patrons for a month of support. Most of the LP is solo, except for my friend JigglyJacob popping into the Discord from late in Part 1 until early in Part 4. My computer's power shut off midway through Part 3, losing the first chunk of the recording, so I had to use the YouTube stream; as such the video and audio quality are lower than my usual standards until then.

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