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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 1

Let's get started then.

What a promising mission title.

What a nice day outside.
Suddenly, an alarm goes off!

We're under attack!

Meet Jerid.
He is an asshole.

: Disarm immediately, and stand down! Otherwise the Titans will open fire!

: That's right. Give up the lab and Shin Getter Robo to us immediately.

: ...What do you plan to do with Shin Getter Robo when you get it?

: We'll use Getter in Project Aegis, over at the DC Japan Branch.

: W-what'd you say... how could they know about that?

: Guess that's only natural... They've watched Asia ever since the Balmar War

: Could it be they let us set up Project Aegis so they could do this...?

: Musashi, Benkei! We Sortie! There's no reason for us to hand ourselves over!!

: Yeah! They think we'll just let 'em waltz in like they own the place!?

And so the Get machines sortie out

: Hmph... Guess that means they'll defy us after all...

: I won't let any of you ruin the peace we fought so hard to win!

: Peace? You think the world is at peace right now?

: Have you, the SDF, and the Londo Bell all forgotten what you caused last time? The Gravitational Shockwave you all caused will reach the Earth Soon...

: Thanks to that, there could be huge consequences. In short, you went too far!

: Sh-shut up! If we hadn't, the Earth would be destroyed right now!

: Big talk from some guy who didn't do a thing before!

: But we titans were the ones to keep the peace after the war. Because of that shockwave, protecting the earth is impossible!

: Quiet! Project Aegis is in its final stages! It can stop the Ultragravity wave!

: ...

: Do you intend to hinder that!? Right now, we should all be...

: I told you, we want to execute that project on our own terms! Since the Titans have not only the Far East Base and DC Japan... but the Earth!

: wh-what!?

: Ryou, what he's saying might be true! The Federation's Far East Base and the Photonic Labs are also under attack!

: !!

: What'd you say... then what about DC Japan where Dr. Saotome and Hayato are...!?

: It's just a matter ot time until the Titans have control of Japan. Disarm!

: (.........) You think we'd give in to that kind of threat!?

: There're tons of Super Robots besides ours in Japan! It's not gonna be that easy!

: (.........)

: Very well. Then we'll take the New Saotome lab by force!

: Musashi, Benkei! Don't let the enemy get into the New Saotome Lab!

: Yeah, I know!

: (........)

We are finally given control over the game now.

Here is the menu, End Turn does what it says, ends the turn.

Search allows us to see who has what Spirits. Spirits are special commands that pilots can use to give them an edge, but are limited by their SP.

Here's the unit list, useful for when you need to see which of your suits need emergency repairs.

Mission shows the missions Victory and defeat conditions.

And here's the system menu.

Here is the unit menu, Spirit shows of a pilot's Spirit commands, Land allows units that are flying to go to ground.

Here are Getter-1 and Musashi's status screen. I'll go into more detail about the various stats and Spirits later on.

Here are the Dragon and Ryouma's stats

And Posieden and Benkai stats.