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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 139: Mission part 1

: Hey, we went scouting to find them, didn't we?

: But I'm not so sure about just rushing straight in to fight them...

: We've got an ID. They're Dino-jet fighters from the Dinosaur Empire.

: They must be after the town behind us. We have to stop them!

: Roger!

: Lemme handle this! The Eagle's more than enough for dogfights!!

: Ryou, Benkei. We'll fight in our Get Machines too.

: Got it!

: Wait. It looks like they're purposely backing up as we approach.

: How come?

: I get it... They're trying to keep us from finding their base, heh?

: Right, there's no point beating these guys unless we take out their origin point.

: (...Their base is the magma-adapted Machineland... Ryo may have a point.) Alright. Let's assess the situation some while we fight.

Tetsuya breaks formation and charges at the Dino-jets.

: Tetsuya! What are you doing!?

: ...Isn't it obvious? I'm going to smash them.

: Quit taking arbitrary actions!

: Arbitrary...? Kouji, if you're getting cold feet, just sit back and watch.

: Excuse me!?

Kouji follows after him.

: Trying to show me up, are you...? This is as good a chance as any. I'll show you what Great and I can do.

: That's MY line!

: Both of you, stop going off on your own!

: Ryou... I doubt anything you say is going to get through to them now.

: But we're falling apart here! There's no teamwork or anything!

: What'd you say!?

: H-hey... C'mon, guys, knock it off. The enemy's not gonna wait up for us!

: .........

: .........

: ...Alright, enough already. We'll back Kouji and Tetsuya up!

This part of the mission is a short one. While you can't form Dancouga or Getter Dragon, the Dino jet's almost always go down in a single hit.

Before the enemy's turn, Tetsuya and Kouji have a small chat

: What do you take me for!? There's nothing that Grandpa's Mazinger fears!

: ...Wimps who can't let go of family had better get back before they get hurt.

: Wh-what'd you...!!

Shinobu takes a hit, and misses on his counter attack.

Everyone else aside from a few who stayed back threw themselves at Kouji, with predictable results.

: Oh, for... Who ignores a mission in favor of some competition?

: Shinobu! The Mammoth, Cougar, and Liger are at a disadvantage against jets!

: If we're going for full pursuit, Dancougar's probably our best bet.

: Yeah, that's the ticket!

: Alright! C'mon, guys!!

: OK!

Dancouga is formed!

: Hayato, Benkei! Let's change into Dragon too!

: You got it!

Ryouma and Benkei get into formation...

Hayato, however, has other plans.

: What are you doing, Hayato!? Get in formation for Dragon!!

: Ryou! There's no need to combine, the Get Machines are enough.

: Don't forget the town behind us! We should be ready for the worst!

: Heh... If that happens, I can take care of it in under a minute.

: Hayato!

: Hold on here! Is the Getter Team having another dispute!?

: Ryou, what are you doing!? Are you gonna let the Dino-jets escape!?

: Argh... I've got no choice. We'll keep fighting in the Get Machines!

A bit of curbstomping later...

Shit, one got past us!

: Shit! The last one is headed for the town!

: Oh no, the city!

Benkei rams the Posieden into the Dino-jet!


: I-it's alright... Ryou...

: Benkei... Are you okay!?

: Oh no, he's blacking out on us!

: BENKEI! Come in, Benkei!!