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by Tobias Grant

Part 145: Pre-Intermission

Robot Roll Call


Theme Song

The SUMO is a pretty decent mech, However it is a major EN hog.

Meet the Pilots

Harry Ord

Harry is a great pilot, and if you plan on using him, I would recommended transferring him if you have something other than the SUMO available.


Pre-Mission Adjustments

Combattler V

Parts added:
Chobham Armor
Solar Panel

V2 Gundam

EN | 168 -> 204

Gundam Double X

EN | 156 -> 208

Getter Dragon

HP | 7100 -> 7650

Armor | 1410 -> 1515


: ...It was quite wrong of us to bring you here by force without so much as a word of explanation.

: Oh, no, not at all... You were even nice enough to give me a dress like this...

: There was a minor misunderstanding, but... I'd like for you to stay in this dome as a guest, and learn more about the Innocent's culture.

: The Innocent's culture...!

: Me, an Innocent...

: Would you rather not?

: No, not at all! It would be a joy to learn more about the Innocent's way of life!

: (.........)

: Thank you. I'll explain more of this later, but for now, would you mind waiting in another room?

: All right...

: Director Dowas, if you could escort Miss Elche.

: ...Understood.

The two of them leave the room

: (...Elche Cargo... I'll need you to be a trial for Jiron Amos's group...)

Someone knocks on the door

: ...Enter.

: Kid Hola... What business brings you here?

: (.........)

: I can hazard a fairly good guess. But as I told you, for the moment, Elche is in my care.

: (.........)

: Is it that you can't forget about her...?

: Nothin' that sentimental... That lady knows the Iron Gear inside and out. So I'd like you to let her work under me.

: Director Biel!

: Moving on, for what reason do you still have yet to attack the Iron Gear again?

: (...He's full of it, he doesn't even seriously want to attack them...) You won't give me a single subordinate, but you still expect me to do that? That's somethin' else.

: You keep harping on that... Elche still requires investigation.

: ...Sir Biel, I really hope you haven't forgotten...

: ...Is that a threat, Hola?

: Certainly not... It's just, well, Sir Dowas has...

: What are you getting at?

: Oh, nothin'...

: ...You've been given a new model machine. Use it and attack the Iron Gear.

: As you command, sir...

Hola leaves.

: That Hola is acting too shrewd... And, Dowas... He's plotting something behind my back...


: Ah, you're...

: Pardon my prior rudeness at that Mountain Cycle some time ago.

: Oh, not at all...

: Also... Allow me to thank you for the consideration you've shown Lady Diana.

: She's called Kihel here. No one other than Loran and I know the truth yet, so please be careful.

: Ah, yes, quite right.

: Harry, right? Are you here to bring her back?

: No... The situation's changed somewhat. By the way, would you mind showing me to Miss Kihel's room?

: Oh, sure thing.


: I'm glad to see you well, Lady Diana.

: ...Have you come to bring me back?

: No. I was asked by Miss Kihel to see to it that Lady Diana and Arthur Rank met face to face.

: Kihel Heim asked such a thing...?

: Yes. She has been filling the role of queen quite splendidly.

: What of Milan and Phil, and their group?

: They seem to harbor some doubts, but they have yet to prove them conclusively.

: ...I see...... (And in contrast to Kihel Heim, I'm...)

: But, is it safe to leave the real Kihel by herself?

: (.........) That's precisely the reason I intend to see to it that a meeting with Arthur Rank happens, and quickly... So that I may bring Lady Diana back to the Soleil.

: (.........)


: It's a dome under the control of Director Biel, of the Innocent.

: That's where we were asked to go to North Ameria... and got caught up in fighting with the Moon Race.

: So he was using you guys?

: Probably. The Innocent seem to make a hobby out of having us and other groups fight it out.

: Why would they even do that, though?

: I don't know, but Biel is someone who seems to take a keen interest in us.

: So, by going to P-Point and talking to this guy... We might be able to figure out a little of what the Innocent want, huh?

: That's assuming they don't treat us as hostiles, though.

: Yeah, there is the whole Zondar Epta thing to consider...

: ...They kidnapped Elche and ran. That's enough reason right there to storm the dome.

: That's a pretty self-centered justification, don't you think?

: What, is it wrong to want to help a friend?

: No, that's not what I mean...

The Iron Gear begins to shake.

: Sounds like the Iron Gear's having some engine trouble.

: It transforms and does melee combat. It's more of a wonder that it doesn't fall apart where it stands.

: But the Macross is pretty much the same thing...

: ...Cotset's pretty rough with the maintenance, too.

: Jiron! There you are!

: What's up, Rag?

: What!? You're serious!?


: Yup, you got it. I've had it up to here with helpin' the Innocent after they took Elche from me.

: Bullhonkey! You're the one who kidnapped her to start with!

: I didn't want to drag Elche into any fighting!

: You just wanted to make Elche your wife!

: Sh-shaddup! This's no time for splittin' hairs!

: I don't trust you for a minute, droopy-eyes!

: Whaddya mean by that, melonhead!?

: Can't you think up a better insult than melonhead!?

: Now I'm mad! I'll never trust a guy like you!

: That's enough, Jiron. This is no time for theatrics.

: Ergh...

: Y-yeah, you tell 'em! Saving Elche should take top priority!

: This is pretty hard to swallow, though. It could be a scheme to draw us out and rush us all at once.

: The heck it is! If I was gonna do that, I'd just waltz up in a landship and attack! I even stole a new model Walker Machine for you guys as a token of good faith.

: The one you came on, huh?

: But you've been pretty hostile towards us this whole time. Isn't it expecting a little much to walk up and have us cooperate with you?

: W-well, er...

: I knew it, you are up to something!

: I-it's all for Elche! You got a problem with me usin' that as a reason!?

: Whoa, his eyes look serious...

: A guy in love can go to desperate lengths...

: What do you think, Banjou?

: Regardless of his intentions, it could be useful to get information about P-Point.

Suddenly, the Iron Gear begins to speed up...

: Eh...? Hey, did someone put the engine on full throttle!?

: Wasn't me... Dike?

: I didn't do anything.

: Hey, this is making us go way out in the open!

: What!? Wasn't the Iron Gear having engine trouble?

Someone bursts into the room!

: Geraba! When did he...

: Jiron! These guys are trying to take control of the Iron Gear!

: Chiru!

: Good work, Geraba!

: See that!? I told you there's no trusting droopy-eyes!!

: This is no time for I-told-you-so's!

Hola pulls out his gun.

: !

: ...Don't move now, Jiron.

: Consarn it...! What's the big idea, breaking your usual pattern!

: J-Jiron...

: Heheheh, ain't it grand? We occupied the engine room while Bro kept you guys busy.

: This time it's our victory, pullin' together.

: What will you do with us?

: Bring you guys back to P-Point as a souvenir. With a trophy this big, they're sure to give me Elche!

: ...Can't win on strength, so you resort to tricks? You're always such a slimeball.

: Shut up! This is what's called a victory through brains!

: I see... Well, you sure did one over good on us.

: Oh, yeah? Well, get ready.

: But, true to your badguy stereotype... You're way too easy to predict.

: What'd you say!?

Banjou pulls his gun out and shoots Hola's out of his hand.

: Whoa!?

: In a quick-draw duel, I'm a pretty good hand. Though of course I'm no match for Kid, or Kenichi, or Juzo...

: Darn it...!

: Now! Let's move!

: All right!

: You think you can move in on me!?

: Chiru, hang in there just a little longer! I'll save you, I swear!

Everyone except Hola, Geraba, and Chiru runs out of the room

: (.........)

: (.........)

: ...Hey.

: So, uh... They got away, huh... Bro?