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by Tobias Grant

Part 158: Mission part 3

: Send out Caloon and Timp. They can use the Blackalley.

: Sir!

: (.........) Wait, which block did they break into?

: The block where Sir Arthur is.

: What!? No, they couldn't be aiming for him!! Dowas! Send out the android squadron immediately!

: That won't be necessary.

: Sir?

: Arthur is disposable. Let's worry more about preparations to evacuate.

: B-but, sir!

: Even if they take Arthur, he can't survive outside a dome.

: Er, I see...

: Ah...? B-but... If we use that... This whole point would be...

: If it can destroy them, we can stand the loss of a point or two.

: ...U-understood, sir...


: Alright. Then this must be the block where Arthur's located.

: Are you sure?

: What better place to keep a VIP safe?

: ...So, you've got no foundation whatsoever for saying this...

: Hey, didn't we come here using those sensor things to search with?

: No, just my gut instincts. Seek out any place that looks suspicious.

: .........

: Captain, we've got life signs showing.

: If Arthur Rank were here, wouldn't that area be the most likely place...?

: Yeah... There are Innocent machines positioned around it.

: But that's pretty half-assed protection for a VIP...

: Could it be a trap...?

: Well, let's go check it out. All units, our objective point is there. Take out the nearby enemies first. We'll find and extract Arthur afterwards.

: Roger!

Before I start explaining how this map works, I want to point out this area. Bring a unit to this glowing space ASAP! It holds an excellent secret mech that you want to be sure to get.

Now about the map proper. Unlike all of the other maps, which were all open, this map has walls that force you to move down narrow passegeways, turning this place into a maze. I suggest bringing in units with high movement speed as well as pilots that have Accel so that you can get through the maze as soon as possible.

I also want to point out that there are actually two spirits that are called 'Faith'. The first one will heal all of your units by 50%, where as this one will restore 50 SP points to a selected mech and all of it's pilots. When you bring in combiner robots like Getter and Combattler V with 3-5 pilots each into the equation, this can become almost gamebreaking.

Anyway, after spending a few turns moving towards our destination...

...enemy reinforcements arrive.

: Caloon!

: Birin... You're still going against me? I won't go easy, even on my sister!

These Xamel's are going to be a pain in the ass. Also notice up in the top of the screenshot. I was to slow to screencap them, but more enemies appeared in the east as well. Those are also going to be a bit of a problem.

While we can't move through the walls, we can most certainly shoot through them.

On the fourth turn, Kamille grabs the first container. You can also see how this mission can play out if you're not careful. The small drones will block the exit while the Xamels snipe at your more vulnerable mechs.

However, I'm wise to their tactics, and send Jamil and the J9 team to deal with the Xamels.

Jamil also grabbed the secret mech, the Hi-Nu Gundam! You can only get the Hi-Nu if you have 25 or more Skill Points. If you are below that, then you the the HWS module for the original Nu-Gundam, which is also an excellent find.

One Xamel down.

On the enemy's turn, Those that could all tried to attack Fokker. Almost all of them died to his counter attacks.

Jamil also destroyed another Xamel.

On my next turn, I let Hikaru score a few kills in order to level him up a bit.

Most of the blockade unit has been destroyed at his point.

On the next turn, I tried to let Birin and Maria get some EXP, but the enemy managed to survive with a shred of health, I let Hikaru finish him off, instead.

Jiron gets attacked by Caloon.

: Why? The pays great! That's all I care about!

The rest of the reinforcements are all defeated by counter attacks.

Fokker grabs the second container.

I decided to leave Caloon for Birin to defeat, and just moved Jiron past her. However, after he moved.

Another group of enemies arrive.

: Timp!! And you're in a new machine too...!

: What's that? It looks kinda like Xabungle or the Gallier...

: I'll take you out with this Blackalley and claim the spotlight for myself!

: So that's supposed to be some kind of rival mecha!?

Jiron takes a hit from Caloon while Timp and his group stay put.

Birin attacks Caloon.

: ...You always were the tough one. But if that's how it's gonna be, fine!

Down goes Caloon.

Jiron attacks Timp.

: Me? You're the last person I expected to hear that from.

: Quiet! I won't hand over the spotlight to you!!

On the enemy's turn, Jiron gets attacked by all of the drones, bringing his health down to the red.

One ICBM toss later...

Kouji grabs the last container as I wipe out the remaining enemy forces.