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by Tobias Grant

Part 173: Mission part 1

: Our mission is to stall for time so Diana Sorrel can reach the Moon Cradle! And also, for me to beat the White Mustache!

: Stall for time...? Then Lady Diana isn't among those troops!?

: They're likely arriving there with her as we speak.

: Th-that's...

: We need to hurry. We don't know what'll happen if they unseal D.O.M.E.

: Skull Leader here! Take out everything in our path and go for the Cradle!!

: Hm...? It looks like that X-designated Mobile Suit has shown up. That Satellite Cannon poses a threat. Concentrate on that suit!!

V2 Assault Buster's stats

Nothing happened on out first turns except for alot of movement.

On turn 2, the fighting starts.

Since the Ra Cailum has the lowest level among my flagships, I wanted to raise it's level a bit.

Which is easier said than done.

The rest of the turn went by as usual.

Midgard takes a shot at Harry, but misses.

Unfortunately, one of the other Almeyer ships managed to hit him.

Swesson and Jamil fight next, with Jamil coming out unscathed.

the rest of the Mahiro's take heavy damage from Jamil's counter attacks.

The rest of the turn goes by without much of note.

On the next turn, I ignore the Zssa's (The yellow mechs) and try to focus on the WaDoms.

Swesson will support defend anyone he is next to, so take him out first if you can.

Harry downs another WaDom and I end my turn.

: Just remembering that name gets my very DNA boiling!

Swesson just barely survives his encounter with the Turn-A.

All but one of the Zssa's go down to counter attacks from Bryger.

The WaDoms also take damage from counter attacks, and the turn ends.

After I destroy another WaDom...

Enemy reinforcements arrive.

: We'll send you to Hell before you meet the Demon of the Moon.

: You've got a lotta nerve, showing your faces! You'll pay for last time!!

: Oh, it's the Newtype failures. The White Mustache is my prey, don't interfere!!

: Why you...!

: (Let it go, Olba. Have you forgotten our goal?)

: (.........)

: (Alright, Brother...)

The Frost brothers weren't an immediate threat, so I continue to finish off Swesson's group.

the final Zssa soon falls.

As does Swesson.

They were soon followed by the last WaDom.

This group won't be lasting for much longer.

Other than a few of the Rig Contio's attacking Duo, the enemy's turn passed with little of note.

However, after I destroyed two of the Rig Contio's on my next turn...

Even more enemy reinforcements arrive.

The Turn-A starts to have some sort of Reaction to the Turn-X!

: Brother...!?

: If you're the one who calls the Turn X... That must make you the Turn-A!

: That's... the Turn X...!

the Turn-A continues to react to the Turn-X's presence.

: What...? Is it really calling out to the Turn X? The White Doll recognizes that Mobile Suit... the Turn X...

: Pilot of the Turn-A! I'm going to eliminate these ignorant fools from the land! If you want to plead for your life, get down from the Turn-A!

: Hahahahaha! Get on your knees and beg, Pilot! Go on, do it!

: Excellent! I'll offer up a prayer over your dead body, Turn-A!

: The Turn X... I wasn't expecting to see that machine again.

: !!

: Wh-what...? Jamil... He recognizes that guy!?

: Frozen...? Perhaps...

: .........

: (... I suppose this means my guess was right.)

The sound of ringing bells can be heard.


: I hear it... Those are ringing bells all right. Like before...!?

: (This wavelength... It's like what I received before...)

: It couldn't be... Farah!? No way, this is the future...

: (Rosamy...? Or is it someone else...?)

: Ahahaha... Looks like there are people here reacting to us... Katejina, right? Go fight those Irregular Newtypes!

: Don't order me around...

: What!?

: I know I at least have to do something... Just let me handle the people who keep irking me, okay?

: You little...!

: Marybell! Let her do what she wants.

: But!

: That woman might be an Irregular. If so, she could stall them.

: A-alright, Gym Ghingnham...

: What'd you say!? This is the future!

: She was with Puru 2 at Dakar back then... If that's the case...

: She got captured by people in this era, like me...

: But she lost her memories at Dakar too! What're you going to do!?

: I-I'll...