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by Tobias Grant

Part 174: Mission part 2

I have Puru 2 use her MAP funnel attack to destroy the remaining Mahiro's and damage a few of the Almeyers.

Since I am now up against three groups of enemies, I split my units up. The Puru's, Kamille, Isamu, and Fokker deal with the remaining Almeyers.

I leave the Frost Brothers to Garrod.

Everyone else heads for Gym Ghingnham and his group.

There are two different ways to get the Skill point for this mission. The first is to bring the Turn X below 60% of its health within 4 turns of its arrival.

: Shut up! I promised Tifa I'd protect her, no matter what!!

: And this is the result of that promise.

: The result isn't final yet!!

Fortunately, Garrod took a hit from Shagia that lowered his health into the red. He will have no problem fighting them now.

: Try it if you dare! You've got a lot of payback comin' yourselves!

Gym and his squad will move toward us, so it won't take long for us to reach him.

The group I left with the Almeyers are handling themselves well.

Bryger gives Garrod a helping hand.

Everyone else clumps together near the Ra Cailum and waits for Gym to come to them.

: Don't worry, Turn-A Pilot. I'm gathering data even as we speak...

: But you're doing that in order to defeat me, aren't you!?

: That's right! It's also been a while since I've ridden it... This is a warmup!

: It's been a while since you've ridden the Turn X!?


The Rig Contio's either moved or attacked Amuro. Either way nothing much happened.

Let's take the Frost Brothers out with some style.

Midgard and the other two Almeyers were the next to fall.

By the way, This is the Turn-X's current theme. I'll post its real theme when it is used in the game.

: Then you, me, and Shakti can go back to Woowig together!!

: ......... I remember... You're the boy who took something precious from me...!

: No, I'm...! Hasn't your memory come back, Katejina!?

: Silence! Begone from my sight!

: Is that so wrong!?

With Marybell down, and Katejina almost defeated, Gym is all alone now.

: How could you go against Lady Diana like this!?

: Impudence! The Turn-A destroyed universal culture back in ancient times!

: Destroying the Turn-A would protect Diana the most!

: !?

: He's mocking me...!

: Perish along with me, Laura!!

Truly a terrifying machine...

Usso defeats Katejina with a counter attack.

Now to concentrate all fire on Gym Ghingnham!

: Such skill! This tension is so refreshing! HAHAHAHA!!

: Ghingnham Clan elder or not, I won't forgive enemies of Lady Diana!


: We fought the Innocent together, now we're enemies... Fate is amusing!

: Gym Ghingnham...! You know what happens when the Turn-A and Turn X interact!

: Same to you! What do you plan to do, reclaiming your old mech, the GX!? You couldn't have forgotten what you did in that battle!

: Gh...!

Fuck yeah.

: Hmph... enough stalling for time. All units! Head for the Moon Cradle!!

: Pilot of the Turn-A! And the rest of you Irregulars! If you want Diana Sorrel and Tifa Adil back, come to the Moon Cradle!! That is, IF you can get past its guardians!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

The Turn X retreats...

: Captain Bright, the enemy readings have vanished!

: Alright! We'll head for the Moon Cradle immediately!

: one moment! We've got a new enemy reading!!

: What...!?

Oh you have got to be kidding me...

Bonus content!

There is alot of interesting dialog that shows up on this stage that would be impossible for me to show off during a regular play through, so I'll show off the interesting ones here.


: Here's another fascinating tidbit! The Turn X got injured beating the Turn-A.

: !

: The Turn X beat the Turn-A with a throbbing chest wound!

: The Turn X was... wounded!?
She is referring to the 'X' mark on the Turn X's chest.


: Look...! Just acting on your emotions alone is dangerous!

: It's the release of instincts left to build up over thousands of years!

: Whatever the era, people like you always wind up causing trouble!

: Exactly! That's the kind of world I want!


: This mech... It resembles the White Doll, but it's nothing like a Gundam-type...! Is the Turn X even a Mobile Suit at all!?

: Legends say the Turn X came from Outer Space, you may be onto something!

: It came from Outer Space!?


: As long as enemies like you exist, Nataku and my battle will never end!!

: That spirit of yours would fit in well with my Ghingnham Force. Join my camp, and you could have command of one or two Mahiro squads.

: Don't mock me!!


: Don't drag Katejina any further into your fighting!!

: What, was that lady a friend of you guys?

: ......... Katejina... shouldn't have to fight anymore! She doesn't deserve this!


: What did you all do to Katejina!?

: So you do know that woman. Then she'll be a useful tool!

: Tool!? What do you take people for!?


: The Royal Guard should just stick to chasing the Queen's royal ass!

: How DARE you speak of Lady Diana that way!!

: What's wrong with calling an ass an ass!?

: It's because of vulgar people like you that I left the Ghingnham Force!