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Part 183: Mission part 3

Since it's still the enemies turn, let's see what they can do against MazinKaiser.

After the enemies turn, the Ra Cailum shows up.

: The Ra Cailum! It's back from the moon!?

: What on Earth is going on here!?

: Captain Bright! The Dinosaur Empire has taken Shin Getter!

: Wh... What!?

: We're fighting to stop Shin Getter!!

: .........

: Captain! That's as dangerous as any nuke! We should move out and help!

: Alright... All units, emergency scramble!

MazinKaiser's stats.

MazinKaiser's awesome theme.

Now that I've got MazinKaiser, the rest of the mission is just me steamrolling over everything until there's nothing but Shin Getter and Duke Gorgon left. Which reminds me, the Skill Point for this mission is to destroy all minor enemies before dealing with Shin Getter.

I'm pretty sure I could solo this entire map with just MazinKaiser if I really wanted to.

It is impossible to show off Fire Blaster in screenshots. I'll post a video of it when I show off the what happens when you manage to save Kouji in time.

And goddamn, just look at that damage. I can't wait until I can upgrade it.

Anyway, on my next turn I try to finish off the leftovers of what was near MazinKaiser.

Our reinforcements are already done on their side and are ready to take the fight to Duke Gorgon.

After an uneventful enemy turn, I destroy the remaining Dino-jets.

These guys are a tough nut to crack.

The others prove to be having a much easier time.

Anyway, secret mech time! these are what you get on Hard.

On Easy you get a GP-02.
On Normal you get the Nueu Ziel.

It isn't long until I have a clear shot at Duke Gorgon and his Bado guard.

Gorgon will support defend the Bado's twice, so use some of your weaker attacks to use them up and then take out the Bado's once they're open.

Like so.

: Heh... Looks like he's got the wrong idea.

: Yeah, Getter Robo's strength... It isn't based on what the machine can do.

: Getter is at its fullest when we, the Getter Team, are at the helm!!

Bat will always target Getter Dragon if it's within his range.

On my next turn, I quickly destroy the last of Gorgon's Bado squad.

Bat's Bado squad was also destroyed.

And lastly I destroyed one of these things.

After a rather uneventful enemy turn, I take down another one of these guys.

Posting this just to show off how hilariously massive EXP gains can be. Kinda wish Akira had Gain so I could slingshot him all the way to level 44 with just one kill.

And there goes the last one! Now it's just Duke Gorgon and Bat in Shin Getter.

On the enemies turn, Duke Gorgon ruins my plan to get both of them with a Twin Satellite Cannon. Damn you Gorgon!

: I'll remind you how terrifying the Demon God Emperor can be!!

Since I can't hit them both with the MAP attack, I just targeted Gorgon.

: I don't know what happened, but it seems you've changed, Tetsuya Tsurugi!!

And down goes Duke Gorgon! Now all that's left is Shin Getter!

The usual strategy for dealing with bosses leaves us here. However, Shin Getter has Large HP and EN regen, so it won't stay down for long.

: Like I'd lose to a Getter Robo piloted by some guy like you!!

: As long as we're around, you won't get away with attacking the surface!

Just a little more and...

Fuck yeah!

There are actually two ways to deal with Shin Getter, the first and best option is to bring it down to about 10% of it's max HP. The second option is to destroy it outright. Both ways will give you a different upgrade for the Getter Team. The first way will give you Shin Getter, where as the second will give you a powered up Getter Dragon. To be honest, unless you really love the Getter Dragon, it's best to get Shin Getter.

Shin Getter moves over to a nearby crater.


: This is!?

: Shin Getter's started emitting major Getter Energy!!

: H-he wouldn't!!

: Is he trying to overload the Getter Reactor!?

: MWAHAHAHA! YES! If the reactor goes off, the entire area will be obliterated!

: Is he trying to self-destruct along with Getter!?

: ...My life was gone from the day we were forced back into the magma... So if I can take them down with me, that's all I could hope for...!

: W-we've caught massive Getter ray readings! They're through the roof!!

: Oh no! All personnel, evacuate!! Get away from this area!!

: HAHAHA! Squirm, you wretches! You'll go to Hell with me! MWAHAHAHAHA!!

: I-if Shin Getter's reactor detonates...!

: It will be an explosion as big as a nuke's... no, bigger!!

: Y-you're serious!? (I-is Getter that dangerous of a mechanical doll!?)

: I-if it comes down to this... I'll override the lock on 'God' mode...!!

: Kouji... Now isn't the time to use Kaiser's power.

: Ryou!?

: Ryou's right. A run-away Getter should be handled by one of its own.

: But how!?

: Th-that's suicide!! It's got a much larger output than yours!!

: We'll release the overflow of energy in a Shine Spark!

: That's absurd! If you do that, it'll melt right through Dragon's armor!!

: But at the very least it should be able to save everybody!

: We'd never be able to face Dr. Saotome if we let Shin Getter do that.

: Ryou... Hayato... Benkei...

: Musashi... You saved our lives once, now we're gonna save everyone!

: The rest is up to you, Musashi...

: R-Ryouma!!

: !!

Getter vs Getter!


: Ryou! Hayato! Benkei!!

: G-gug...! H... How's... that!?

: Ugh... oh... uuugh...

: H... He's still alive!!

: Do Getter Rays... reject us reptilians... to the very last...? I-if it comes to this... At least you, Getter Team...!

: N-no good... the machine... won't move...!

: Ryouma!!


The Moonlight Butterfly!

: Wh-what was that...? What did I just see...!?

: (Th-there's no mistake... That's... the power concealed within the Turn-A...... And... the thing that brought the Black History to a close...))

: J-just now, that was... The White Doll's Moonlight Butterfly...?

: M-Moonlight Butterfly...!?


A massive Mechabeast army appears!

: Captain Bright! Th-there's a huge army of the Dinosaur Empire's!!

: What did you say!?

: Th-that Mechasaurus...!!

: Th-the Invincible Battleship Dai...!!

: Th-that voice... Emperor Gore!?

: That's... the ruler of the Dinosaur Empire...!?

: S... Sir...

: General Bat...

: ...I have no excuse... I, Bat, have neem negligent...

: Say no more. Your fighting was splendid.

: B-bringing that much battlepower here means...!

: ...Foolish monkeys... I came here to rescue Bat... I'll let you go, in respect for your last-ditch efforts.

: Wh... What!?

: But I declare in the name of the Emperor of the Dinosaur Empire!

: .........

: Soon, we'll commence a plan to render all of humanity extinct. Make the most of what little time you have left! GWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

The Mechasaurus army leaves.

: ...E-Emperor Gore... he's finally shown himself...

: ...So the Dinosaur Empire is finally making their move...!


Next update I will show off some of the alternate scenes for this mission, and then I will get started on the Earth route.