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Part 184: Alternate scenes

This time, Let's save Kouji! First thing we do is cast Trust on him to-

...Well fuck. Since healing isn't an option, we're going to have to try and destroy the ones right next to him and reduce his damage as much as possible.

One down, but that's all I was able to beat. Let's hope it's enough.

Fingers crossed...

And Kouji just barely manages to survive! Now we just move Tetsuya next to him and we will have saved him.

: T-Tetsuya... You should've just left me how I was...!

: Don't be stupid. Didn't you show me that we're brothers...?

: Heh, heheh... O-oh yeah, huh...

: Hmph, you've got the devil's luck... In that case, how's this!?

: Gah! Reinforcements!?

: Tetsuya, forget about me! You'll just go down with me if you stay!

: ......... Kouji, don't make me say it again. We're brothers bound through Mazinger.

: Tetsuya...!

: ...Besides, I owe you one...!

: An admirable friendship. Die together, then! Double Mazinger!!

: Kouji! Tetsuya!!

The ground begins to shake.

: Wh-what the!? Wh-what's this energy reading...!? Shin Getter is resonating with it...!? What the hell is this!?

: ...Th-the Photonic Energy gauge is... rising...!?

: M-mine too...! And Great is resonating...!!

: Wh-what's this...!? Emergency program...?

: MC Code... Lock release...? What the hell is Great reacting to!?

: It's calling me... Calling Mazinger Z!?

Kouji moves to a nearby Mountain

: No way, this is...!!

: !! Aagh!?

Kouji falls into the mountain!

: Kouji!!

And the rest of the scene plays out the same way it did when we didn't save him.

Another difference is the the reinforcements won't arrive until turn 3. I assume because they're supposed to appear one turn after the MazinKaiser scene.

Here is the Fire Blaster video that I promised as well.

Anyway, I know you don't want to watch me tear through all of the grunts again, so let's just skip to the end, shall we?

Let's just destroy Shin Getter and get this over with.

Shin Getter blows up!

And quickly shows up again.

: What!? You're still alive!?

: H-heheheh.. You should know the power of Shin getter better than anyone...!

: Gh...!

And the rest of the mission remains unchanged.

I should also mention that destroying Shin Getter will also prevent you from getting the Skill Point for this mission.

Our reward for saving Kouji is a powered up version of Mazinger Z, which gives it a general stat boost, makes it's attacks stronger, and also gives an additional attack, the Wind-up Rocket Punch.

Destroying the Shin Getter will give us the powered up Getter Dragon, which upgrades it's HP and EN, and also gives it's attacks a massive power boost. (Before it's Shine Spark had a power of 5150, now it's 5700!

I'll go into MazinKaiser and Shin Getter's Robot Roll Call after I finish the other route.


For the purpose of this LP, I will be keeping the Powered up Mazinger Z, as well as getting the Shin Getter.