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Part 185: Pre-Intermission

Pre-Mission Adjustments



Pilot reassignments

Tron Milan moved to Xabungle 1's sub-pilot seat.

Fatman moved to the Galapagos

Suit adjustments

Great Mazinger

Parts added:
Solar panel
Hybrid armor


parts added:
VR helmet (+20% to hit rate with all weapons)


Parts added:
Biosensor (+15 speed, +25 Limit)


Since we've already went over everything related to the Moon route, I'm going to skip this part.

: Yes, sir. One going to space, the other to Eisia.

: Eisia, hm... That was where some brutal fighting with the Ancestors took place.

: Also, the place where we've endured hardships since ancient times.

: Yes, so it was.

: Indeed...

: But neither can we overlook humans... particularly Getter and Mazinger's battleships approaching that area. General Bat!

: Sir...

: Use the mechasaurus Guda, and launch an attack upon the humans' ships. Getter, Mazinger... and Raideen must be eliminated.

: Yes, sir. Moving out, then.

: Hahaha... with that plan, he's sure to do well...

: (......... But we shouldn't underestimate the Mazingers' group. Maybe we should try using "it"...)


: X-Point in Eisia, like Jop, is a stronghold with a Mountain Cycle as a central part of it... You can safely assume it will have heavier firepower than Jop.

: (.........)

: That's the Innocent's real base of power, right, Sir Arthur...?

: That's right.

: But when you say firepower, you're talking about Walker Machines and excavated mobile suits, right? If that's the case, X-Point shouldn't be too different from Jop.

: Unfortunately, that is not the case.

: ?

: Eisia's Far East region, where X-Point resides, is a forbidden land...

: Forbidden land...? Why is that?

: Because it has several Lost Mountains.

: Lost Mountains...!

: You mean... Like that place where the GP02 was buried...

: That's right. A Mountain Cycle where dangerous weapons are entombed.

: And you say there are several...

: Eisia's Far East region has long been a land with a rich history...

: (.........)

: It is the place where our Innocent forefathers first landed from the moon... The first land in Zora to be completely cleansed... And afterwards, the land the most thoroughly destroyed by the war between the Earth and the moon...

: (.........)


: An outdoor lunch?

: Yup. The weather's nice... How about it?

: It looks like Maria's cooked up a storm.

: Hmm... What'll you do, Kouji?

: (.........)

: Why not?

: (.........) Is it because you're worried about Sayaka, Musashi, and the others?

: Yeah... We haven't found Ryusei's group yet, either...

: (.........)

: ...Sorry about lunch. Invite me next time.

Kouji leaves

: (.........) I spoke pretty out of line to Kouji, didn't I...

: (.........) Don't worry about it. Just watch, Musashi and the gang will pop up any minute now. Kouji must believe that, too.

: ...Masaki, you seem to understand his feelings pretty well.

: Well, we've hung out together for a while, I guess.

: That's true.

: Hey, Mari? Could you bring some of Maria's lunch to Kouji's room later?

: Sure, no problem.

: What's up, Precia?

: Wendy and Cenia say they want to see us!

: For what?

: Something about the Elemental Lords.

: The Elemental Lords...?


: Thank you, Precia.

: That accounts for everyone.

: So, what's this all about, Wendy?

: Lady Cenia and I have actually been making some readjustments to the Elemental Lords' prana converters.

: Readjustments?

: The spiritual power up on the Earth's surface is a lot weaker than it is in La Gias, right?

: Indeed...

: With a few exceptions...

: Which is why our Elemental Lords and Elementals haven't been working at full power, huh?

: Yes.

: So we can power them up a little more than we have been?

: Yes. Now Cybuster can use the Sword Rave that was sealed off ever since the last time I repaired it.

: (.........)

Master... If the Granveil's power is increased...

: Yes. We still haven't seen the full extent of the fire elemental Granva's capabilities... But, temporary or no, this could be a fine chance to test out the technique I thought up ages ago.

: Maybe I should try thinking something up from my dad's techniques, or from what I heard from Gennergy...

: Ooh, ooh, do you have any new techniques you could share, Tyutti?

: Hmm, maybe...

: I suppose so... I can give it a shot.

: (Hmm, if it's like that, I'd better think something up, too...)

: .........

: Ryune, what's wrong?

: My Valcione hasn't been doing too well here... It can't use the Full Moon Cut.

: It's all right, Ryune. I went ahead and fixed up your machine.

: Eh!?

: ...Was that uncalled for?

: N-no, not at all... Thanks, Wendy... (...She's... such a nice person... ...So, I can't lose to her...)

: Say, Wendy. Are you still in good shape after working that hard?

: Yes. Lady Cenia assisted as well...

: ...Well, don't push yourself too hard.

: I know, Masaki. ...Still, isn't it funny how things work out? Last time, I was at your side worrying over you, and this time it's the complete opposite.

: Y-you think...?

: (I don't like where this atmosphere is leading...) Say, Masaki? I actually haven't been feeling too well, either...

: !

: ...What's got you so upset?

: (...Ryune's got a long, tough road ahead of her...)

: Moving on, would you guys mind taking the machines out for a quick test?

: All right.

: Then, let's head out to that valley up ahead.


The Wind of La Gais

: Yang Long, how are we supposed to even test a machine?

: Let's see... Maybe I could try out my new technique on taht cliff...

: What?

: Have you already come up with gag material for your new technique?

: Of course. I've already thought up a good name.

: (Mio must have something big up her sleeve...)

: Mistress Tyutti, there are mobile weapon readings in this region.

: Come again...? Can you identify them?

: one moment, please...

: We already did that, meow.

: Yeah, we won't be outdone by Freki or the others, meow.

: What's this... We've fallen behind a couple of mere felines?

: Say that again, meow!

: Stop fighting. Why don't you ever get along...?

: I beg your pardon. By the way, we've gotten a positive ID.

: ! This is...

: Could it be...!

: I've got you this time!!

: Too easy!

Viletta easily dodges his attack.

: What!? You dodged that!?

: You're acting too slowly, Ryusei!

Viletta lands a hit on Ryusei.

: Aaaaargh!!

: Heh... I win.

: D-damnit! Again? That's the 12th time in a row I've lost...

: You're relying on force, not making full use of your machine's abilities.

: Er......

: Even in the SRX, if you rely solely on power, it will be the death of you.

: B-but still...

: If you want to keep piloting PTs while the SRX Project is discontinued... From now on, try to get used to whatever machine you're given more quickly.

: .........

: Otherwise, you'd be better off stepping down from that Personal Trooper.

: (Sh-she's always so harsh...)

: ......... Still, your approach timing was good. Keep that up next time.

: .........

: What's wrong?

: E-er... Nothing. (But sometimes she gives out praise too... ...Besides that, I remember how it feels to fight her, even before... Back during the Balmar War... I fought her as an Aerogator a lot...)

: ...Alright, we'll go meet up with them.

: Them...? Meet up...?

: Masaki! Is that you!?

: Where an Earth have you guys been up until now?

: We've been constantly looking all over the place for everyone...

: Hmm... I guess you must've wound up like me.

: By the way, what were you the two of you doing?

: Special PT training. Captain Viletta's made me do that since we got here.

: That's comic book hero training!

: ! Master, we have new readings...!

: Enemies!?

: Those are Mechasauruses!

The Bado's pass them all by, seemingly ignoring them all.

: They passed by...!?

: Didn't they come here to attack us!?

: Mistress, the enemy was not merely those two...

: A number of other objects have already passed by overhead.

: What did you say..?

: !! Could they be going for the Iron Gear!?

: Crap! We've gotta get back there, now!!


: (The Eisia Continent's eastern section... an area full of Lost Mountains, huh...)

: Hey, all done with the bartering.

: Thanks, good work.

: When we negotiated the way you showed us how, we got some great deals on parts. You've got a real talent for business.

: Yeah? Well, I do a lot of work on the side.

: (.........) Say, Banjou... Once we save Miss Elche and this whole thing's behind us... Want to stick with us and be a trader?

: Eh?

: You've got talent, and you're good at negotiating. I think you'd make a fine trader...

: I appreciate the sentiment, but I can't take you up on that. If we can make it back to our world, I'd like to go back.

: Ah... That's too bad.

: By the way, where's Jiron's group?

: Oh, them? They're relaxing outside. They say the weather's perfect for it.

: (.........) Well, that's good to do every now and then.