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by Tobias Grant

Part 186: Mission part 1

: Really! The weather's god, and the cold water feels so great!

: OK, then let's have some lunch right now!

: I've got lunch duty today.

: Ooh! I'll eat whatever you cook, Maria!

: What's on the menu today?

: Sauteed sand lizard.

: L-lizard!?

: Wow, sounds yummy!!

: It's my specialty. Here, help yourselves.

: .........

: Look, we don't know when an enemy could strike. Don't let down your guard.

: And you, relax a little in that uniform and come try Maria's cooking.

: It's delicious!

: E-er... I'm not too keen on lizards...

: .........

: Mari, what's wrong? You don't look too happy.

: No... it's nothing...

: Jiron! Jiroooonn! What are you doing out there!?

: .........

: ? He looks kinda serious, all alone like that...

: ...He's probably thinkin' about Elche.

: O-oh......

: (...Jiron... You......)

A low rumbling sound can be heard.

: Hm? Some clouds rolled in.

: Cumulonimbus clouds for the end of the season, huh...

: ..It could stat snowing. Let's get back to the Iron Gear before then.

: Or otherwise I could get my belly-button stolen!

: Wow, they still have old sayings like that in this time...?

: Hay, Akira... Something's coming from that way.

: !

: What's this, Masaki and the others came back?

: Akira, guys! We've got company!!

: Wh-what the!?

: That flying lizard showed up out of nowhere!

In case it's difficult to tell, the Dino-jets are apparently ramming themselves into the Iron Gear!

The Guda disappears just as suddenly as it appeared.

: It vanished!?

: Hay, watchman! Where are you looking!? You should report this stuff!!

: I was keeping an eye out, but those guys just appeared all of a sudden!!

: He's right... The radar didn't pick up anything either.

: Wh-what!?

: Either way, we've got company! Everyone, get ready to launch!!

Viletta, Ryusei, and the Elemental Lords dock back onto the Iron Gear

The Iron Gear takes another hit!

: Th-this isn't good... I can't dodge what I can't see!

: What the heck's goin' on!?

: What'd you say!?

: Can you handle an enemy that's invisible to radar and the naked eye?

: Gr... General Bat!!

: Mechasauruses, Battle Beasts! Get them!

The Guda dissappears.

: Crap! That attack took out the engine room! We can't move or transform!

: What!? Then you're just sitting ducks!!

: Careful! They're vanishing and aiming for the Iron Gear!

: Vanishing...? But we can't target them to attack that way!!

: They're after the Iron Gear. Just wait for them to show themselves!

: It's like those mole-bashing games...

: Heh, sounds like fun... It's time for some lizard-bashing, then!!

: Humans! Taste the terror of facing an enemy you can't see!

Since I can't do anything about an invisible enemy, let's just concentrate on the ones I can see.

On every turn, the Guda will appear and attack the Iron Gear, I should also mention that it actually does damage to the Iron Gear, so be sure to stick a healing unit next to it to keep its health up.

Th-the Iron Gear can't take much more of this!!

: Blast it! If I have to, I'll just shoot missiles at random!!

: Stop, Jiron! You'll just endanger us if you fire blindly!!

: Isn't there some way to deal with this!?

On our next turn...

: And they're adjusting atmospheric density to create a mirage to blend in!

: Say what!? What the heck are you babbling about!?

: In simple terms, they're using the clouds overhead to hide themselves!

: The clouds...!?

: But these clouds've been rollin' in for a while now!

: Could the Dinosaur Empire have generated these clouds too!?

: That's most likely correct!

: But how do you get rid of a cloud!?

: They must have some device to drag the clouds here so quickly!

: So we just have to destroy that!?

: But do we even know where it would be?

: Yes, I've already taken care of the calculations.

: Akira! Use your X-ray beam on the areas in the data I'm sending!

: Alright, leave it to me! X-ray Beam, expose!

A group of three enemies appear in each corner of the map.

: There! The cloud generators must be attached to those Zen IIs!

: So if we take out all 4 of those, the enemy carrier should show itself.

: You heard him! Take out all 4 Zen IIs within 5 minutes!

In order to ge the Skill Point for this mission, I have to destroy all other enemies before destroying the four Zen IIs.

In order to deal with them, I sent Kouji, Birin, and Tron to deal with the northern corner, Combattler V and Fatman to deal with the East corner, Getter Dragon and Akira to deal with the southern corner, and every one else dealing with the West corner.

gettin' paid.

Oh Gespenst Mk-II, how I love thee

The Iron Gear takes another hit!

: Tch! Damned flying crocodiles... Just you watch!

Naturally, the Zen IIs and their guard will stay holed up in the corners.

Cotset isn't gonna go down easy.

More goodies.

Akira and the Getter Team are the first to reach their targets.

Most of the enemies have been destroyed by this point, the time limit is the only worrying thing about this mission, even more so if you didn't know where the Zen IIs were going to pop up from (this is the first time I've gone down this route, so I didn't know either.)

The Guda deals a percentage of damage based on the Iron Gear's remaining HP, although continually healing him after every attack just translates to free EXP for Jinguji, who needed it.

: You're holding out longer than I'd expected!

Be careful, because some of the enemy will ignore your units and make a rush for the Iron Gear.

Fatman and Combattler V reach their corner.

Followed by Kouji reaching his.

Akira and the Getter team have destroyed their Zen IIs guards.

And Jiron is almost done as well.

One turn later, I rid myself of remaining grunts.

: I-it's no use! We're at our limit!!

: Cotset, quit whining! You're a man, aren't you!?

: Do something, please! Another attack from taht guy and I'm done for!

: The cloud creating ones won't attack us. We have to take them out ourselves!

: We've got one last chance in these remaining 30 seconds! Take care of it!

Relax, the Zen IIs are the only ones remaining.





Fuck yeah.

: Tch! They took out the cloud generators!? But this Dino Bomber Squadron won't be outdone by the likes of you!

: If you'd just show yourselves, we'd beat your tail in a snap!!


Enemy reinforcements arrive!

: Duke Gorgon!? What have you come here to do!?

: It's way too late for reinforcements now!

: Yeah! Don't think you'll make it out of a fair fight with us alive!!

: Hahaha... Maybe you'll change your tune when you see this...?

...Well shit.