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by Tobias Grant

Part 195: Post-Intermission

As you might expect, Mecha Gilgilgan is much stronger that Gilgilgan. Use of Alert or defending to keep your guys alive is advised.

I split my forces here with the majority going after Mecha Gilgilgan since the only real threats out on the field are him and Gallery's battleship.

Next turn, the Gilgilgan group are all in range.

The others are cleaning up on their end.

Now let's destroy Mecha Gilgilgan!

I'm showing this just so I can talk about the HPHGCP, which is one of the best parts in the game. It's like a Solar Panel, but instead of restoring 10% of your max EN, it regenerates 30%. Put it on a Super and you can spam their ultimate attack every turn.

Fatman, Mechasaur hunter.

Almost done over here.

Loot from a nearby Mountain Cycle.

I have Jinguji restore Combattler and Voltes' EN, since they're out.

All that's left now is Gallery's ship, three of those blade-winged guys, and a single Bydo.

Next turn, It's just down to Gallery and one other enemy.

The turn after that, I grabbed another item.

And now Gallery is all by himself.

He didn't last long under my concentrated fire.

: But, if it comes down to this...

Gallery flees.

...And his ship blows up.

: Did we do it!?

: No... Something's shown up!

: Wh-what...!? They had more Mecha Gilgilgans!?

: Y-you've gotta be kiddin'! I never heard that they'd been mass-produced!!

: Their thought circuits are out of commission... They're purely destructive!

: What'd you say!?

: They will continue to destroy everything in sight as long as they live... So... Can you hold out as long as they will? Mwahahahaha! Farewell!!

Gallery leaves.

: What a pain. If we let even one of 'em go, the Earth will end up a mess!

: But what should we do!? It was bad enough with 1, but with 3...!

: ...Even so, we'll have to do it! It's out duty!

Suddenly... Three Bergelmir's arrive...

: Wait. Dealing with the destructive weapons takes first priority. Magus wouldn't want our planet to be polluted any further.

: They were with Magus at S-Point...

: Yeah, Egret. But why are there three of him...?

: Listen up, all of you... We're going to use Machine Cells.

The three Gilgilgans are destroyed instantly!

: ...Could those be Nanomachines...!?

: ...Our work here is finished.

: .........

: It's been a while, Irregulars. Do you have a reply ready for us yet?

: A reply...?

: Yes. On whether or not you want to save this planet.

: ...That's what we intend.

: Very well then. Please head for Machine-land at once.

: Why ask us? If they're that afraid of you, couldn't you handle it?

: We ancestors must avoid interfering with human affairs as much as possible.

: Ancestors...

: So that's what they're called...

: Avoid interfering with humans? What was that just now, then?

: Putting a stop to mindless destruction of the Earth's environment.

: Don't tell me, you all are...!?

: We're nothing more than overseers. Humans must save this planet.

: ...Overseers...?

: There's no time to waste. The Dinosaurs want to remodel the Earth itself. Find Machineland, and destroy them. You should be able to do it.

: Of course, we'll accept that. But there's something we must do first.

: You want to see the warring between the humans through to the end?

: Yes. If war erupted between the Earth and moon, there'd be no going back. We can't allow that to go on unchecked.

: Fools... They've lost sight of what they should really be doing.

: .........

: None of them have any idea how to make proper use of power! Instead of unifying Earth through strength, they keep chasing false peace!

: The Moon Cradle overseer may entrust the future to them, but...

: We should eliminate them now, before they bare their fangs at us!

: Wh-who the heck ARE these people...!?

: The three of 'em look identical, and they're arguing with each other...!

: Elimination! That's the only answer!

: So you say, but other humans would have a hard time with this.

: Then we and Sanger can take 'em all out. Yeah, just like the old days...

: .........

: In the end, people are little more than fools... Unlike us.

: A history of repeated mistakes is proof enough of that... I suppose we should oversee everything on this planet now.

: .........

: We succeeded in eliminating the underground forces before! That's the only reason the planet's still around at all!

: .........

: Have you forgotten...? Our ruler, who realized the limits of Man... Created us to as inheritors of the Earth, and awoke us in this era.

: ...Majority rules, is it? ...Very well. I shall report to Magus at the Earth Cradle.

: Thank you, Uruz. Ansuz, what will you do?

: I agree with you, but two of us would make it rather dull... Thurisaz... I'll leave this up to you.

: Alright, Uruz, Ansuz. Go on ahead to our goal.

: Don't underestimate them. We mustn't allow humans to defeat us.

: I know that.

Uruz(Red and Purple hair) and Ansuz(Blue and Black hair) Leave the field.

: Now then, Irregulars, and new Civilians. I shall take you on.

: !!

: Wh-what's with them!? They're saying and doing two different things!

: Hey! I thought they weren't gonna interfere with us!?

: I'm more concerned with them attacking us!!

: What's the plan, Banjou!?

: If they're gunning for us, we'll have to face them...

: Plus, this is a good chance to beat him and get some info on the Ancestors.

: Beat me...?

: Don't get cocky! As if you could defeat one of the Machinery Children!

And then battle was joined!

To get the Skill Point for this mission, you have to destroy Thurisaz's Bergelmir.

One turn later and he moves within range of almost everyone on my team.

First though, let's give him a double helping of Daunt, because I do not want him hitting 110 Will.

The Bergelmir is a rather unimpressive enemy at first because it only has two attacks. The Machinery rifle is the weakest and the only one it can use right off the bat. However, once the Pilot hits 110 Will it will bust out it's second, much more powerful attack which has a massive range and a low EN cost (Which thanks to it's high EN regen, means it will never run out of energy for it).

These things will become the bane of my existence near the end.

Since there's only one enemy, it's pretty much a one-sided beatdown.

...Although he will run if you get his HP too low...

Let's finish this with some style.

: What...? A transmission from Uruz...?

: Thurisaz... Further battle would hinder our operations. Retreat.

: NO! I'm going to kill them!!

: Are you ignoring my command, Thurisaz...?

: Agh......

: That's right, Thurisaz. Uruz gets scary when you defy him... hahaha.

: I-I know that, Ansuz...

: We'll be waiting at the rendezvous point...

: ......You all got lucky today...!

Thurisaz moves to the edge of the map...

...and his Bergelmir explodes...

Fuck yeah!

: Did we do it...?

: No, he used the explosion as camouflage and escaped, it seems.

: Let's go after him!!

: Enough, Hyouma. There's no point in going after that machine now.

: Plus, we've overextended ourselves as it is. We need to regroup.

: F-fine, I get it...

: ...They called themselves Ancestors... Who on Earth are they...?


Because someone requested it, here's Mecha Gilgilgan.


entry 231
Mecha GilGilGan
The further developed form of the space monster GilGilGan.
It fuses together all of the metal it takes in, down to the cellular level, to turn its entire body to metal, allowing it to make full, 100% use of the energy it has stored up. This form gives it drastically increased offensive and defensive power. In addition, its prior weak point in its third form, the hole in its hip, has been plugged up, leaving it with no glaring weaknesses. Mecha GilGilGan does not appear in any of the Mazinger movies; It was designed expressly for Super Robot Wars.