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by Tobias Grant

Part 198: Mission part 2

: There's no doubt that they must be hostile, then.

: Yeah... Everyone, prepare to intercept!!

: The enemy is coming into sight!!

: Wh-what the heck!?

: Whoa, cool! Giant floating hands!

: I-impossible...! Those are Gantes, from the Youma Empire...!!

: And there are Greydons from the Campbellian army too!!

: And Boazanian Beast Warriors on top of that!!

: Were they excavated from Mountain Cycles!?

: Other than the fossil beasts, the rest came from other planets. So how...

: Don't forget about the Gilgilgan we dealt with.

: Hold it. The issue is who's controlling them... and how they came from the sky.

: Yeah, it's weird for Gantes and fossil beasts to have come from space.

: Yes, this could be a different enemy than what we've faced. Stay on guard!

Somehow, these guys are an even bigger joke than they were on the Moon route.

Very rarely will an attack do over 1000 Damage to someone.

This is at the end of my second turn.

Not even the Gantes are much of a threat.

Finishing these guys off won't take long.


: Th-that battleship!!

: It's the one that showed up when we came to the surface...

: I guess it's not the queen's battleship... huh?

: That's Nubia... Khamen Khamen's battlship!?

: Khamen...? Hey, this is the future! What's he doing still alive!?

: !! You're the real Khamen Khamen!?

: Indeed. It's a pleasure to see everyone again after all these years.

: Wh-what do you mean!?

: Did he cross over time like us!?

: My life spans millions of years... Atum granted me eternal life...

: Don't tell me he survived through the Black History...?

: And he brought along some Fossil Beasts and stuff for the ride...!

: Khamen Khamen, just what are you plotting to do in this world!?

: Hmhmhm... I have but one mission, to fulfill the Great Atum Project...

: Great Atum Project...!?

: I shall obtain your power, for that purpose... Come, Preventers. Offer your bodies up to the Great God Atum.

: You think we'd just smile, nod, and agree to something like that!?

: Something's bothering me about this! Take out that ship and capture him, guys!!

To get the Skill point for this mission, you have to destroy Khamen Khamen's ship.

First though, let's finish off the remaining enemies.

next turn, Dancouga destroys one of the Gantes.

Not even Khamen Khamen and the new arrivals are that threatening

And that's the last of 'em!

Here I was hoping to be able to destroy most of the bees with a MAP attack from the Iron Gear.

It didn't quite work out...

Fortunately, a Psy-Flash from Cybuster finished the job.

I killed a few of his bodyguards before I ended my turn.

Be sure to leave one of the mooks alive, since Khamen Khamen will run if you kill them all. He'll also run if he takes too much damage.

As usual, I take him down as low as I can.

: Just as well... Cosmo Ranger J9 isn't here either. There's always next time for the sacrifice. Well then, farewell...

Fuck yeah!

: He was like that before, but I just don't get thta guy...

: ...What is the Great Atum Plan he spoke of...?

: ......... It it least means we've got more trouble on our hands now...

: What!?

: We've got more incoming!?

: Wh-whoa! L-look at the sky!!

Suddenly, our mechs seem to pick up something on their sensors...

: !!

: Th-this phenomenon is...!

: It's the same as when we first went to P-Point...!

: It's seeping into the air here! Keep an eye out!!

...Well shit.