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by Tobias Grant

Part 220: Mission part 3

Now that the missiles are taken care of, it's time to defeat Kashim King. But first...

Click here to watch the following scene.

: You Varmint, stallin' for time!

: Ya-hoooo!

: Damnit!

: This is it!!

: Go for it!!

: Lousy kids! This is it for today, Pardner. We'll meet again!

: We're never gonna meet again!

: Unlike Hola... I'm indestructible!

Bye Timp. You were fun.

Now for the Patulias.

Patulia's are annoying because not only do they have a ton of health, they also will support defend anything next to them.

I use up the last of the DX's EN...

And then have Milan use Replen to restore it's EN and Ammo. This also gives me another shot with the TSC MAP attack. And would you look at that, I have a clear shot at four Patulias and Garrod has enough SP for one more usage of Luck!

Now it's just a matter of wearing them down.

Kashim is the only real threat still left.

Usso got hit by a lucky shot, and is stuck in his core fighter.

Elche proceeds to shoot down the remaining Ghosts, which I find hilarious.

Almost ready...

There we go.


I had Bryger use Guard to lower the amount of damage it would have taken.

The Patulia's were not so lucky. A shame I couldn't hit the G-bits as well.

Gettin' paid.

The G-Bits are quickly taken care of.

Shin Getter and MazinKaiser. A powerful combination.

Only one Patulia left.

And then there was none.

: I-it's no use...!

: Dr. Mane! Where are you going!?

Dr. Mane tries to escape.

: That woman!?

Elche catches up to Dr. Mane.

: Elche! You really are freed from the brainwashing! Why!?

: You can't mess around with people's minds! Dr. Mane! You're gonna die!

: !!

: You tormented me and made me attack those dear to me!

: You misunderstand. I'll devote myself to making Civilians even stronger...!

: Civilians are strong enough! And I'm fine the way I am! I might get a little jealous over a guy who likes tomboys, but... That's okay for a girl, isn't it!? I'm not gonna listen to your talk!

: Eek!

: Die, Dr. Mane!

: Miss Elche, spare me... I wasn't doing it because I wanted to. I would never willingly experiment on Civilians. Have mercy... I'm still young, I wanted to try falling in love just once. But I couldn't do what I wanted under Kashim, just research all the time. But if you killed me now... I'd die never knowing a woman's happiness. I don't want that! Ohh... but I suppose I hardly have a say in the matter...

: .........

: Miss Elche...?

: Do as you please!

: Elche! You would forgive me!?

: I'm not forgiving you! Now get on out of here and fall in love! Move it!!

: Thank you!

Dr. Mane leaves

: ...Am I a fool...?

: Kashim, you've lost your followers! Give it up!!

: Silence! Don't make light of my power!!

Kashim restores all of his health, as well as putting up Guard.

: B-barbarian! You're all unfinished goods! Failures!

: Failure or not, this is how I live! And I won't let anyone get in my way!

Now, since Kashim has Guard up, all of my attacks won't do much damage to him. However, what I CAN do is force him to waste all of his ammo, leaving him completely helpless.

So I just use the rest of the turn draining his resources.

By the next turn, he's down to only his weak point-defense guns, and his Charge attack which only hits ground targets.

: Eek!

: E-Elche Cargo... How did you get free of the brainwashing...

: Sir Arthur... gave his life to save me...

: I'll pay you back on both Sir Arthur's behalf and mine!

Once Kashim's health reaches the 50% mark...

He'll cast Guts, Strike, Alert and Valor on himself. This is bad since he'll likely target Elche next, and Charge is powerful enough to take her down.

So I got creative with Zeal, forcing Kashim to use up his remaining EN before his next turn.

I forgot to put Alert on Amuro, and he takes a devastating hit.

But I still reach my objective, and Kashim is as helpless as a baby.

However, when he is attacked by a target he can't hit, he will defend, which just delays the inevitable.

speaking of which...

Click here to see the Waverider Assault!

: D-don't think you've won!!

Kashim's Landship explodes...

And reappears over here.

You might want to watch this video.

: Along with the Innocent's tyranny...

: This should mark the end of the war between the moon and Earth, right...?

Suddenly, a Doran appears.

: You're... Commander Biel...

: ...Sorry, our Anti-Kashim faction wanted to put a stop to his madness, but... Seems I've ended up looking like I'm trying to use you all again...

: ...Now Zora belongs to the Civilians. You don't have any objections, do you?

: No. The Civilians have finally overthrown the Innocent's rule... This marks a successful conclusion to our plan to restore mankind...