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by Tobias Grant

Part 235: Mission part 2

: Yes. The Irregulars have destroyed the Earth Cradle's upper portions and are currently marching on this central sector.

: ...Sanger has......!?

: (.........) ...In the end, that man was just a human... You know what pitiful power they have...

: (.........)

: Do not worry, Magus... We Machinery Children will destroy all of this old human race. ...After all, that is what we were made to do.

: (.........)

: The Aurgelmir...? The black box is inside, but its adjustments aren't fully complete yet...

: It matters not. If I must, I will use the Aurgelmir... And wipe them out, along with this distorted future...!


The Irregulars bust in through the roof!

: How very rude, to smash through the Earth Cradle's ceiling like that.

: The Earth Cradle's center, but...

: It looks like... some kind of cemetary...

: That's a very apt observation, Irregulars... It's the Earth Cradle's cryo-slumber facility... Though no one's sleeping here now.

: What do you mean by that...!?

: Wh-what did you say...!?

: They weren't needed in the world we controlled, after all. Hahahaha!!

: Y-you sons of...!!

: What do you think of humans as!?

: Weak bundles of frail proteins that can't compete with us in any way...

: Creatures who do nothing but repeat pointless wars and pollute the Earth.

: Magus has judged you all to be unsuited to maintaining the Earth.

: So we're going to eliminate you from this planet entirely.

: Who do you punks think you are!?

: I told you before. We're the Earth's overseers... and its true inheritors.

: Y-you little...!

: This fight will determine who gets to inherit the earth.

: Correct. There's no further need for words to be exchanged...

: And you have no future! You outdated humans are destined to perish here!

: Fine, then! I'll make you eat those words!

: We're not gonna let some guys hiding underground deny us our future!!

: Come... Foolish, outdated humans. We'll show you we're the most suited...

: And you'll pay dearly to learn why!!

: All units! Concentrate your attacks on those two Egrets!!

: Alright! Leeeeet's do it!!

: They'll never have their way!!

: Not with the Earth and teh moon's peace at stake!!

: I'll seize my future, Tifa's... and everyone else's!

: Guys! Let's move!!

: Oh... It seems we have a traitor in our midst.

: So you've gotten back you personality and memories, Sanger Sombold...

: ...I'll correct the mistakes I've made, by my own hand.

: Egret Fehu wasn't enough for you!? You want us dead as well, Sanger!?

: Don't lump the Machinery Children in with that pathetic human!!

: .........

So now we have Sanger and the Thrudgelmir. Fuck yes. Unfortunately, the Thrudgelmir we have is a downgraded version of his boss form. His attack range has been severely reduced (for example, the Zankantou can no longer cleave evil from 5 squares away, now it's a range-1 attack) as was his HP and EN. It's still very, VERY deadly, though, and will only become more powerful once I'm able to upgrade it.

Another thing I'd like to note, is that the moon is out. funny how the DX can get a signal from the Microwave station from this deep underground.

Ansuz and Thurisaz's Bergelmirs are head and shoulders above the grunt versions. their attacks have about 1000 more power, and thanks to high EN regen, will spam Six Slaves to their hearts content.

Every enemy also has maximum Will, while we start at the default amount. Yep.

also the terrain name is untranslated. I thought this was a profesional job!

Since there's no time limit, I'm content to wait and boost my Will while I let them come to me. You don't want to fight the bulk of the Grunt Bergelmirs while in range of the Egret's attacks.

The Bergelmirs that aren't around either of the two Egrets charge my lines.

There's also these three up here... I'm not sure why...

A quick boost of Will, and it's go time.

annoyingly, these guys all have support.

Three Bergelmirs fall at the end of the second turn.

the enemies turn passes without much to note.

unfortunately, I couldn't finish off all of the grunts that attacked.

Half of my forces advance towards Ansuz.


Bryger destroys the surviving Bergelmir, while the others move head towards Ansuz.

Damn, it feels good to use the TSC again.

Combattler V and Bryger take some significant damage. Jiron, however, goes into the red, triggering Guts.

Ansuz's Bergelmir guards soon fall.

Yikes. While Sanger can just shrug off this kind of damage, the others either have to dodge or defend so as not to risk being destroyed.

Of course, these guys are mini-bosses, so they can cast spirits. Here he casts Guts, Alert, Strike, Valor, and Spirit.

Here I screwed up and left Sanger within range of Thurisaz and his Bergelmir squad. He survived and will heal up some of the damage, but it was still a careless move.

The second time he casts Alert, Strike, Valor, and Spirit twice. He'll do this a third time, but...

I wasn't about to give him the chance.

: There's some mistake! How could a Machinery Child lose to outdated humans...!?

: Yes, there's some sort of mistake here! There must be...!!


One down, one to go.

You know the drill by now. The Bergelmir's are quickly destroyed, leaving Thurisaz alone.

During these little scenes, Thurisaz will cast the same spirits as his brother.

Ryusei. One lucky SOB.


Just like his brother, I wasn't about to let him cast anymore spirits.

: I-impossible... We Machinery Children are... the inheritors... the new race...! So why... How could outdated humans...!?


After the two Egrets fall, the three Bergelmirs vanish.

Suddenly, the entire Earth Cradle begins to shake!

: Wh-what the...!?

: The whole block is shaking!

: I'm picking up huge energy readings! Something's coming out!!

This battle is still far from over...